Is Windows Defender Good Enough for Your PC?

Is Windows Defender Good Enough for Your PC?

Among many advance features that Windows 10 provides to its users is the default security software known as Windows Defender. Though Windows Defender had made it appearance with earlier Windows operating system but in Windows 10 it now comes as default protection.

In other words, once, a user installs a fresh version of Windows 10 or upgrade his current version of operating system to Windows 10, the PC is secured by Windows Defender. It means that as a layman user you can start using your computer to communicate with outer world via Internet without installing any other security program.

But now and then a question always wriggles in mind of every user that whether Windows Defender is enough to protect the PC from all type of threats. Or does he still need another anti-virus software to protect his PC from all prevailing threats.

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Advantages of using Windows Defender?

Before we start the discussion that Windows Defender is good enough for our PC or not, let’s look at the bright sides. One of the biggest advantage with Windows Defender is that it is combined with Windows 10 by default. This means you do not need to install it separately.

The other advantage it that it does not eat your system memory like many other Anti-virus does. It keeps on running in the background without making your slow or lagging.

Also unlike many other security software it does not clutter your system with additional bloatware, like additional registry cleaners, optimizers or browser extensions.

And finally, if you are using Windows Defender then you can use it for FREE. Also, here free literally means free, as in unlike other security software it is like free for limited time or free to scan only.

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Can We Rely on Windows Defender?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward one, as this will depend on the user habits of connecting to Internet. Just say for an example if you just a normal surfer then Windows Defender is more than handy. And you really do not need any other type of security program for your machine.

 Can We Rely on Windows Defender

In case you use Internet to connect with people on social networking websites along with surfing over internet then also you can continue with Windows Defender. Also, Windows Defender is well enough capable to provide you adequate protection even you download files occasionally and that too mainly from trusted sites.

But if you are active user that consumes your internet usage by downloading files from the web primarily from torrent then Windows Defender might lag a bit.

Undoubtedly, Windows Defender is lightweight security program that do not use much of your system resources and obviously free to use, but when compared with other Antivirus software in AV test it mainly lags. Also, the AV test results shows an inconsistent graph of Windows Defender when it comes to protection against zero-day malware and widespread malware.

Therefore, we recommend our users to use Windows Defender along with a strong anti malware program like Advanced System Protector for an all-round protection.

Advanced System Protector is light weight application for Windows 10 that give your PC an all-round protection from all types of spyware, malware rouge and adware. This program is so simple to use that a novice can use it and protect his PC from all prevailing threats.

advanced system optimizer

Moreover, Advanced System Protector only promises but also delivers the latest protection as it has more than 10 million up to date definitions that is daily updated to protect your PC from the most recent threats as well.

The main advantage that we find with Advanced System Protector is that it is very light on system resources. This means that it keeps on protecting you in the background without using much of system resources.

So, folks, if you wish an all-round protection for your PC then do not wish to spend much then you can continue with Windows Defender along with a good anti-malware product like Advanced System Protector.

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