The Feud Over Apple Privacy Label – Tech-Giants Don’t Like It

The Feud Over Apple Privacy Label – Tech-Giants Don’t Like It

Recently Apple did something really out of the box and something that we all wanted as users – Apple made Transparency mandatory. Apple did it in a somewhat exciting fashion – Apple Privacy Labels. The company now requires all the software makers to provide information about all the Data that they collect from users. Though the companies do explain about all the data they take in their Privacy policy but let’s be reasonable, who reads that?

Apple Privacy Labels

Now looking at the Privacy labels, Isn’t it much easier this way to be aware of the privacy policy and software’s intrusion in your lives? Though the tech-giants snatching unwanted data can’t simply reveal what they are keeping their eye on, they can’t simply ignore another Giant like Apple too. Hence, the feuds.

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Apple Privacy Label:

List of Contents

  • 1.  Apple vs Facebook:
  • 2.  Apple vs Google
  • What’s the Root of the Problem?
  • What do we Do?
  • NordVPN:

1.  Apple vs Facebook:

Apple vs Facebook

Facebook is publicly ridiculing Apple Privacy Labels on God knows what grounds. Facebook looks like a whiny cat in its actions. Facebook released a Public Advertisement with the title “We are Standing up to Apple for Small Businesses everywhere”. Facebook is pleading to a higher and nobler motive for the sake of protecting its decision not to share the information but I highly doubt that it’s going to work. Even if you aren’t STEALING INFORMATION and rather COLLECTING IT for a Noble Motive, why are you so afraid of sharing it boldly is what people ask.

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2.  Apple vs Google

Google is among the first companies that are referred to when people talk about the Companies collecting A LOT MORE THAN REQUIRED. It is often said that “GOOGLE KNOWS MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU DO ABOUT YOURSELF”. The point of concern is it isn’t at all an Overstatement.

The Tech-Giant has 12 Applications on Apple App Store and has already released Privacy Labels for 9 Applications on App Store. Looking at those Apple Privacy Labels made me skip a beat.

Apple vs Google

Now when you compare the amount of information Google collects with its secure competitor “DuckDuckGo”, this information seems like the most unreasonable thing in the world:

Apple Privacy

Given above is all the Data that DuckDuckGo collects about your usage. Hence, now DuckDuckGo has started to take a Dig on Google Publicly which it did earlier too, but this time, it is fierce and is supported by data.

What’s the Root of the Problem?

The problem is the power that these Tech-Giants possess. These companies enjoy an unimaginable amount of authority and sooner or later, this authority is going to be abused. Companies like Google and Facebook have access to your real-time data.

Now food for thought, what happens when AI gets powerful? What do you think will happen when 5G rolls out successfully? What do you think will happen if we keep getting addicted to the so-called Smart-Tech without an ounce of increase in our sense of protection? We will be controlled by the people on top in the most inconceivable and bizarre ways possible. We already have given away all the information that it requires. (I hope you hear me shouting out of Concern while reading this)

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What do we Do?

STOP… Just STOP taking it so casually and buying every stupid tech they release to make your life “easy”. Think of implications. Think about the information you are going to give away because everything around you is tracking you and watching you in this digital world.

START… Start increasing your horizon of security. It is not just about BOLTED DOORS anymore. It is much worse. If you don’t realize it now like most other people, you are going to learn it soon the hard way. Now to begin with, here are a few steps that you can follow to get started. If you are already following these, KUDOS.

  1. Be Aware of What you Share: It is really important today to just be aware of everything you share about yourself on Internet and Social Media Platforms. Though it isn’t possible in this day and age to altogether give up on using Social Media, it is highly advisable to use it mindfully. Social media need not contain your whole life.
  2. Advanced Security: With the pace, we are loading our lives with smart devices, we should also equip ourselves with the equally advanced security infrastructure. Using Firewalls, Proxies, Antiviruses, Password Managers, and Data Encrypting should be a normal Also, don’t just straight away allow permissions to various software into your data if that doesn’t relate to the software. Make it normal to quit using the software if it seems to be intruding into your privacy.
  3. Start using a Securer Option: Because we are so hooked to these tech-giants they just keep snatching our private information from us in return for small automation, we just accept everything.

Start searching for more secure options like Signal instead of WhatsApp and DuckDuckGo in place of Google. They may seem a bit off but they can save you from a lot.

Note: We at Tweak Library don’t support any of the options mentioned above. They are just used as examples in the context.

  1. Use a VPN: Please Use a VPN. VPNs can protect your Identity and a lot of other information about you that you can’t even imagine. Equip all your smart devices with a solid VPN and you won’t regret the investment. Though I want to suggest a VPN, if you don’t like it, use some other VPN but I will say PLEASE use a VPN.

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There are a lot of VPN solutions available in the market. However, I suggest using NordVPN. NordVPN employs various security measures to safeguard your privacy online.



NordVPN can seriously improve your security and anonymity over the web. NordVPN is one of the leaders in the industry and highly trusted around the globe. Let’s look at some of the Advantages of using NordVPN:

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  • Because it is advisable to use VPN on all your devices, be it Mobile, PC, Tablet, Smart TV, Gaming Console, or anything else, it is important to have a VPN solution that is capable of working with the different devices. NordVPN supports all the different devices and platforms to provide all-around protection.
  • NordVPN can promote anonymity over the web. Your location and identity are easily available to be seen if you are not using a VPN or Proxy. NordVPN can hide your IP Address to hide your real identity over the web and keep you safe.
  • NordVPN can also encrypt all the data that you send over the web. NordVPN employs AES 256-Bit Encryption Standard which makes it undecryptable without the right key in even a million years.

With all these amazing features and more, NordVPN can help secure a lot of your information over the web. To know more about the software, click here.

So, this was all about the Apple Privacy Labels and the famous feuds – Apple vs Facebook and Apple vs Google. I hope you find the information helpful. Please share your views on this in the comment section below. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech-related content.

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