Best Cloud Antivirus of 2020

Best Cloud Antivirus

Prevention is better than cure!!

Our lives revolve around small electronic devices, social media platforms, and unlimited data plans. Directly or indirectly, we have transformed our living styles, and everything is now recorded online, whether it is our birth details or current relationship status. Everything is at our fingerprints including our personal and security details. But at the same time, we are roaming around the world by putting our details at the risk of being hacked.

Technology has made our life easier as well as riskier. Whether it is workstation or home, we are continuously at the risk of being attacked online via virus or ransomware. Hence, installing anti-virus software in electronic devices has become a necessity. In this blog, we are talking about cloud-based antivirus.

What Is Cloud-Based Antivirus?

Based on the advanced machine learning algorithm, a cloud-based antivirus is a software that finds and uncovers the attack or threat coming from the main area. This antivirus isolates the incoming threats and delivers wide-ranging security. It is effective across various devices and platforms, which lets users scan, fix and restrict the virus coming from the main administration.

Best Cloud Antivirus 2020

In this blog, we are covering the best cloud antivirus that is currently dominating the market. Let us take a look at five cloud-based antiviruses of 2020.

1. Sophos Endpoint Protection

This British based antivirus company delivers the best tools and software automatically eradicate virus detection and removal. It is a hardware and software-based British company that creates and trades antivirus products. It specializes in eradicating and safeguarding your devices via a single console, which can be easily installed to the cloud or server.

They effectively follow a procedure of identification, examination, and the reaction of the virus to decrease the number of attacks eventually. Their strategic evaluation is not dependent upon the virus signature as they identify the threat before they enter the device. This lowers down the possibility of performance degradation of each device.

Cloud-based antivirus

The company supplies products largely for big organizations and businesses based on the requirements of the company. They also offer 30-day free trial before finalizing the deal and the trial includes automated malware clean-up, reporting portal access, and cloud-based admin. However, the products have upgrade problems and company uses marketing tactics by sending security alert emails, which sometimes is really annoying.

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2. Webroot

An American based company that supplies its product across the world and has gained its reputation for delivering top-notch internet security for both corporations and consumers. The security system uses a multi-vector defense system across all online platforms including web browsers, email, and internal files. The highlight of this software is the cloud-based antivirus ‘Threat Intelligence Platform’ tool that scans your device three times a day.

Cloud-based antivirus

The 30-day free trial feature of the software allows users to judge the product and then buy as per the requirement. With the help of sole management console, it offers efficient administration of Webroot safeguard products. it scans your device in seconds and keeps a log, hence you do not have to worry about large updates.

However, there have been reports that the support team is sluggish and does not respond on time. Also, they block websites that are actually safe, causing users difficulty in using this antivirus. And to unblock those safe but blocked websites, you need to contact the support team, who eventually does not respond.

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3. Panda

One of the best cloud antivirus, which is currently dominating the market. Back in 2009, Panda security entered into the field of cloud-based antivirus solution and since then, it has been dominating the market. Originally, it was named Panda cloud antivirus but later it was renamed to Panda Free Antivirus. This software offers a host of benefits to the customer and businesses.

But how does it work? It uses the cache of active malware signatures along with some modern technologies to detect and protect the devices and data. It works in offline mode and the cache folder of this software has various virus signature files incorporated in the folder. The security performance of Panda is up-to-date and highest of all.

Cloud-based antivirus

However, it has several drawbacks too. For instance, the software is quite heavy for the devices as it occupies 40 MB of the device. Also, the software is slow and is dependent on signatures of the viruses for detection. But overall, it is a great option as the software is trustworthy and offers great protection.

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4. Symantec Endpoint Protection

This American software company is in business since 1990 American company and has received the “Best Protection” award for 2017. This company keeps upgrading itself with modern technologies and has incorporated machine learning and intellectual threat analysis technique to check and detect the attack. Moreover, the products are completely cross-platform and works best on all operating system including Android, Mac as well as on PCs.

