Best Anti-Spy Apps For Android To Keep Your Data Safe And Secure

Best Anti-Spy Apps For Android To Keep Your Data Safe And Secure

The rapidly increasing number of data breaches and spyware is a question of concern for Android devices. Even with the evolving security and technology, spyware attacks are still unstoppable.

But, we can stop this by using the anti-spy apps for Android. But, before that let us know, what spyware is?

What Is Spyware?

Spyware is a malware that is installed on Android device without permission that is used to monitor behavior of the user. Basically, it’s a software that is used to access user’s data.

Spyware through Internet connection transmits all your personal information such as browsing interests, downloads, and other preferences. There are also some other forms of spyware that redirects you to malicious page in spite of the legitimate page. Some spyware are also able to make calls, and send texts automatically, and can also display fake ads, even when you are offline. Spyware that is used to steal username, passwords, and personal information is known as ‘Keylogger’.

Symptoms Of Spyware Attack

  1. Undesirable behavior and degradation of performance.
  2. ‘App not responding’ error.
  3. Issues in restarting.
  4. Network connection error.
  5. Sudden system crash.

So, today, in this article, amidst the increasing spyware attacks, we are here with the best anti-spyware apps for Android that will help in preventing your data from exposing and exploiting.

1. Anti Spy (Spyware Removal)

spy app for android

This app has a potential to detect all the spy apps on Android. Just by one touch in the ‘Scan Now’ button it will start scanning for malicious and spying apps on your device. After scan, you can also uninstall them from the app. Scan includes, Relaxed Detection Criteria to find other potential spy apps and suspicious apps that are installed from an unknown source or from some third-party store.

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2. SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook

spy app for android

Phone bugged? Check it by using SpyWarn app, which performs a forensic evaluation for spyware to find out the malicious content hidden in your Android device. It uses real-time eavesdropping detection to find out the spy apps. It also features free eBook on ‘Is My Cell Phone Bugged’ by Kevin D. Murray.

To gain privacy and lose fear, use SpyWarn, a spyware removal app, to stay safe from spyware and other malicious content.

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3. Anti Spy Detector Pro

spy app for android

This is the best spy app for Android that helps to detect and remove spyware and malicious application from your device. It performs a quick search to find out the harmful applications. After which, applications could also be uninstalled from the app. This app has an easy overview and interface that allows it to be user-friendly app.

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4. Spy Mic Bodyguard | Anti Spy

spy app for android

This spyware removal app is for users who think that they are being spied through their microphone, and all their calls are being recorded by someone. As many of the applications after installation ask for the permission for recording audio, from which some of them use your recordings for other purposes. But, with Spy Mic Bodyguard, user can protect privacy by detecting, alerting and blocking the unauthorized microphone usage. This app uses on demand microphone scan to determine the status of the microphone, whether it’s in use or not. You can even set a microphone blocker to prevent any app from using microphone.

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5. Real-Time AntiSPY

spy app for android

This is the spy app for Android, which detects and removes malicious apps containing spyware. And also, apps that can record your calls, and have access to your call logs and browser history. It warns user of suspicious apps and of permissions that are unnecessary. Real-Time AntiSPY is capable of finding out the anti-theft apps also, in case that app is embedded with spyware.

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So, this was all! This is the list of best spy apps for Android to prevent you from spyware and other malicious content. By using these apps, user data and information will stay safe and secure, and wouldn’t be accessible by the hackers.

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