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Windows 11 Will Support Android Apps: Here’s What You Need To Know
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Windows 11 Will Support Android Apps: Here’s What You Need To Know

Windows 11 will arrive with a bouquet of new features and if you happen to have both an Android smartphone and a Windows computer, one announcement from Microsoft must have piqued your interest and you want to upgrade your Windows 10 PC or laptop to Windows 11.

You will now be able to install and run Android apps right on your Windows 11 computer or laptop?

To run Android apps on your Windows 11 PC or laptop, you won’t need an emulator like Bluestacks or the YourPhone App (That lets you run Android apps on Windows PC provided you have a Samsung Galaxy with the right specs to go with). Why? Because these Android apps will be able to run natively.

So, does that mean Microsoft has gotten into a partnership with Google to have Google Play Store on Windows? The answer is no!

Then, how will you be able to run Android apps on Windows? We are going to answer all such questions right here, right now!

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What’s This Upgrade All About?

Soon you might want to bid adieu to your Windows 10 and say high to Windows 11. One reason being that if you are a licensed Windows 10 user, the new upgrade will be free. And, if you want to dive deeper and want to check if your current version of Windows 10 is all set for the update, do check this post. And, if your Windows 10 is eligible, you are in for a treat!

Key Points
  • You will be able to enjoy Android apps on Windows 11
  • Intel’s Bridge Technology will make it possible
  • You could find apps in Start Menu or even pin them to the Taskbar
  • You could download Android apps from Amazon Play Store

With Windows 11, you will now have your Android apps in the revamped Microsoft store. You will now be able to see them right in the Start Menu or pin Android apps onto your Taskbar just like any other Windows app. And, the best part, neither you need an emulator nor an Android phone synced to your computer or an app to form the connection and run Android apps on the computer.

How Will Android Apps Work On Windows 11?

Windows 11

The Android apps will run natively on Windows 11, thanks to Intel’s Bridge Technology which is a run time post compiler that allows non-native applications to run natively on x86 processors. Intel also confirmed that not only will Intel bridge support the x86 platform, it will also support AMD and ARM platforms as well. That means Android apps will work on Intel 10th and 11th generation processors as well as AMD processors.

Here’s how you will be able to get and run Android apps on Windows 11 – you will need to install the Amazon app store, a strong alternative to Google Play Store. You will be able to find the app store integrated into the new Microsoft Store. There is no denying the fact that despite being strong alternatives to Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and  Amazon’s Fire Tablet (That run on a modified Android) both have holes, yet, this merger will surely bring them benefits. And, Microsoft has already promised that it will make it easier for developers to get their apps in the Microsoft Store.

The Downside

Not every Android app or game in the Amazon Appstore will run on Windows 11 at least for a moment. So, how would a user quench the thirst for an app that’s not there on Amazon Play Store? Will it be possible to get third-party Android packages, which are more popularly known as APKs? And, if yes (and as many executives believe it to be), won’t that jeopardize your Windows computer and your Android’s safety.  There are many such questions on which clarity is still to be attained.

Wrapping Up:

Whatever it is, there is a whole lot of excitement stored as far as running Android apps on Windows 11 computer is concerned. If you liked the blog, do give it a big thumbs up and let us know in the comments which of your favorite Android apps would you love to smash on Windows 11? For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. Love watching tech videos? Do check out our YouTube channel. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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