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Getting Bored? Try These Time Killing Apps in 2021!
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Getting Bored? Try These Time Killing Apps in 2021!

We all are aware of the Coronavirus outbreak! This pandemic has led us to stay at our place and get indulged in some random chores or activity. But I can understand staying at home is not an easy task where you need to quarantine yourself completely. Instead of doing random tasks such as gardening, cooking, baking you may still get bored and look for another source of entertainment. 

Killing Apps

Your wait is over mate! In this blog, I am going to share amazing time killing apps that will shed boredom away. 

Best Time Killing Apps 2021

1. Bottle Flip 3D

Bottle Flip 3D

I am sure, you must have heard of flip the bottle challenge. If not, this is the same challenge that Justin Bieber to Jason Statham have taken. In this game, you need to flip the bottle in a perfect manner so that it lands easily. Honestly guys this game is not easy as it seems because when you proceed with Bottle Flip, the base of the bottle starts moving. You can either jump in the bottle or make it double flip. Everything is depending on your tactics and movements. You will explore this flip challenge in all sorts of objects and rooms. Once you start playing this game, it will enhance your coordination, agility, strength and logic. 

Bottle Flip 3D is available on the Play Store and you can install it from here

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2. Perfect 365

Perfect 365

Hello pretty faces! We people have a tendency to look more beautiful and try out various styles on oneself. Here we go Perfect 365 has made your dream come true. This is one of the best virtual makeup apps, which you won’t regret installing. You need to proceed with uploading your face image on this app. Now numerous haircuts, looks and makeup are available to try out. 

Perfect 365 is already being used by millions of people and has been seen on Today Show, ABC News, Seventeen and Allure. Additionally, you can check YouTube tutorials, product recommendations and so on. 

Sounds pretty? Get this app from here

3. Duolingo


Learning new languages is really fun to do as they need commitment and full dedication with time. I guess, when you have already quarantined yourself from the outside world, this is the right time to proceed with Duolingo. 

This is a free and amazing way to shed dreary away by learning new and interesting languages. You can choose your preferred languages from Italian, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean, German, Chinese, Spanish, English, Japanese and a lot more. 

You can kill your ill time easily with Duolingo by learning a new language and later flaunt it among your friends and colleagues. You can install this app from here

4. Antistress – Anxiety Relief Relaxing Games


We have the next Anti stress game on our list. As we have mentioned language app, beauty app and gaming app, it’s time to add anxiety relief relaxing games. As we know because of this Corona outbreak we may feel a little anxious and start digging to halt this stress. 

You can choose between 36 + stress relieving games that could make your more creative, cheerful and free of negative thoughts. You will also be going to witness realistic experience to halt anxiety with 3D brain exercise and relaxation. 

To know more, get this amazing app from Play Store.

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5. Words With Friends – Word Puzzle

Words With Friends

Online dating, friendship or relationship, it’s time to ditch them all with Word With Friends app. Hence this is an online scrabble based game that will sharpen your vocabulary with the help of a set of letters. This is a multilingual app that supports English, Spanish, French, German and so on. Another great feature is that you can play this game with random strangers! 

Sounds cool? Get this amazing app from the Play Store

Final Words

That’s all folks! This is how you can shed the boredom away. I hope you like this blog and have already subscribed to our newsletter for amazing tips and tricks. If you have any questions for the same, share in the comment section below. 

At the end – Stay Safe from the COVID 19

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