MacKeeper Alternatives: Discovering the Best Mac Cleaner Software in 2024

MacKeeper Alternatives: Discovering the Best Mac Cleaner Software in 2024

Is your Mac running at a snail’s pace? Do you have numerous unwanted files and apps taking up space?

Is your Mac overheating, making loud fan noises, and running out of battery fast?

In the ever-evolving macOS landscape, relying solely on built-in tools like Optimized Storage or well-known Mac Cleaner Software such as MacKeeper might leave you frustrated. While these tools promise to free up space, they often lack the precision required for a thorough cleanup. Additionally, MacKeeper’s past controversies and questionable features have left users to search for more reliable alternatives.

Why Look Beyond MacKeeper?

MacKeeper once hailed as a Swiss army knife for Mac maintenance, has its share of downsides that make users search for its alternatives:

  • The software faced significant backlash as users raised concerns about its privacy practices, legitimacy, and features that seem more like clickbait than genuine utility.
  • MacKeeper heavily marketed its performance and security features. Yet, users reported mixed results. In reality, it rarely matches the hype.
  • When selecting the best Mac cleaner software, users want value for their money. However, some users found it expensive for the features it offered.

These are some of the reasons why users sought alternatives that delivered tangible results without fanfare. So, without further ado, let’s explore the list of Top alternatives for MacKeeper.

5 Best Mac Cleaner Software Like MacKeeper That You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2024

The following MacBook clean-up solutions go beyond the basics and take your digital spring cleaning to the next level. Try them on your macOS Sonoma and popular versions:

1. CleanMyMac | The Powerhouse Alternative


CleanMyMac is an indispensable cleaning tool that combines tons of optimization and speed-boosting capabilities to enhance your overall experience. It packs more than 30 tools to manage storage, and apps, and monitor the health of your device. Besides freeing up space, and managing external drives, it also prioritizes Mac’s safety. The best part is this MacKeeper alternative receives frequent updates that make it an evergreen Mac clean-up solution.


  • Find and delete gigabytes of space by clearing junk, broken data, and cache.
  • Detect and delete large and older files scattered all over your storage.
  • Capable of monitoring network speed and available memory.
  • Enables users to reset broken apps, and remove extensions & other redundant files.
  • Clear out browsing history and remove malware agents like adware, spyware,


2. CCleaner for Mac | The Classic Choice


CCleaner is a highly flexible Mac cleaner and optimization utility, worth considering in 2024. The app features a variety of modules to clean unwanted clutter such as app cache, log files, partial downloads, large files, trash items, and more. It even enables users to clean duplicate files, uninstall old/useless apps, clean browser data, and manage startup items to boost performance.


  • Find and delete exact & similar pictures, songs, videos, folders, and others.
  • Supports removing unused and large apps to reclaim valuable storage space.
  • Wipe out browser cookies, cache files, history, and autofill data that eat up space.
  • Remove unwanted startup items and login agents that slow down the performance.
  • Helps clear out development and external drive junk to free up Mac space.


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3. TuneupMyMac | Streamlined Optimization


Get ready to run your MacBook faster than ever before with this great MacKeeper alternative. TuneupMyMac comes packed with an advanced set of features to clean your Mac in a single click, speed up overall performance, and keep its security intact. It runs a thorough scan on your device to identify the system, user, sandbox cache, log items, unwanted residues from apps, and unneeded language files of localized apps to ensure complete cleanup. Besides this, it offers some notable functionalities, that are listed below:


  • Solid junk files and temp files cleaner.
  • Find and delete unwanted duplicate files to recover space.
  • Uninstall Mac applications that you no longer need or use.
  • Enable, disable, or add startup programs easily to improve overall boot time.
  • Internet Privacy cleans all stored information & shreds confidential files permanently.


4. Umate Mac Cleaner | Precision Cleaning

 Umate Mac Cleaner

Umate Mac Cleaner is an outstanding Mac cleaner and optimization software to take your device to its peak performance. Similar to TuneupMyMac, it features a set of powerful tools to clean up junk files, locate and delete large files, and remove duplicate data to reclaim wasted disk space in no time. It even provides practical modules to speed up overall performance and prevent privacy leaks by deleting personal data. In addition to these functionalities, you can find significant tools like below:


  • Quick & Deep Clean to automatically and thoroughly clean unwanted files.
  • Find and remove big-size files to get more room for storing valuable data.
  • Disable useless login items to increase your Mac’s running speed.
  • Delete apps that unnecessarily consume more resources.
  • Remove local copies and downloaded files of mail attachments from your Mac.
  • Clean online traces in a flash to wipe out digital footprints.


 5. OnyX | Simplify Mac Maintenance


OnyX is a must-have free MacKeeper alternative that has been a trusted companion since the days of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar. The application offers a robust set of tools packed in a minimalist interface, coupled with customization options, which sets it apart. It can execute tons of maintenance tasks to make your MacBook run more smoothly and efficiently. Besides this, it provides extensive command-line utilities and security features, useful for troubleshooting common Mac issues that may impact its performance and speed.


  • Capable of verifying the startup disk, and running other maintenance tasks.
  • Safely remove your files and folders from your storage, making them
  • Users can access hidden parts of the macOS with this alternative to MacKeeper.
  • It lets you fine-tune all the parts of your computer & even restore defaults if needed.
  • Remove certain problematic files, rebuild various databases and indexes, and more.


While MacKeeper had its moment, the aforementioned alternatives certainly offer more value and enhanced performance. While CleanMyMac X steals the show, we recommend our readers explore other options too. Remember, a tidy Mac is a happy Mac. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or recommendations, do share them with us in the comments section below!


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