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How to Use the iPhone’s Hidden Rear Button
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How to Use the iPhone’s Hidden Rear Button

Does iPhone has a rear button, or is it just a rumor that people are spreading about the smartphone? To know the truth, read the blog till the end.

I know by now your curiosity has peaked, so without wasting any time, let me tell you, there are no buttons on the rear side of the iPhone. However, there are inbuilt sensors that work as a back button.

Here are the steps to enable the sensors and use a camera, flashlight, and other features with just tapping

Note: Double tapping and triple tapping on the rear side of the iPhone will enable different features. We will explain all about it, read on!

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Prerequisite To Enable Rear Button On iPhone-

With the correct hardware and the software, enabling the sensor on the back(the so-called rear button) on the iPhone is very easy. A user running iOS 14, or later and using iPhone 8 or later can enable the rear button on the iPhone.

Tip:- To enjoy using the latest features added to the iPhone, keeping the iOS up to date.

Why Enable A Hidden Rear Button on iPhone?

Unlocking the phone every time you want to use a feature is kind of a hassle, isn’t it?. If you too don’t like unlocking the device now and then using Face ID, password, here is a trick for you. You can complete your task just by double-tapping or triple tapping the back of the iPhone. Here’s how to enable to feature.

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How to enable the rear hidden button of the iPhone?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to enable the rear button on the iPhone.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > TouchSettings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and tab on the back tab.
  3. You will now get two options. One will be double tap and the second will be triple tap.
    Back tap
  4. Select the feature you want to enable using double tap. Similarly, do the same for triple tap.
  5. When you select double tap, you will get a bunch of options that you can enable.
    Double tap
  6. Likewise, when you select the triple tab, you will get many options out of which you can choose.
    Triple tap
  7. You can enable both the taps to enable different functions.

Once enabled without unlocking the phone, you can access the chosen functions.

This is very useful in saving your time and energy and will allow you to operate important functions without unlocking your phone.


This is it, using the above steps, you can enable either the double or triple tap on your iPhone. Apple added this secret feature, to give iPhone users more options for interacting with their devices. If you think Apple is not the only one that came up with this feature, , then let me tell you, Google also experimented with a similar feature for Android 11. However, it didn’t end up making the final cut.

Once the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone turns into a secret button, you can take a screenshot, enable Siri and do a lot more via tapping.



Does back tap waste battery?

Yes, it does. When you set up a double-tap to sleep not much battery is consumed. However, when it is used to wake the device, it does consume battery. This is because the phone is not in deep sleep mode. It is actively listening to user actions and as soon as you double-tap, it acts.


Does the iPhone back tap work with a case?

Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on the case you are using. If you want the back tap to work without any problem use it without your mobile case.

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