Best Ways You Can Sync Your iPhone Photos To Mac

Best Ways You Can Sync Your iPhone Photos To Mac

Why sync iPhone photos to Mac? Let’s say that over a period you’ve captured hundreds of photos, and now you are all set to edit those photos. One way is to transfer all those photos to Mac in one sitting, which would take a considerable amount of time. Another way is to sync all your iPhone photos to mac as soon as you capture them.

Sounds great, isn’t it? After all, you can save yourself from first transferring photos from iPhone to Mac and then sitting down and editing them.

How To Sync Photos From iPhone To Mac

Table Of Contents
 1. Sync iPhone Photos To Mac Using AirDrop

2. Sync iPhone Photos To Mac Using iCloud

3. Use Other Cloud Storage Mediums

4. Use Finder To Sync Photos

Method 1 – Sync iPhone Photos To Mac Using AirDrop

Sync iPhone Photos To Mac Using AirDrop


AirDrop is a great feature with the help of which you can share all kinds of files across Apple devices. These include documents, photos, audio files and various others. Here’s how you can sync Photos from iPhone to Mac using AirDrop –

1. Go to Finder

2. Click on Go and then on AirDrop. Also, switch your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on so that subsequently AirDrop can be switched on

3. Locate Allow me to be discovered by and then choose Everyone

4. Head to your iPhone and then to Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen

5. Tap on AirDrop and choose iPhone to be discovered by Contacts Only or Everyone

6. Open the Photos app on your iPhone

7. Choose all photos on your iPhone that you want to sync

8. Tap on Share and then tap on your Mac’s name

Method 2 – Sync iPhone Photos To Mac Using iCloud

Sync iPhone Photos To Mac Using iCloud

This method can further be segregated into two parts. In the first part, we will discuss how to enable iCloud photos on your iPhone and in the second part, we will discuss how you can enable iCloud photos on your Mac.

(i) Enable iCloud Photos on your iPhone

1. Open Settings

2. Scroll down till you find Photos. Tap on it

3. Toggle the iCloud Photos switch on. This will sync your image gallery to iCloud automatically

4. In case you don’t have enough storage, you will be prompted to upgrade the storage capacity

(ii) Enable iCloud Photo Library on your Mac

1. Launch Photos on Mac

2. Select Photos from the top of your screen using the menu bar and then select Preferences

3. Click on iCloud tab and then click on Continue

4. To enable iCloud Photos, click on the checkmark next to iCloud Photos

Your Photos will now sync automatically between iPhone and Mac. This means every time you will take a snap, it will also appear on Mac.

Method 3 – Use Other Cloud Storage Mediums

iCloud gives you 5 GB worth of free storage. If you have exhausted that limit you can look for alternative cloud storage mediums and then upload all your photos there. For instance, Google Photos could be a possible option. However come June 2021, Google Photos is putting an end to its unlimited cloud storage. Means everything you upload will count against your 15 GB.

Worry not, here are some of the alternatives for Google Photos that you can look for.

Method 4 – Use Finder To Sync Photos

An easy way to sync all your photos from iPhone to Mac is by using the Finder. It is important to note that if you are already using iCloud photos, you won’t be able to see Sync options as mentioned in the steps below when you click on the Photos option:

1. Connect iPhone to Mac using the USB cable or you can even connect Mac and iPhone over Wi-Fi

2. Click on the Finder

Use Finder To Sync Photos

3. Select your iPhone’s name on the sidebar of the Finder

Sync Photos

4. In the button bar click on Photos

5. Click on the Sync: All photos and albums or selected albums radio button

6. Once done, click on the Apply button

So this is how to sync photos from Mac to iPhone using several different methods. One or the other might come to your help.

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Wrapping Up

You needn’t manually transfer photos from iPhone to Mac every single time you want to perform some action such as editing. Instead, you can use one of the ways above and sync all your iPhone photos on your Mac. If the blog has been of help, do upvote the blog and share it with your friends. Also, let us know which method did you like the best and why. For any queries and suggestions, please leave a comment in the comment section below. We publish blogs on the technical world, go check out our feed for regular updates. Also follow us on social media – YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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