10 Best Mac Disk Repair Software in 2023

10 Best Mac Disk Repair Software in 2023

Is your Mac significantly slow? Do you frequently suffer crashes that result in data loss? Has one of your storage devices suddenly stopped working? Problems like this indicate that the hard disk is malfunctioning.

Thankfully, with Mac disk repair software, you can fix these issues. After doing some research, we’ve shortlisted the top 10 macOS disk repair tool. Using them, you can get your Mac up and running like new.

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What Mac Disk Repair Software Do?

People use disk repair tools for different reasons. Some use it to repair damaged sectors and re-start corrupted drives. While others use it to increase speed, identify hardware problems, and extract data from another storage device.

Whatever your reasons are, our list covers Mac disk repair tools that will address all these and other issues.

Features we Considered While Picking Disk Repair Software for Mac

  • Compatible with Mac and the file system like H.F.S., F.A.T., NTFS, and EXT3.
  • Includes S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring
  • HDD Management to speed up Mac and clean up junk files
  • Remapping and repairing bad sectors
  • Fix corrupted drives
  • Data Recovery
  • Affordable

Top 10 Disk Repair Software For Mac

Software Strength Price
Disk Drill A complete and the best disk utility for Mac Pro version: $89 (+ $29 for lifetime updates)
OnyX Best free Mac disk repair software FREE
Driver Genius Best maintenance tool Starts at $79 annually (1 computer)
Data Rescue 6 Good recovery results
DiskWarrior 5 Powerful bad sector repair solution One-time purchase: $ 119.95
TechTool Pro 15 Best hardware monitor and prevention One-time purchase: $149,99
Carbon Copy Cloner 6 Best price $39.99
AppCleaner Best for removing files and apps leftover AppCleaner is free, with the option to donate
SoftTote Data Recovery Recovery tool to restore jpg, png, tiff, mp3, and B.M.P. files for free One-time purchase: $ 69.99
Memtest OS X Best Free Mac RAM optimizer FREE

1. Disk Drill

disk drill

Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS X 10.11.6+
File Recovery: Yes
Version: 4.6.380 (2 March 2022)

Disk Drill is widely regarded as one of the most effective data recovery programs available. It supports over 200 file types and is extremely user-friendly. The tool addresses hard disk issues & even allows performing recovery. The software also has hundreds of free functions such as HDD cleansing, data backup, disk monitoring, duplicate cleaner, etc.

Moreover, the Mac disk repair software works with internal and external storage devices and supports all main file systems (H.F.S. & HFS+, FAT/FAT32/exFAT, NTFS, EXT3/EXT4). It even includes a disk monitoring program that notifies you when your hard drive starts to fail.


  • Support all major file systems & storage devices.
  • Pause and Resume the data recovery process at any time.
  • Includes various Mac HDD repair tools.

Verdict: Disk Drill for Mac is the finest data recovery software. It includes various easy-to-use Mac HDD repair tools that can diagnose any hard disk problem.

Download Here

2. OnyX


Supports all major file systems: No
System Requirements: macOS X 10.2 +
File Recovery: No
Version: 4.1.6 (19 February 2022)

Apple’s primary objective is to make Mac computers as widely available as possible. To do this, Apple occasionally hides more complicated functions that would otherwise perplex less tech-savvy customers. Many of these hidden characteristics, on the other hand, are just what you need to identify and correct disk issues. OnyX is a powerful disk repair application that allows Mac users to access various hidden functions quickly.

OnyX focuses on system optimization, and its purpose is to make complex Mac functions like disk repair accessible to users. This macOS repair utility is free to use. However, before using the Mac drive repair, ensure you get the correct version for your Mac. As each major version of the operating system has its version of OnyX.


  • Free Mac disk repair software
  • Give quick and easy access to sophisticated Mac functions and applications.
  • Configures macOS’s hidden settings and parameters.

Verdict: If you consider yourself an expert Mac user, you should have OnyX installed. The Mac drive repair utility is an easy way to access hidden features of the Mac.

