How to Use Two Snapchat Accounts on One Phone

How to Use Two Snapchat Accounts on One Phone

Have you ever thought about having multiple Snapchat accounts in your device, or is it just me who had this crazy thought? Well, I already am using multiple WhatsApp accounts on my phone, so I thought why not use two Snapchat accounts on one phone? And guess what? This crazy thought has got solutions too and that too very easy.

Usually, we can only use a single account app on any phone like Facebook, Instagram, or you name it. However, few of them let you use multiple accounts on personal and business purposes such as WhatsApp.

Here, we can operate more than two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone or Android and the crazy methods are as below:

How to Use Two Snapchat Accounts on One Android / iPhone

We all can use multiple app accounts on either iOS or Android without any hassle. I agree that sometimes the security seems too tight that we need to use third-party platforms but that’s okay. That is okay till the time my security isn’t compromised. Nevertheless, there always workarounds to use multiple Snapchat accounts in one device.

Here we will discuss the various methods to use multiple Snapchat accounts on iPhone as well as smartphones:

  • Snapchat++

The ones who know how to use multiple Snapchat accounts on one device are quite familiar with this method and app. Snapchat++ is something that will give you a platform to have a second Snapchat account on the same iPhone you are currently using. And be assured, you will be logged in to the first Snapchat account while simultaneously logging into the other one.

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The process is as follows:

  1. Visit and tap on the screen. This will be followed by downloading a config file that you can see on below path:

Setting> General> Profile> Appvalley

2. Click on the Install (upper right corner) and once it gets installed, search for Snapchat++ and download the same.

3. Follow the process of creating the account and login.

You are all set to use two Snapchat Accounts on one iPhone successfully. Go ahead and get multiple Snapchat accounts from this method.

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  • Use Parallel Space (iOS + Android)

App Cloning is another way to have multiple accounts of any app on the same device. A self-explanatory term is a tool we can use to clone any app on your phone without any hassle. Parallel Space is one of those apps which creates a clone of the app you want and gives you an altogether second platform to work on.

Use Parallel Space

Please know that it isn’t a third-party app that is giving you a different platform to use multiple Snapchat accounts on one phone.

Follow the process to install and check how to use two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone or Android:

  1. Download Parallel Space (Android / iOS)
  2. Download the Parallel Space app and install it on your phone
  3. Open the app, give the required permissions, and select Snapchat to Clone.
  4. This will result in downloading another Snapchat app on your device.

Once you install it, follow the process of creating the account and you are all set to use the second Snapchat account on the phone.

Now you have both the accounts working and running flawlessly. Isn’t it great?

  • Use TutuApp (iOS + Android)

Alike Snapchat++, this is another trick to use two Snapchat accounts on one Android or iPhone. All you need to do is, visit the link and download TutuApp on your device.

TutuApp (iOS + Android)

Tap on the appropriate mobile operating system, download and install the app on your phone.

  1. Follow this by searching for Snapchat in the app.
  2. You might get confused with a lot of Snapchat apps having different suffixes. But, be assured, all of them are clones to the other ones.
  3. So go ahead, select one, and download the app.
  4. Once it’s downloaded, open it and start the process of login. Post this, you are all set to use different Snapchat accounts on a single device.

A good point to remember is that, with TutuApp, you have as many Snapchat accounts as you want.

What If These Above Methods Show Up an Error?

Since these are tips and tricks, there can be incidents where they show an error that prevents you from using multiple Snapchat accounts in one device. What will you do?

Sometimes while trying to access two accounts in one go, you may get an error stating “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Obviously, this message will appear on the second app because the first one is already good to go. Follow the below process in case you encounter this error:

Please note that the below process is only for the iPhone:

Go to Settings> General> Profile on your device. (You won’t find the Profile section if you haven’t installed the tricks on your iPhone).

Among many profiles, find “VNE” and tap on it. Trust the VNE profile name. It will fix the issue and you are all set to use the clone Snapchat app.

Can you be logged in to Snapchat on two devices?

This is another question that comes to our mind. Either we switch our mobile phones more often or just want to check if the feature works. Well, it is possible. Having multiple simultaneous Snapchat logins are possible in different devices. But there is a catch.

logged in to Snapchat on two devices

We all know that Snapchat has accounts as “Business/official” “Individual” and “Ads”.

So the multiple logins at the same time on different devices are only available on Business accounts. And that too I think is because of the revenue these business/official generate for Snapchat. No other type of account gets this kind of perk to have simultaneous logins in different devices. That’s the catch.

Once you log in to another device, the previous one will automatically get logged out.

Wrapping Up

Please know that some of the above methods are 3rd-party ones while others aren’t. So in case you are wondering and thinking twice about using any untrusted service, go for Parallel Space as you can find it on the App Store. That’s some credibility. Correct?

Don’t forget to share any other trick you use to access multiple Snapchat accounts on your device if that isn’t mentioned above.

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