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Is There A Need For VPN On Smartphones?
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Is There A Need For VPN On Smartphones?

When it comes to a VPN service, the first thing that strikes my mind is the high-end security and privacy online. What is the first thing or instance that hits your mind? Yes, for most of us, a VPN gives an efficient security of our browsing activity online. VPNs or a Virtual Private Network adds an extra layer of security to the internet on any device you use. Just like desktops, you can use VPN on smartphones as well. Since it secures you online, it is a good to go option for mobile devices.

VPN on Smartphone

If your question is- if there is a need for VPN on smartphones? Then our answer is a straightforward YES! With the increasing usage of mobile devices, it has become imperative to a security guard for your device’s overall activity through a suitable mobile VPN service. It keeps you guarded while using social media, handling emails and even while messaging your friends. In short, a good VPN protects you wherever the internet is used.

What consists of a good VPN, how a VPN works on a smartphone, its legal implications, etc. will be discussed here in this article today.

*Best VPN services for Android & iOS-

NordVPN, CyberGhost, SurfShark

*Best VPN for Windows

ProtonVPN, Systweak VPN

*Best VPN for Mac

ExpressVPN, SurfShark

Note: Some of the best VPNs lets you share an account across 5 devices or more including your smartphone.

Before paying for the best mobile VPN services, it is important to know why a VPN is needed and how it will help you while browsing online. Read further to know more about the use of VPN on smartphones.

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Why Is There A Need For VPN On Smartphones?

VPN Secures Your Private Data Online

As already discussed multiple times, a VPN on smartphones secures your online activity and data. Since the use of smartphones have been increasing rapidly for exchanging data, syncing emails, social media accounts, and other profiles too. VPNs help you build a shield so that no one can get hold of your confidential information. Beware while using any unsecure internet connection or a public Wi-Fi network. Know these advantages of using a reliable VPN service.

VPNs Are Safe To Use

As already stated above, VPNs are safe to use on any device including a smartphone. The only considerable point is that you choose a reliable and trustworthy app. Now, you might be thinking about how to check for the quality of a VPN or how to judge if it is a trustworthy VPN app or not. Well, a quality VPN is the one that lets you change the server through which you connect to the internet and masks your location.

Along with this, having a VPN enables you to access content that is not permitted in certain regions and it maintains a distinct degree of privacy while online.

Risks associated with a VPN

On one side, VPN protects our identity online, while on the other side there is equally a risk associated.  What risks could a VPN bring with it?

  • Fake VPN scams.
  • VPNs logging your data.
  • VPNs selling your browsing details to some advertising partners.
  • Reduced browsing speeds.

A VPN is installed on any device to protect a user’s identity or data from various online scams. Therefore, anytime you opt for a VPN service, it is important to see whether the VPN service you have chosen is reliable, genuine and itself not a scam. Make sure that you do not try for any free VPN service or Antivirus services as they might turn out to be spam. Be wise while choosing any such protection services for your smartphone or any other device. We are saying that even some legitimate VPNs are involved in some shady practices.

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Use Of A VPN on Smartphones Is Legal

The legality matters a lot when it comes to using any software and while we talk about a Virtual Private Network, you must be well-aware of where it is legal and where not. A few countries like Iraq, North Korea, China etc. restrict VPN use. Anything that is already illegal will remain illegal even if you use a VPN on your smartphone.

While using a VPN to watch a show on Netflix or to stream a geo-locked YouTube video is not legal. This doesn’t mean that if you do this, you will be covered or prosecuted under any legal actions, but these companies can ban your account from accessing their content further. The rights to ban lies with the legal department of Netflix or YouTube in this case.

Start Using A VPN On Your Smartphone Now!

Since you know the need to use VPN on smartphones, try hunting for the best VPN services for mobile devices. For your help, we recommend using NordVPN as it is considered to be the best VPN service provider for all platforms i.e Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Chrome, Firefox and what not. Furthermore, NordVPN allows you to use it on six devices at a time, using a single license.

Bonus Tip: Do you want to have a VPN for Windows too? Well, if you are bored of these very popular VPNs, you can give a try to this newly launched VPN in the market by Systweak Software. Yes, we are talking about Systweak VPN.

Download Systweak VPN

Read Full Review on Systweak VPN

It is one of the best VPNs available specifically for Windows. It has amazing features to offer including- Strict no-log policy, kill switch to drop the connection if connectivity is lost, 30-days money-back guarantee, supports OpenVPN TCP/UDP protocol, and many more.

That’s it folks! Hope you find this article helpful and you are sorted with your choice for the best VPN services for your smartphones. Let us know in the comments section below which VPN service are you currently using and why.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to connect with us through our social handles or drop us a comment below.



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