Download Here

3. Drive Genius

Drive Genius

Supports all major file systems: No
System Requirements: macOS 10.12+
File Recovery: No
Version: 6.2.2 (30 October 2021)

Mac machines must be maintained to avoid hard drive problems, and Drive Genius is the best disk repair software for the job. The best disk utility for Mac includes 18 disk repair tools organized into three categories: speed up, clean up, and protect. Moreover, the tool works on practically all macOS. Moreover, to make things easy, a sample version is available to make things easy to see if this hard drive repair utility works on your Mac. It even includes Instant DrivePulse, which scans your drives for hardware issues, such as a defective disk or a broken cable. Also, you can use Speed and Defragment to speed up a slow Mac.


  • Scans disks for hardware problems
  • Helps boost performance of targeted disk
  • Performs a malware scan

Verdict: With 18 valuable disk repair functions, Drive Genius is undoubtedly a must-have Mac drive repair utility.

Download Here

4. Data Rescue For Mac

Data Rescue 6

Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS 10.12+
File Recovery: Yes
Version: 6.0.6 (28 December 2021)

Data Rescue 6 for Mac features a primary user interface. The makers didn’t put much effort into making this hard disk recovery program appealing to Mac users. The good thing is that you won’t have to engage with Data Rescue 6 much because all you have to do to get started is click the Start Recovering Files button and choose a disk to scan. The data recovery method Quick Scan takes only a few minutes to complete, whereas Deep Scan might take many hours. Unfortunately, there is no way to halt the scan, so it’s best to start it before bed.

You can recover an infinite amount of files from up to five disks with a single Data Rescue 6 license. We recommend waiting a bit before purchasing Data Rescue 6 because it is frequently on sale.


  • Two different data recovery modes.
  • Supports all standard storage devices.
  • Allows recovering unlimited files from up to five disks.

Verdict: Data Rescue 6 for Mac is an appealing alternative to Disk Drill. However, it suffers from a few fundamental flaws that keep it from reaching the top of this list.

Download Here

5. DiskWarrior 5


Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS X 10.5.8+
File Recovery: Yes
Version: 5.2 (2021)

On Mac, DiskWarrior specializes in removing directory problems. Its unique disk repair method eliminates data loss by producing an error-free replica of the damaged data & comparing it to the original to ensure data integrity. This approach has earned DiskWarrior numerous awards over the years, & users who have used this Mac drive repair software to avoid a disastrous data loss swear by it.

Even if you don’t correct directory issues that caused crashes, power outages, and other unexpected disruptions, you should still use DiskWarrior since it can significantly enhance your system’s performance. How? By making the directory structure as efficient as possible.


  • Data loss is avoided because of its innovative method of disk repairs.
  • Most directory mistakes are effectively eliminated.
  • Mac computers’ performance is improved.
  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard & later are supported.

Verdict: DiskWarrior is not one of Mac’s numerous disk repair applications that offer grandiose claims, although they can’t perform much more than the Disk Utility software. This Mac disk repair program has created its technique for disk repair, assisting clients in resolving difficult directory difficulties without risking data loss.

Download Here

6. TechTool Protogo

TechTool Protogo

Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS 10.12+
File Recovery: Yes
Price: $129.99

TechTool Protogo, which is now part of the TechTool Pro product range, is still one of the best disk repair tools for Mac users. The tool can bypass the operating system and run straight from a bootable diagnostic device, an essential feature in a disk repair toolbox. The Volume Rebuild tool is another vital feature of TechTool Protogo. As its name implies, the Volume Rebuild tool can fix volumes that have been logically damaged (caused by non-mechanical issues). It also supports MS-DOS (FAT32) & ExFAT volumes and native Mac disk types.


  • Mac users can utilize a bootable device to run a standalone hard disk repair program.
  • Provides in-depth hardware diagnostics.
  • Repairs data that has been logically damaged.

Verdict: TechTool Protogo is the best disk repair software that dates back to the Macintosh era. Its most current edition can not be as well-known as previous ones, but its disk-repair skills remain amazing.