Best Cloud Antivirus

They have in-built device management at the endpoint for implementing network assessment rules and for safeguarding data. However, users must be dependent on the admin console for every data. Also, the procedure of setting up and installation of software is very easy. However, the company has received strict criticism as the installation process is really time-taking in comparison to other cloud-based antivirus solutions.

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5. ESET Endpoint Security

Based on Bratislava, Slovakia, this IT company has been delivering anti-virus products since 1992. They supply products to both organizations and consumers and their security management offers award-winning products. they are an amalgamation of the latest technologies like Machine learning and other vital shield layers. The USP of their products is that they detect a threat at all three levels i.e. during execution, before execution and late execution, thus giving the highest level of security to their clients.

Best Cloud Antivirus

They have a ransomware layer coated within their antivirus software that checks all kinds of threats beforehand. Available for a 30-day free trial for both consumers and businesses and have friendly customer care services. Moreover, the software is easy to install and use and you receive guidelines for the entire process.

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6. Comodo

An all-in-one cloud antivirus that offers protection from every type of malware. Comodo is a strong amalgamation of technologies like auto-sandbox, virus monitoring, and behavior analysis. This antimalware with simple but fast configuration can be downloaded and installed in your PC with ease. The highlight of this antivirus is the Viruscope technology that it uses for identification and instant blockage of malicious files.

Best Cloud Antivirus

It is the best cloud antivirus that you must download to protect your system from unknown files and viruses. The risk detection and containment engine of this antimalware guarantees complete fortification and hence allow the user to manage every application efficiently. The software is not heavy on system resources and gives real-time supervision from virus attacks.

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7. Immunet

The USP of this software is a ClamAV detection engine that scans offline systems automatically as a scanning engine. Generally, when the system is offline, antiviruses goes to disable mode and restrict itself from scanning the device. But this cloud-based antivirus software keeps scanning the device even in offline mode.

Best Cloud Antivirus

However, to enable this feature, you must visit the setting section of the software and turn on the switch to start scanning during offline mode. It is vital for the overall protection of the system as the latest viruses do work in offline mode too. This antivirus is not heavy on the system and works at a faster rate with system applications.

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8. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 4.0

Protect your smartphones and PCs with trusted products like Kaspersky that has proved its name for being the best tool for giving security from viruses and malware. Whether you own a small business or work from home, protecting your documents from unknown sources is always the need of the hour.

Best Cloud Antivirus

Kaspersky works on Windows PCs, Android, and iOS devices as well as file servers. It gives shielding for both desktop and mobile technologies. There are various tools and features in this software like following password rules, identifying insecure devices, filter unknown texts, and calls, administer camera usage and lock or delete data remotely from devices that are lost.

Furthermore, it has a web console administration network and Bluetooth configuration, policies for the internet and many more. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud came has been giving some striking results for a long time.

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9. Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

This product of Avira largely targets small businesses but has all the chief features that antivirus should contain. Some of the features include baseline network shield, antivirus, web filtering, file server fortification, and optimization as well as application blacklisting and whitelisting.

Best Cloud Antivirus

With this software, you can manage and administer your device with ease as the download, installation and usage are super-easy and versatile in comparison to other high-end devices. Some of the other features that are worth experiencing are license management, drive partition reports, assorted mobile phone tools and remote deployment.

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10. Avast Business Antivirus Pro

An outstanding business antivirus collection, offering you numerous tools such as Firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, email protection, and the ability to sandbox applications for comprehensive safety. Avast Business Antivirus Pro has Sharepoint and Exchange protection, along with an array of tools for your servers.

Best Cloud Antivirus

This software gives protection from viruses in real-time and is considered as one of the best for its simplicity and affordability. It is a practical choice for beginners or for consumers that safeguards your devices at the smallest cost.

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So, this was all about the Best Cloud Antivirus that is currently dominating the market and is safe to use. Do share your thoughts about these antiviruses in the comment section below.

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