What To Do When Your Smartphone Is Already Hacked

What To Do When Your Smartphone Is Already Hacked

Smartphones have taken over the world in such a manner that people can’t live without it. We use smartphones not only as a mode of communication but also to capture beautiful memories, do online banking, online shopping on eCommerce sites, Emails and store useful information.

Imagine if all of a sudden you realize that your smartphone is already hacked and you are going to compromise all your precious stuff including your finances. Anybody can be shattered after knowing that he is broken because of a hacking theft.

There are hundreds of malicious apps that can bug your smartphone and steal your precious information. There are spying apps that can keep a watch on your online activities or keep a track of your location, search history, favorites, and other activities. Even big companies like Facebook and Google are also involved in capturing such information until you disable those tracking options.

Now the question is, how to know if your smartphone is already hacked and how to secure your device from being compromised. If this question is bothering you, this article is a must-read!


How To Identify If Your Smartphone Is Hacked?

There can be several signs if your phone has been hacked or compromised but not all of them are noticeable. We have compiled top five noticeable signs that you should notice and stay alert.

1. Decrease in Battery Life

If a smartphone is hacked or the security is compromised due to a malware attack, the lifespan of the battery life will decrease significantly. The spying app or the malware may be consuming your phone’s resources and battery to transmit your information to other servers.

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2. High Data Usage

If you are running out of data in a short span of time, your phone might be compromised. Malware or Spyware running in the background will consume a lot of data to communicate with their servers.

3. Sluggish Performance

A compromised smartphone will encounter frequent freezing, crashing apps, or overloading phone’s resources that lead to sluggish performance. You may also notice unstoppable apps that don’t kill running in the background.

4. Unknown Outgoing Calls or Messages

If you are noticing unknown outgoing calls or messages that you haven’t made, be very certain about a compromised phone. This may cost you additional charges or unknown spam calls made internationally from your device. A prompt action is required in such a scenario.

5. Frequent Notifications

If you are receiving frequent notification alerts of OTP, Password Change, Account Access, follow a link to reset credentials, or any such suspicious activity, you should be alert of possible scam.

Other Symptoms

There can be several other symptoms that may warn you to stay alert or protected. You may receive frequent pop-ups that you are not aware of, you may see unusual activity with your linked Email accounts or bank accounts. Fortunately, by using a reliable mobile security app, you don’t have to worry about any malware threats or vulnerabilities harming your device.

smart phone cleaner

What You Can Do?

Which Is The Best Mobile Security App?

Consider using Smart Phone Cleaner to protect your device from online/offline threats. Now you must be thinking about how a cleaning app can help you in safeguarding your device and data. Well, it’s a multi-purpose solution, equipped with dozens of tools and modules to clean, optimize, speed up and protect your phone from potential malware threats and infections. Its real-time protection ensures no new malicious content harms your smartphone. You can even schedule regular malware scanning on an everyday/weekly basis to stay always protected!

Install Smart Phone Cleaner by Systweak Software

  • Always connect to a trusted Wi-Fi network to connect online. Free Wi-Fi networks are prone to threats.
  • Make sure that you use a secured passcode, fingerprint impression or facial recognition app to unlock your phone.
  • Don’t connect your phone to unknown charging stations until you have a security software installed.
  • Perform a routine check on all the installed apps and uninstall unknown or unwanted apps.
  • Clean RAM, Browsing History, links and run a security scan on the device once a day.
  • Use the Best VPN Service for Android Whenever visiting suspicious websites.
  • Never leave your device open and unattended to avoid misuse of hacking.

What Hackers Need to Get into Your Phone?

Hackers can get into your phone via different modes. They can enter your phone with a contaminated email, an attachment, a link to follow, an App from app store, a Code, OTP, SMS Message, or anything that can execute and connect your phone with their system.

Can Phone Be Hacked When Turned Off?

A phone can’t be hacked if it is turned off. It can’t run any code or establish any connection when all the networks are down. It is recommended to switch off your mobile phone if you notice any suspicious activity going on your device however as all the accounts linked to your phone are functional online, there are still chances of theft even if you have your phone switched off.

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Can I Track My Relative’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

To keep a track of a device’s location, calls, chats or access its gallery, there are hundreds of programs available. You can listen to call recordings, track their live location, read their WhatsApp, FB messages, or track their social activities just with a single tap. You just need to get hold of the device once to grant access and track the activity of any friend or relative’s device. Even without touching their phone, you can gain access to someone’s phone, that’s what hackers do.

Is Someone Spying on My Phone?

That’s a big question! You may not know when someone starts spying on you through your smartphone. The question is how do you know if someone is watching you through your phone? If your phone is hacked or someone has cloned your phone, it will start acting crazy. Like delayed response, phone stuck on a particular screen, annoying behavior, etc.

How to Find Out Who Hacked Your Cell Phone?

Well if you are a tech-savvy person, you won’t be able to figure out where the bug came from or who hacked your phone. You would be wondering what to do if your phone has been hacked, but trust me, there is nothing that you can do. All you can do is sign out of all your accounts and switch off your phone. Take it to the authorized service center for a fix. If you have been robbed, it is advised to take your phone to the nearest police station or a cybercrime expert for investigation before fixing it.

Summing Up

 It is painful to lose all your precious data and compromise on your privacy. Precaution is better than cure and some infections are so irreversible that you can only regret and do nothing with what has happened. It is better if you are aware of the symptoms and the causes to narrow down and minimize the impact of the damage.

Use one of the best antiviruses for Android but don’t just rely on security apps and be vigilant about the latest threats and mobile antivirus for precautions. Norton mobile security is again one of the best security apps that you can install on your device besides it consumes a lot of resources while providing uninterrupted smartphone security.

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