Download Here

7. Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner

Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS X 10.10+
File Recovery: Yes
Version: 6.1 (23 February 2022)
Price: $39.99

When all other disk repair software apps fail, Carbon Copy Cloner is the best Mac disk repair software to employ. The key feature is the capacity to produce bootable backups that can be stored anywhere and accessed in minutes. You can easily boot from a Carbon Copy Cloner backup & restore the failing disk later if calamity strikes.

Like Time Machine in macOS, Carbon Copy Cloner can back up your files regularly, allowing you to travel back in time and get an older version of any file saved on your Mac. Backups can be scheduled as often as you like, and Carbon Copy Cloner will keep you updated on their progress via the Notification Center or email.


  • Creating bootable backups is possible.
  • You can back up your files while working on your Mac.
  • Features for complex backup scheduling.

Verdict: Carbon Copy Cloner can be the most popular backup application for macOS after Apple’s Time Machine, and it’s simple to understand why. When all other hard disk repair software fails, its ability to restore from bootable backups can come in handy.

Download Here

8. AppCleaner


Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS
File Recovery: yes
Version: 3.6.4
Price:- Freeware

Leftover program files take up valuable disk space and might cause difficulties with later versions of the software developed. To keep your hard drive clean and organized, you should remove those apps with AppCleaner, one of the most useful free Mac utilities globally.

When you drag n drop an app into AppCleaner, the tool immediately detects and deletes any associated files. AppCleaner is compatible with all macOS versions from High Sierra to Catalina. However, it is not available in the App Store since its maker, FreeMacSoft sells it only through its website.


  • Uninstall unwanted applications completely.
  • It is freely accessible.
  • Free of charge

Verdict: Instead of allowing applications to leave behind data that eat up valuable storage space and causes difficulties with other apps, Apple should make AppCleaner the default removal option on macOS.

Download Here

9. SoftTote Data Recovery

SoftTote Data Recovery

Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS X 10.5.8+
File Recovery: Yes
Version: 4.2.0
Price: $59.99

SoftTote might be a good option if you’ve had a modest data loss and don’t want to spend money on pricey data recovery software. You may recover free jpg, png, tiff, mp3, and B.M.P. files. The software employs powerful search algorithms, resulting in a faster recovery rate.

While it’s easy to use and economical, SoftTote doesn’t support all major file systems. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend it for professional data recovery, though it will provide some benefits to casual users.


  • Restore Lost Partitions
  • R.A.W. Searching – Maximize the chance of image recovery
  • Free recovery of specific files

Download Here

10. Memtest OS X

Memtest OX X

Supports all major file systems: Yes
System Requirements: macOS X 10.10+
File Recovery: Yes
Version: 4.23
Price: Freeware

There’s a reason Memtest OX X is at the bottom of this list: it’s not a Mac HDD repair tool. Instead, it’s a memory testing software program that can boot from a USB flash drive and check your Mac’s RAM for errors.

Because many Mac problems that appear to be caused by a bad hard drive might also be caused by a faulty memory module, we decided to include it. You can use Memtest OS X to check or rule out your suspicions and avoid repairing a false positive.


  • RAM testing software that is industry standard.
  • The interface is graphical with mouse support.
  • There are thirteen different RAM testing algorithms.

Verdict: When it comes to RAM testing, Memtest OS X is the only option, and the free version is sufficient for proving that you’re dealing with a disk-related problem.

Download Here


We have disk used various free and paid  Mac Disk Repair Software in this blog. You can choose any tool that suits your needs. However, our recommendation is Disk Drill is one of the best disk utilities for Mac that you can choose to keep your Mac running smooth.

Let us know about your views in the comment section below.

F.A.Q.s: Mac Disk Repair Software 

F.A.Q. 1

How do you fix a corrupted disk on a Mac?

Various tools are available on the market to fix a corrupted disk. This blog has listed the top free and paid tools to help you.


F.A.Q. 2

What tool should you use in repairing storage devices on Mac?

There are various tools to improve storage devices. In the post above, we have explained both free and paid tools. You can choose any from the list above to repair the disk.


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