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Love AirDrop? Check Out These Best Airdrop Alternatives For Android
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Love AirDrop? Check Out These Best Airdrop Alternatives For Android

A shout out to all AirDrop fans out there! No matter if you are an Android user or an iOS one. You cannot deny the fact that AirDrop is a pretty handy tool to transfer files between devices. Unfortunately AirDrop allows transfer of files between iOS and macOS devices.

If you are an Android user, we have a few pretty awesome AirDrop Alternatives for you all. Meanwhile, you can check out Google’s amazing tool Nearby Share. It supports data transfer between Android and Chrome devices.

Since now you are looking for a power-packed tool to help you transfer data between devices with ease, check out this blog.

Best 7 AirDrop Alternatives For Android

1. ShareMe

Share Me App

Download: ShareMe (Free)

ShareMe is a file transfer app by Xiaomi and a basic yet an amazing Android alternative to AirDrop. You can quickly download the app on any Android device to send files to another device. Ensure that the other party also has the app installed. To start transferring files, you can scan a QR code to share data using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Not only this, you can use its Webshare option wherein it creates an ad-hoc hotspot. Thereafter, the devices can access ShareMe to receive files. WebShare is a bit complicated as the user has to create a new SSID and password every time they share.

2. AirDroid

AirDroid App

Download: AirDroid (Free, subscription available)

AirDroid, in the beginning, could transfer files from a phone to a desktop. With the passing time and advancements, it has grown up to be an app that includes features like- screen mirroring, remote control functionality, screen recording, backup options, etc. Sign in before you start using this amazing AirDrop alternative for Android. You can add at max two devices in an account. You can transfer files from one device to another hassle-free. The free version allows you to share files up to 30MB in size. While if you have the premium subscription the limit raises to 1GB. The subscription is valid for a year.

3. Pushbullet

PushBullet - Airdrop Alternatives

Download: Pushbullet (Free, subscription available)

Pushbullet is a competitive AirDrop alternative for Android users. It links your phone and PC. With this app you can not only transfer files and data between devices but also it allows you to send text messages. Even the file sharing module on this PC works just like a messaging app. Having a Pushbullet subscription raises the limit of available features but it’s a bit expensive for a layman to have. Sign up for Pushbullet notification to get updates, news and announcements from everywhere.

4. Sweech

Sweech - Airdrop Alternative

Download: Sweech (Free, premium version available)

This Sweech is an AirDrop alternative that works quite similar to WebShare and AirDroid. Sweech lets you use an IP address to open its interface. Preview and download files, or try uploading data on your device. Everything you do through Sweech on a web browser, so it’s quite easy to use. This further lets you transfer files directly. This is a feature-packed app for Android devices that creates a unique URL as well as a QR. Just like other premium products, Sweech’s premium adds some more useful features like password protection or encryption etc. The best thing with Sweech is that it has no ads.

5. Easy Share

Easy Share - Airdrop Alternatives

Download: Easy Share (Free)

In the list of top alternatives to AirDrop for Android, Easy Share comes as a useful one. It’s lets you share files from any device to another in just a few simple steps. You should ensure that you and the receiving party should also have working Easy Share app. Another advantage of using this file transfer app is that its web version lets you use Easy Share’s HTTP server. You will get an IP address, that lets you use and look for everything on your phone. It further allows you to upload any files. The app will have many ad pop-ups but you can get rid of them for a very small fee.

6. Zapya WebShare

Zapya WebShare -Airdrop Alternative

Download: Zapya WebShare (Free)

Zapya WebShare is yet another AirDrop alternative for Android. With this amazing app, share apps between smartphones and PC or two similar devices. It uses a graphical interface. While you transfer photos and videos or any other file through We share, you can have a preview to ensure you transfer the perfect file. Not only this, WebShare also provides GIF maker features for its users. The tool is power-packed with a lot of useful features.  The only drawback of this tool is that you cannot remove ads that keeps popping up and covers most of your screen space.

7. Snapdrop

Snapdrop - Airdrop Alternative

Visit: Snapdrop (Free)

Technically, Snapdrop is just an app that can be used on the web. It can be accessed from any device i.e. either a smartphone or a desktop. To begin sharing files through Snapdrop, open the web page and you’ll see a name on your device. You’ll also have a list of other devices available on your network. Click on the name of the user on your network and choose a file to share. On the other side, the user will get an option to download or ignore the file. This way transferring files on or across Android devices is made easy.

Note: Ensure both devices have Snapdrop open for a successful file transfer.

Concluding- Choosing The Best Android Alternative To AirDrop

You can, although, wait for Nearby Share to get fully-functional for Chrome for a hassle-free file sharing. Until then, try out these apps to share files within devices without using a USB cable. With these amazing AirDrop-like apps for Android, you can ease file-transfer and organize storage, just like any other file manager app for Android.

Which one of the file transfer apps do you use on Android? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Till then, keep following Tweak Library.

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