iPhone 12 Mass Production Delayed Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

iPhone 12 Mass Production Delayed Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

From things as small as buying groceries to delaying the launch of highly awaited tech, COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything all around the world. Novel Coronavirus has made people either stay home or work remotely so that the economy can keep running. Recently, one of the most successful tech giants, Apple, has delayed the production of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Mass Production
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Delaying the mass production of Apple devices is going to affect the giant to a level, however, it’s quite necessary to take an action like this due to COVID-19. Delaying the production 1 month ahead is a discussed & thoughtful decision from Apple Inc.

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iPhone 12 Production Delaying Due to Novel Coronavirus

iPhone 12 Mass Production from Apple has been delayed by 1 month that eventually will delay the roll out timings for the public as well. If you were ready to see iPhone 12 in September 2020, hold on to your horses until further notice because it is going to get delayed. 

Previously, the company had claimed that the device production won’t get affected & will be up & running as usual. However, the continuous contradictory reports are confusing the users around the world.

Ming-Chi Kuo says that most of the upcoming devices from Apple are facing delay due to unknown reasons mostly. Despite Foxconn claiming to make up the lost time period, it’s highly unlikely that the company will be releasing the temp-titled iPhone 12 in September 2020. (An analyst who is expert at gathering useful info from his known associates in Apple’s Asian supply chain. He translates whatever information he gathers into proper research notes for his clients.)

“Apple would ship 200 million “iPhone 12” units based on the power of the 5G model. While short of the heyday of iPhone sales in 2015, where 231.2 million units shipped in the year, Kuo projected Apple would shift between 70 million and 75 million units after the release of the 2020 model.” – April Prediction by Kuo

Please know that all the four anticipated models (iPhone 12) are expected to release in 2020 only but the supply constraint factor will be there for sure. The delay eventually will affect the number of mobile devices Apple was about to launch in the year of 2020. The reduction in the number of about-to-be-launched Apple devices will be delayed eventually for the public.

“Although factories have begun to reopen in China, Apple’s biggest concern now is consumer demand as the economy in every corner of the world continues to suffer due to the pandemic. Around two-thirds of iPhone sales occur in the United States and Europe, which is where the virus has hit hardest. Even if the US and the UK reopened in some capacity before the fall, there’s no telling if there will be a second wave to account for.”Wall Street Journal

A few days ago, the Tech Analyst (Jon Prosser) tweeted about finalizing the iPhone 12 prototype:

Apart from being affected by COVID-19 pandemic, another reason for the delay can be the travel restrictions. The travel bans or boundations (exists due to COVID-19 pandemic) have also made Apple bring necessary changes in the way it traditionally launches the products. 

The Apple US engineering team is making continuous video calls with the China engineering team to help or guide them for sift flow of the process. The team is also making sure to guide the offshore team to help with iPhone prototype assembling.

All the 4 models from iPhone 12 (5.4”, 6.1”, 6.1”, & 6.7”) are coming with A14-series chips & 5G support & smaller notches. With a rear-facing camera & bigger screens than ever before, Apple iPhone 12 will probably release all four models before the end of the year 2020.

Wrapping Up

iPhone 12 (the biggest display screen Apple has released) was about to be released for public in the month of September 2020 however the production has been delayed. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has delayed the production that eventually will delay the release to October 2020.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to know more about the iPhone 12 device launch & other updates.

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