How to Recover Deleted Windows 10 Sticky Notes Easily

How to Recover Deleted Windows 10 Sticky Notes Easily

Note taking is one of the most important things that one encounters untimely, looking for pen & paper to make notes. This can be a little bit distracting for people who are simultaneously working on the PC as well as writing physical notes. This is where your Windows 10 sticky notes come in handy that will help you keep a note of every teeny tiny detail that you may miss easily.

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This is one of those aspects where Windows 10 sticky notes can be extremely helpful & soon you become dependable on them. From your daily reminders to confidential notes, you start putting them on sticky notes. However, imagine a situation where by any chance, you have deleted sticky notes (intentionally/unintentionally). Yeah!! We all have been a victim of this situation where after accidental deletion, we try our best to get it back but, no luck.

Windows 10 Sticky Notes Deletion (Intentionally/Unintentionally)

There are many incidents where we might delete sticky notes without thinking twice such as while shutting down the system. Our normal reaction while shutting down the PC is to close out running apps & that’s when we suddenly close sticky notes as well (by mistake).

Other situations include times where we are done with the notes content and delete the same without the knowledge that it might be beneficial for the near future. So all these cases & situations lead us to the ultimate solution of how to recover deleted sticky notes on Windows PC and that’s what we would be talking about in the below section.

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How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes on Windows PC

Windows PC is full of helpful features one can get the benefit out of and one of those are the virtual sticky notes. These extremely helpful notes can be a center topic of a conversation when you remove them accidentally and look to restore deleted sticky notes. Now, since you have deleted some of those most important informative details, it’s essential to recover deleted sticky notes. So if things didn’t work out best for you and you accidentally deleted them, then here’s the way to easily recover deleted sticky notes:

Prerequisite: Please know that before going ahead with the process of retrieving deleted sticky notes, you need to login to your Microsoft account. Also, the limitations on keeping a track of your deleted sticky notes is 30 days (maximum) from Microsoft.

1. Navigate yourself to the Microsoft official website to login to the Microsoft account.

2. Once you have landed on the page, tap on the Sign In button (onto the right side of the screen).

how to restore deleted sticky notes

3. After tapping on the Sign in button, you will be directed to the Microsoft website to login to your account by putting in the login credentials.

recover deleted sticky notes

4. After successfully logging in to Microsoft account, you need to navigate your way to the Deleted Items section (left side of the screen).

Recover The Deleted Windows 10 Sticky Notes

5. Post successfully landing onto the Deleted Items page, you need to narrow down the research to the specific content you wish to recover. (In this scenario, that specific content would be to reach out to sticky notes you want to retrieve).

Windows 10 Sticky Notes

6. Scroll through the deleted items list, mark your deleted sticky notes (note, if singular), and tap on the Restore (If there are multiple deleted sticky notes that you wish to recover, mark all those in one go and tap on Restore).

Sticky Notes

7. Doing so will remove the particular content entry from the list & you will be surprised as to where it went (because you aren’t able to see the same on your system desktop as well).

8. The above situation will occur because of system limitations where the speed doesn’t match & it takes a bit of time where you yourself need to add those notes to the system desktop.

9. Launch the Notes app on your desktop, look for the burger menu on the Notes and select Notes List.

10. Here you can explore the whole Notes functionality & right-click on check the previously deleted note by tapping on Open note.

11. Doing so will retrieve deleted sticky notes, however, if the same doesn’t happen, you need to tap on the Settings icon (top of the screen).

12. Under Settings, look for the Sync Now option, click on the same, & go back to the notes list section.

13. Here you need to follow the same steps of right-click and look for previously deleted notes. Here select Open note & within seconds, you will have the deleted sticky notes appearing on your system desktop.

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Retrieve Deleted Sticky Notes on Windows PC

Sticky notes are a very important part of your day as it holds every teeny tint info that you might miss out while working the whole day. Now in cases where you might delete those sticky notes and wish to recover them as soon as possible, there is not a “Ctrl + Z” functionality to do the same. This is where you can use the above way to easily recover deleted sticky notes on Windows PC and get back on the routine.

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