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Complete Unbiased IObit Driver Booster Review
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Complete Unbiased IObit Driver Booster Review

Drivers on our computer are an essential part of the PC’s ecosystem. Drivers help devices communicate with the operating system of the PC. All the devices connected to your PC require a matching driver to function.

An outdated driver can definitely affect the system performance negatively. Keeping your PC drivers updated can help improve compatibility and boost system performance. However, it is a pretty daunting task to keep track of all the driver updates manually because of the sheer number of them.

That’s why our PCs need a Driver Updater tool. There are many Driver Updater tools available in the market. One of the few most popular options is IObit Driver Booster. Hence, I am writing this Unbiased IObit Driver Booster Review to provide you with detailed information on the Software performance and effectiveness.

IObit Driver Booster Review

IObit Driver Booster Review – Overview

It (IObit) is a well-known software manufacturer and has a lot of utility software for different Operating Systems. IObit Driver Booster is a famous one and it is the 8th edition of software in service right now. In this Complete Unbiased IObit Driver Booster Review, we will be measuring and evaluating various aspects of the software. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get straight into it.

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  • Pricing Plans – Iobit Driver Booster Review
  • Features – Iobit Driver Booster Review
  • User-Interface

Pricing Plans – Iobit Driver Booster Review

You can download the Trial version of the Driver Booster from the IObit site which stays valid for 14 days. Also, the Trial-Version can’t update drivers automatically. You are additionally restricted to refreshing two drivers each day, a huge restriction when it comes to updating drivers. If you choose to upgrade to Pro Version, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Click Here to Download Iobit Driver Booster

Driver Booster 8 PRO is available for $22.95/year ($1.81/month) for three PCs. Also, you can purchase it as a part of a suite that incorporates IObit Uninstaller Pro, Smart Defrag Pro, and Protected Folder in addition to Driver Booster for $24.95/year ($2.90/month). The difference is just a mere $2/year extra in return of some amazing utility tools. Hence, I highly recommend going with the suite.

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Features – Iobit Driver Booster Review

List Of Features
Automatic Driver Update
Allows Offline Driver Updation
Supports over 4.5 Million Drivers
Automatically backup all drivers for safe restore (Pro Version)
Free 24/7 technical support on demand (Pro Version)
Boost game performance by putting background process to halt

If you want a complete list of all the small and big features of IObit Driver Booster.

IObit Driver Booster contains a lot of different useful features that you would like to see on a Driver Updater tool. Though nearly all the Driver Updaters offer automatic driver updation, very few of them support a big library of 4.5 million Drivers.

Also, you must have come across a scenario when you lost your Internet connection due to some outdated Wi-Fi Driver or something similar. You then wanted to try and update your Driver but you didn’t have Internet Connection for that. To deal with such scenarios, IObit has included a clever feature of Offline Driver Updation where it keeps a copy of the newest driver and saves it. So, when you need the updated version, you can do so without the Internet connection.

In addition to these, the software also backs up all the drivers before updation in case the new update messes things up. Also, IObit Driver Booster can also work as a game booster and provide a performance boost by putting unnecessary background processes to halt.

Looking at all these features, I like to believe that IObit Driver Booster has more than we asked for from a Driver Updater.

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IObit Driver Booster features an easy-to-use and modern interface. However, if you aren’t planning to purchase other utilities from IObit, you will have to deal with annoying constant efforts from the company to sell other software too.

Apart from this, you can easily access all the important settings from the Menu. You get the option to either scan for Game Components to make it run smoothly or search for all the outdated drivers on your device. You can also turn Automatic Driver Updates On and Off from the menu.

Considering all of this information, IObit Driver Booster is one of the most well-designed driver updaters for Windows.

Final Verdict:

IObit Driver Booster 8 is an effective Driver Updater Solution. In our testing, it found more outdated drivers than some of its competitors. Also, the feature to backup the drivers before updating can come in handy. Though the Trial Version is extra-ordinarily restricted, it gives a fair idea of how the software works.

Hence, we can conclude IObit Driver Booster to be one of the most efficient and effective Driver Updater solutions in the market.

Here we conclude this IObit Driver Booster Review. We hope we were able to provide you the information you were looking for. If you have any query, do let us know in the comment section below. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech-related content.

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