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Using A VPN For Gaming – Is It Worth It?
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Using A VPN For Gaming – Is It Worth It?

Let’s start by saying that VPN offers a great deal to gamers. But, your intention to use a VPN while gaming also matters. Investing VPN is indeed a wise investment but, if you have invested your hard-earned money and your precious security with wrong intentions, you are in for some grave danger! And, that’s exactly what this post’s for. Here we are going to talk about when you should use a VPN for gaming and where you shouldn’t.

Looking for A VPN for Gaming – Try Systweak VPN

Quite a lot of avid gamers do gaming from their Windows desktops or laptops, and if you are one of them, you can give Systweak VPN a try. It is one of the best VPNs for Windows PC. You needn’t be a hardcore techy to configure since it is easy to set up and configure. Wondering what it brings along?

  • 4500+ servers spread across 200+ locations in over 53 countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Kill switch that drops the connection if a VPN drops
  • AES 256- bit military-grade encryption
  • OpenVPN and IKev2 protocol

How To Use Systweak VPN for Gaming-

1. Download, run and install Systweak VPN


Download Now Systweak VPN

2. Sign-in using the log-in details received

Systweak VPN

3. Select a server you want to connect to. Try connecting to a server that’s close to the game server

Systweak VPN Disconnect

4. Toggle the on/off switch to the right and enjoy!

Here’s a comprehensive in-depth review of Systweak VPN

VPN For Gaming – Is It Needed?

For the most part, we’d say, yes! And, if you are on the lookout for some of the best VPNs, your search end here.

Should Use VPN:  To Swat Any Swatting Threats


Online gaming can be a bad, mad world, especially, if fellow competitors become so angry with you that they start to stalk you. And, trust us, in this digital age if someone has a little technical bent of mind, he or she can track you – your social media accounts or even your location by finding your IP address. In worst cases, the miscreant may even call in your near and dear ones, harass them or ask for money. On the other hand, if you use a VPN while gaming, you can easily hide your IP address, in which case, it is next to impossible for the other person to track you down.

Should Use A VPN: To Preserve Security On A Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-fi
Source: indiamart

Avid gamers just can’t seem to let go of their passion even for a while. So, even when they are at an airport, hotel, cafe, restaurant, their first instinct is to catch hold of the Wi-Fi. However, there are others too that have already caught hold of the Wi-Fi. Who are they? Hackers, man-in-the-middle attackers, threat actors waiting to inject malware, and other cybercriminals.

But, they can be a threat only if you are gaming on an unencrypted network.

Now that you have a VPN, you can rest assured that much before your data leaves your device, the VPN will encrypt it with military-grade security. There is no chance that an attacker will be able to have a clue about your network.

Shouldn’t Use VPN – To Enhance Your Gaming Experience

If you are of the notion that a VPN will increase the speed of the internet or game per se, you’ve headed the wrong way. At the most and if you are using a good VPN, the speed will be as fast as your internet connection. There might be instances where you might have to bear with packet loss and service drops, especially if you have opted for a crowded VPN server.

If your VPN is slow for no apparent reason or a stubborn issue you can’t reason with, maybe this post might be what you are looking for.

Should Use VPN: To Play Games Banned In Your Country

Owing to many reasons, some countries ban certain games. For example, there are many countries like Brazil, Australia, the UK, and many others which ban games that have violence. Whereas countries like China ban games for a variety of reasons, for example- China bans games that hurt its interest or national dignity. Unless you are living in a country where using VPNs is banned (which is quite unlikely), you can connect to a country’s server where the game you want to play isn’t banned.

Should Use VPN: To Get Early Access To Games

You want to download a game that you have been waiting for quite some time now. But, when the date appears, what you see – the games not released in your country. For example, a game that is released in the United States might not have been released in Europe or India. That’s when you can choose a server located in the United States, get your hands on the game and flaunt your gaming skills on a game that no one in your peer group already has.

Should Use VPN: To Combat DDoS Attacks

Should Use VPN
Source: csoonline

DDoS, one of the dreaded cyberattacks, loves to prey on avid gamers. You heard us right.

In simple terms, in a DDoS attack, an attacker often uses or purchases times on botnets to overload a server or an IP address with requests. As a result, the server or IP address gets shut down. In case you are serious with gaming or take an active part in dedicated championships, you might as well be a target of a DDoS attack and a VPN might just save you.

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Wrapping Up

It won’t be wrong to conclude that if you are into online gaming, a VPN is a great tool to have by your side. But, as we have maintained throughout this blog, buy a VPN for all the right reasons and needs. If you found the blog to be helpful, do give it a thumbs up and for more such content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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