Best New iOS 14 Features : You Need to Know

Best New iOS 14 Features : You Need to Know

We all have to admit that though iPhones are really secure and all, they really lack the customizability of Android devices. However, things have changed a bit with the release of iOS 14. With iOS 14, Apple has released some really crazy features that users have been asking for.  So, without wasting anymore time let’s get into the coolest and the best iOS 14 Features that make it better than its predecessors.

iOS 14 New Features:

iOS 14
Source: 9to5Mac

1. Customizable Widgets:

Customizable Widgets
Source: MacDailyNews

Apple, for the first time, has offered the customizable Home Screen Widgets with the long list of new iOS 14 features. Users can now add first-party (Apple Made) widgets to their home screen and customize them in addition to having them in Today View.  

Though the customizability is limited, again, Apple has at least made a good start. The only thing I wish for third-party widgets, which would have made it a real charm. That being said, Customizable Widgets are being loved worldwide and are one of the best iOS 14 feature additions.

Also, how can we forget Smart Stack? Smart Stack allows you to organize different widgets on top of each other to really create a really cool and vibrant home screen which I believe to be a great new iOS 14 feature.

2. Back Tap:

Another great new iOS 14 feature addition is custom tapping gestures for iPhone. Can you imagine Apple allowing you to do this? I couldn’t either, but here it is. Visit Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Back Tap and you can customize gesture controls when you double tap or triple tap the back of your iPhone. Back Tap is a great addition and can be used for whole lot of things either to activate Siri, Open Camera, or any other application, etc. Back Tap is one of the most interesting of the new iOS 14 features.

3. Battery:

The long list of new iOS features also includes additional features for Battery too. You can now create Siri shortcuts to automatically apply certain battery modes for different times. For example, you can set a Siri shortcut to automatically put your phone in low power mode when charging. Now these additions truly make your smartphone smart. I found it a great new iOS 14 Feature update.

4. Camera:

Apple has also made a couple of noteworthy additions in camera features in iOS 14. Users can now turn on Selfie Mirroring ‘ON’ to get the same image orientation as you may find on ViewFinder. However, you will turn this feature ON the first time you use iOS 14, because this feature is turned Off by default.

Also, Apple has made a video camera addition too in the list of best iOS 14 features. Now you can change the video resolution through the camera app itself, a feature which was limited to iPhone 11 in iOS 13.

Source: APPLE

5. Privacy Features:

Apple has always talked about privacy and security and has undoubtedly made some worthy additions to its security features. The first one being Camera and Mic Warnings. The iPhone now displays a warning in case some app uses either you microphone or camera. The warning is displayed as 2 colored dots beside the Wi-Fi icon with green dot being camera and orange being mic. These are some great privacy additions in the light of rising concern about how your device is being used by different apps. 

Another feature being the location access. Any app that you believe requires location access but doesn’t need to know precisely, you can restrict the precise location access and direct it to use an approximate location. This gives you a level of security on how exposed you are online. These features, in my POV, are a great addition in the list of best iOS 14 features.

6. Photos Captions:

Now you can add captions to different images in the gallery. You may think, how would it help you in your daily routine? Well the caption text is searchable. So, if you give the caption FOOD to 30 images, you can search all those 30 images by searching for ‘FOOD’. That’s a great way to find things and even eliminate the need to organize things in different folders. 

7. Translate:

Photos Captions
Source: Techcrunch

Google Translate has a serious lag that you have to choose the language that you are speaking and choose another one which you want to convert it to. And you have to reverse the settings every time the person starts speaking in order for google to understand. However, in Apple Translate, you can simply choose two different languages and start talking. Apple Translate will automatically identify the language the person is speaking and will convert it into another language. That is a great tweak and deserves a mention in the best iOS 14 features.

So, these are all the great new iOS 14 features. Though there are more, these are the best iOS 14 features that I could find and made a difference in a user’s daily life. Do let us know how you liked the information; we love hearing from you. 

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