7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android

7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android

We all are quite aware about the purpose of secret chat apps or anonymous chat apps & it can vary from user to user as well. Some might use it because they are bored with their FB or WhatsApp friends. Wherein others with the purpose of talking to complete & random strangers for a while.

Anonymous Chat Apps for Android

These chat apps are FREE to use on both (Android & iOS) platforms but with FREE comes the question, “are these apps safe to use?”. Because you’ll be interacting via images, music, & videos as well; so be a bit alert while giving away your personal info to complete strangers over a secret app. Having said that, these apps let you make friends from anywhere in the world so why not give it a chance.

Best Anonymous or Secret Chat Apps For Android in 2022

1. Connected2.me

Let’s start with one of the best & popular anonymous apps to chat with strangers without spending a single penny from your pocket. Compatible with Android OS, Connected2.me lets you create profiles, chat with friends, and meet new people from all over the world.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Just like other social media platforms, set up your profile with a photo & a little bit info about yourself. This setup will get you a link that you can forward to your friends on different social media platforms & ask them to connect with you. Simple as that!!

Download one of the best anonymous chat apps, Connected2.me on your Android smartphone right away.

2. Omegle

Another edition to the list of the best secret chat apps is Omegle where you can video chat with random people from all over the world. Just set up your profile & get connected with millions of people from all over the world with just one tap.

Best Chat Apps for Android

All chats are carefully protected by our automated AI monitoring system in order to create the best and safest user experience for all our users. Some of the main features Omegle offers are live video chat, animated fun chat conversations, & chatting with new friends quite often than ever.

Start using Omega & make your whole random video chatting experience one of a kind.

3. Whisper

Just as the name suggests, Whisper is another secret chat app that’s been used by millions & millions people all over the world. A great way to meet new people where you can share your thoughts & trade ideas. You get to connect with people who share the same kind of interests & thoughts.

7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps

One of the best features of Whisper is that you won’t have to reveal your identity & still share your deepest thoughts with people around the world. All of this leniency will make the conversation process quite easier. The credibility & reliability of an app can be measured by the feedbacks from users as below:

“The experience of spending time on Whisper is unlike any other major social network: It’s more raw, more moving…and yes, often more addictive.” – Mashable

4. MeetMe

MeetMe is a successful secret chat app that’s been designed with the concept of chatting with complete strangers. With the tagline of “Chat & Meet New People”, MeetMe lets you look for new people that are nearby your location. Users who share the same kind of interests and want to chat on this fun loving & friendly platform.

Anonymous Chat Apps

Apart from being one of the best anonymous apps to chat with strangers, MeetMe can also be used for playing engaging & entertaining games. From video chatting with nearby local people to live streaming and feeling the love, MeetMe is the perfect platform you can ask for.

5. RandoChat – Chat roulette

Another anonymous app, RandoChat shares the same concept of finding people nearby who share the same kind of interests. One of the best features is that you won’t have to create any accounts in order to use the app. With just a single tap, you have joined the group of those millions users who also share the same interest.

Chat Apps for Android

When & if you talk about the security & privacy of your chats & confidentiality, use RandoChat: Chat roulette. The moment you send the message to the other person, your messages will be automatically deleted as your IP address won’t be stored.

Download RandoChat on your Android smartphone & start sending messages to random people.

6. Rave – Videos with Friends

Are you also looking for a secret place where you can discuss those YouTube videos & movies you want to talk about? Because Rave gives you this unique platform to watch Netflix & YouTube with those remote friends you never met personally. How this works is that once you open an account on Rave, you need to login to Netflix with the same ID.

Best Chat Apps

Later on, you will see different chat rooms where you will find many people watching YouTube videos & movies with the same interest. This another secret chat app for Android platform, Rave comes with simple text chatting & emoticons.

Download Rave & start chatting with complete strangers while discussing YouTube videos.

Wrapping Up

Anonymous chat apps have been there for quite a while that’s been helping users connect with total strangers from anywhere in the world. The reasons can vary according to the users talking to strangers for a while or looking for people from one corner to other corner just to discuss their ideas.

Go through these different excelled secret chat apps & make the most of it while not revealing your identity.

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