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Seriously!! Can We Run Windows 10 on an iPhone X?
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Seriously!! Can We Run Windows 10 on an iPhone X?

Who’d ever thought this would be possible? We are surrounded by examples that make the impossible possible. However, of all the things that can happen, I couldn’t expect this ever. Apple & Microsoft are two of the biggest tech giants all over the world who are making things possible for us.

Run Windows 10 on an iPhone X
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Recently, I got to know about running Windows 10 on iPhone X and I was like, no way; this cannot happen. But apparently, with the help of a few loopholes & a hack, it was successful to run Windows 10 on iOS platform.

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Windows 10 Running on iPhone X

Running Windows 10 operating system on an iPhone X is quite commendable and that’s been possible with an app titled UTM. UTM lets virtual machines successfully run Windows on iOS devices, however, the user needs to show some patience. Since we know we are trying to accomplish something that’s not been designed this way so be ready to face teeny tiny issues but the outcome will be worth it.

Windows 10 Running

Claimed as the most advanced & secure operating system, iOS has always protected the users from being a victim of data breach. However, what happens if it isn’t the most secure mobile operating system as it claims. Imagine a situation where your iOS cell phone is as vulnerable as any other device that’s quite easy to access for a hacker.

Having multiple security layers can worry pros for a bit, but giving up isn’t an option for them. 

In the past also, many users (hackers/pros) have tried to run Microsoft Windows latest version on iOS platforms and it’s been successful. 

Check out the 13 minutes long video below that includes the whole process from booting to exploring the individual apps such as Paint & Word.

“Before starting the clip, let me alarm you a few things so that you don’t get distracted in between:

  • Your patience level & system speed plays a vital role here as speed wouldn’t be as you’d have thought. Imagine only the booting up Windows VM takes around 20 minutes.
  • Nothing about having Windows on an iOS platform is going to be quick.
  • The below given process can vary from different iOS versions, however, you will know how to play around through it.
  • Once you are through the process, you will be amazed to know the capability of how Apple devices function outside of their comfort zone.

Let’s get to know how the process takes place with the help of below video:

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How To Install UTM on iOS Device

In order to install UTM on your iOS device, first you need to AltStore on your device that will direct you to the next step.

  • Install AltStore
  • Add the source:
  • Download UTM from AltStore

Just download the UTM app on your iOS device & watch the impossible happening.

Different feature UTM App Offers

Since we know UTM is an app that helps you run other operating systems on your iPhone or iPad. The different features UTM offer include emulating any processor, running any operating system, high compatibility, easy to use, & FREE OF COST. An open source application, UTM functionalities are iOS 11+ supported and all free. 

In case you are interested in giving your iOS device a Windows touch, follow the installation instructions, sit back & enjoy the ride.

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Wrapping Up

UTM spp is a virtual machine for iOS devices that gives you Apple devices a Windows touch without jailbreaking.

An open source, fast, free, & easy to use platform is worth giving a try where you can use actual applications such as Word, Paint, & whatnot.

Go ahead & grab it without further delay as you will experience something new today.

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