Secret Things Your Android Phone Can Do We Bet You Didn’t Know

Secret Things Your Android Phone Can Do We Bet You Didn’t Know

Your Android device is capable of doing things some of which you probably didn’t even know. And, though Android hasn’t kept it a secret, they probably are still to you. So, here we shall talk about all such secret things your Android phone can do.

Secret Things Of Android Phone:

1. Cast Android Screen To TV

Did you know that one of the Android tips and tricks you can perform is that you can mirror your Android smartphone’s screen on your television? This can be done via Chromecast. You can watch videos, run apps, play games and do a lot of other stuff. Here’s how you can set up a Chromecast using your Android phone.

2. Focus Mode

Focus Mode

This feature has quite recently been introduced in Android with Android 10. It is an extension of the Digital Wellbeing which is already present in some devices. What it does is that it helps you focus on apps that you really need and grays out all the applications that are not useful or you think are distracting. It even hides their notifications as well.

3. Adaptive Battery And Brightness

 Adaptive Battery And Brightness

Most of us who had been using Android 6 are well aware of the doze feature. But, with Android 9, things have become better and smarter. While doze put apps that were into use into deep sleep to preserve battery, with Adaptive brightness and battery, your device learns about apps which are not so frequently used. It then adjusts accordingly and reduces brightness and battery usage. To enable it, follow the path mentioned below –

To enable adaptive battery go to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery

To enable adaptive brightness pull down the quick settings panel and slide the Adaptive brightness slider to the right.

4. QR Codes & Wi-Fi

QR Codes & Wi-Fi

One of the Android 10 tips and tricks is that you can now create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network. You can even scan a QR code with the help of which you can join a Wi-Fi network from your Wi-Fi settings. To access this feature, head to Wi-Fi settings and then choose your home network. This will then be followed by the share button with a small QR code above it.

5. Switch On Vibrate Mode For Your Android Device Quickly

If you have an Android device that runs on Android pie here is something that you can do with your Android device. You can turn on vibration really quick. You can do this by using a key shortcut. All you have to do is hold down the volume up key and the power buttons. This will prompt the phone to go into the vibration only mode.

6. Text Selection Could Not Have Become Easier

This one’s for those who love copying and pasting text alot. One of the Android 9 tips and tricks is that when you long press on a text and then grab the handles, you will be able to see a little magnifier which will tell you exactly what you have selected.

7. Open Chrome Pages From Other Devices

One of the secret things your Android phone can do is that you can access all your chrome tabs from all the other devices as well. Log into Google Chrome using your Gmail ID and click on other devices present in the menu. Doing this you will be able to see all the opened Chrome tabs just by using your Android Smartphone.

That’s It Folks

Unlock your Android device’s potential by delving into some secret things your Android phone can do and is capable of doing. Of course there are several other things that you can do with your device but these are the ones that could come handy in your day to day functionality. Although, if you feel there is a functionality that you frequently use and that should have made an entry here, do let us know.

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