OnyX Mac Optimization & Maintenance Tool: Is It Worth It?

OnyX Mac Optimization & Maintenance Tool: Is It Worth It?

Optimizing your Mac regularly is one of the things that you could do to keep it running smooth and fast. However, doing it manually could be tedious and time-consuming. Furthermore, not all of us would want to perform all the steps manually. Hence, we are looking for an optimizer app for Mac. One such app available is OnyX, an optimization tool that does it all.

In this blog, we will talk about whether Onyx, a cleaner app for Mac, is useful or not!

List of Contents

  • Quick Summary of OnyX
  • Pros & Cons of OnyX
  • How To Setup OnyX?
  • Features of OnyX:-
  • Top 3 Alternative of OnyX
  • FAQs- OnyX for Mac

Quick Summary of OnyX

OnyX is a well-known software assisting Mac users since the release of Jaguar (OS 10.2 X). It’s a utility software that provides thorough Mac maintenance. This simple OS X maintenance and optimization program is excellent for optimizing your computer. OnyX OS X Cleaner is a versatile app that can check your Mac’s startup drive, perform various maintenance and cleaning chores, and modify settings in the Finder, Dock, Safari, & other apps. It erases caches, eliminates redundant and unnecessary files and directories, and rebuilds databases & indexes, thus making your system perform faster and regain disk space.

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Pros & Cons of OnyX


  • Includes all-purpose cleaning tools for clearing cache, securely wiping garbage, and controlling fonts.
  • Allows you to create automatic Mac maintenance, cleaning, and rebuilding programs.
  • Has several extra macOS programs such as Screen Sharing, Network diagnostics & utilities, Storage management, etc.


  • To use the app, you need a little tech expertise
  • The interface requires improvement.
  • The software includes a collection of scripts and tasks required in previous Mac versions. Many of them were rendered obsolete in later macOS versions.

How To Setup OnyX?

Onyx’s developer urges users to download software versions for specific OS versions from its web page.

Every time Apple publishes a new version of macOS (formerly OS/X), the developer releases Onyx’s version accordingly.

To install the software, you need to know the macOS version you are running. To check the macOS version you are using, follow the steps:

  • In the menu bar, select the Apple symbol (top left corner of the screen)

  • In the drop-down box, select the About This Mac option.

  • The name of the current operating system appears on the first line of the pop-up screen.

  • Now that you know which operating system is installed on the Mac go to the official website. Find the app’s version for your Mac & download it.
  • Please navigate to the Downloads folder using the Finder and double-click the OnyX .dmg file to install it on your Mac.

What Distinguishes OnyX?

OnyX differs from every other disk manager I’ve used. It does not meet the user halfway; instead, it requires a high degree of input and skill. Here are what I discovered:

  • No frills: OnyX isn’t bothered about appearances. Its user interface consists of a succession of tabs and checklists with little hierarchical organization. This appearance can necessitate some knowledge on the side of the user.

  • Power: OnyX offers substantial modifications, allowing you to modify how your Mac functions radically. It will enable you an extraordinarily high degree of control by addressing the settings and rules behind the core building elements of your disk, providing you know what to do with it.

The app falls short in automatic functions. To automate some essential activities, calibration is required. If you don’t have time to figure out all options, you can attempt more user-friendly alternatives like CleanupMySystem  The tool offers automatic cleanup tools and a fantastic interface. Check out the review for this amazing cleaning and maintenance tool for Mac.

Features of OnyX:-


This section includes a checklist of maintenance chores that Onyx can do in a single click on your Mac. The checklist is divided into rebuilding, cleaning, and others. Each activity is intended to leave you with a Mac that works more smoothly and effectively.


These are the application’s most technical operations. I’ll admit that I’m not sure what many of the tabs in this part are for, but the Applications tool came in handy. This feature groups various valuable but sometimes hidden capabilities on your Mac, including Storage Management, Network Utility, & Wireless Diagnostics tools. Although they are typically buried deep under System Preferences, having them on hand is convenient.


This capability provides extensive management over particular drives and files. You can adjust the visibility of a disk in Finder, assign it a unique Checksum label, and erase any exact copies or AppleDoubles. This function also allows you to permanently delete files (don’t worry, it includes a triple-pass Secure Delete option to avoid errors).


This section has many possibilities for customizing the way your Mac functions. From basic display speed and graphic effect options to Finder and Dock customization options, it allows you to fine-tune all the components of your macOS that you thought were permanently fixed.

Pricing – Free

The Titanium Software offers a free download of the OnyX maintenance & optimization app. It is available for all versions of macOS. There is a contribution option, but it is optional.

Download OnyX For Mac

Top 3 Alternative of OnyX


Description Price

Download Link

Cleanup My System ● Restore system speed, improve productivity, free up storage space & get the best performance from your Mac.

● Clear cookies, browsing history, download history, and other data stored on the browser,

●  Maintains your online privacy & protects yourself from being a victim of cyber-attacks, data breaches, etc.

$34.99 Download Link
Cleanup My Mac ● Delete tracking cookies so advertisers cannot follow you across the web.

● Erase sensitive details like messenger chats and browser history.

● Update all your apps in one sweep. Everything is refreshed, and you can see what’s been added in each update.

           $34.95 Download Link


● Works best to optimize and clean your Mac

● Deletes unneeded files from the computer, making your Macfunction quicker and freeing up critical hard drive space.

●  Deletes your internet history & functions as a full-fledged registry cleaning.


Click to download


Onyx Mac Cleaner offers several sections inside its software that allow you to customize how your Mac boots up, how apps run, and how screenshots are recorded. Tech-savvy, experienced Mac users will disk over several options for removing dialogue windows and button pushes and customizing the software. OnyX is basic yet powerful maintenance & optimization tool for less experienced users. It’s free and aids in keeping your Mac clean and working correctly. Each action is thoroughly described, and the Help Guide provides any further assistance you can require. Onyx Mac Cleaner allows you to customize checkpoints and settings such as Dock, iTunes, & Spotlight.

FAQs- OnyX for Mac


Does OnyX Make Mac Faster?

It can clear caches, delete troublesome directories and files, and rebuild databases and indexes, among other things. It assists in keeping your Mac healthy and enhancing its overall performance.



How often should I run Disk Utility on my Mac?

To maintain your Mac storage healthy and fully working, use the Disk Utility program to fix disk permissions every 2-3 months.


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