Android Smartphone – Bad Habits That You Need To Break

Android Smartphone – Bad Habits That You Need To Break

Your Android smartphone is an extended part of your daily life. You need to take care if your smartphone just like anything else. Despite being extremely careful, there are certain things that we still miss which affects our device.

Below are listed some points which if not done and taken care of will maximize your device’s performance and keep your data and security intact.

1. Forgetting To Update Android Device On Regular Intervals

update android device - android update

As and when you see an Android update popping on your Android smartphone, make sure you grab it!

This is the first and probably the most grave mistake that many users make. They don’t seek or keep a track of Android update! We know it can be a little hard to keep a tab on an upcoming Android update but patience is worth it. Every upgraded version comes with more features, better security and a lot of freshness. To update Android follow the path below –

Settings > Software update

Now depending on whether you have an Android update available, you can either download and install manually or install the Android update over Wi-Fi (which is recommended over installing an Android update over mobile data)

2. Installing Apps from Unknown Sources

A word of advice: never ever give app permissions to apps whose source you don’t know

Sometimes downloading apps from other app stores won’t cause you danger but if you are planning to do that frequently, you might be in for grave hazards. Apps from unwanted sources can easily steal your data or plant virus in your Android smartphone, if you give app permissions to them. So, make sure that you download apps from Google Play store or further, from trusted app stores only.

Worry Not If The Malware Has Crept Into Your Phone !

systweak anti malware - app permission

Even if a malware sneaks into your Android device, worry not! Systweak Anti-Malware – Free Mobile Phone Security will help you terminate it. It’s a robust malware removal and virus protection app that has an easy to use interface and let’s you get full protection with just a mere click. It has the fastest scanning engine that can put the culprit malware in front of you in seconds.

Download Systweak Anti- Malware

Other features include –

  • Keeps you protected while you are surfing on the web by stopping you from visiting malicious websites
  • It’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t demand much from your system’s resources
  • Has an updated database of all kinds of malware and viruses
  • It gives you complete details of all the applications that are trying to spy on your precious data

3. Fitting In Any And Every Usb Cable In Your Android Smartphone

We know your Android smartphone is running out of juice. We know how urgent it is for you to transfer all those documents and images in your computer. But, If you are planning to pop in any USB cable into your device, you need to stop right away! You need to know that not all USB cables and chargers fit all smartphones. It wouldn’t cost you a fortune to buy a dedicated USB that is meant exclusively for your Android smartphone.

4. Clearing Cache Memory

If you are regularly clearing up Android cache, you need to stop doing that and there is a reason behind it. It is okay to sometimes clear Android cache but doing so regularly may cause deletion of system cache which in return can cause more harm than profit.

5. Rooting – If You Don’t Know It, Don’t Do It

Sure if you know rooting and want to quench your “Why root Android” thirst, you are welcome to root your Android smartphone, but if you are not aware of how its done, better leave it. To give you a glimpse of what hazard you can cause to your Android smartphone, you may destroy your complete OS. Also, if not done properly, you might just open portals to malicious files and viruses. So, when thinking about why root Android smartphone, also do a very thorough research on how to root an Android smartphone.

6. Not Restarting Android Phone

restart android device - android smartphone

It is advisable to restart phone at least once a day and that’s because restarting the phone periodically helps prevent crashes, enhances battery life, helps in smooth functioning of the phone. It also closes those apps which might seem closed at the first instance, but in reality they are not. When rebooting the phone, you get a fresh and clean RAM to start with where all the apps including recent apps are cleaned.

7. Forgetting To Backup Android Data

God forbidden, your phone crashed! And all your important documents, images, music and video files and everything for that matter was gone. This is a nightmare that no user would want to face and the best foot forward is to frequently backup Android data. This would ensure that even if this nightmare surfaces, you will have all your data intact (or at least most of it).

You could either backup Android data by taking all your files on your PC via USB or use a dedicated app that would automatically backup your data from time to time.

For instance you could take help of apps like Right Backup Anywhere – Online Cloud Storage. The app delivers the following features:

Download Right Backup Here

right backup anywhere - backup android data

  • You can set up a time interval to backup Android data
  • Backup Android data with military grade SSL security. So even if they data is on the cloud, it will be stay encrypted
  • You will be able to restore data anywhere in three ways –
  • Smart restore:

Here you can backup  all Android data

  • Custom restore:

Choose which data to backup as per selection

  • Search file:

You can choose specific files and create a backup

How Do You Take Care Of Your Android Phone

We are sure you have tips and tricks up your sleeves using which keep your Android smartphone healthy. Care to share some with us? And, if these tips and tricks were helpful do share them with your friends, family and everyone you care for. For more such tech related content, keep reading Tweak Library.


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