Best New Camera App Features for iPhone in iOS 15

Best New Camera App Features for iPhone in iOS 15

Sometimes the best things are hidden, and it is true for Apple. Many times it has been found that the hidden features offered by Apple are the best. Let us look at the iOS 15 hidden camera app features.

In June 2021, Apple at WWDC announced the iOS 15 and then released it for iPhone users on 20th September 2021. Since then, various updates for iOS 15 have been released. The latest is 15.2.1, which comes one month after iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 with some improvements.

This new update fixes the issue reported in the Message sent through an iCloud Link, the Car Play app not responding to inputs, and other minor bugs.

So, this was the latest news about iOS 15; now, let us come to the point and learn about the best camera app features. Probably by now, you must have updated to iOS 15 and must be enjoying features like SharePlay – which allows watching movies, listening to music, and browsing the web with friends over FaceTime. Focus mode that helps silence notifications and dodging distractions.

Sadly, not all iOS features are apparent; many are hidden. This post will walk you through the lesser-known camera app features and others you can enjoy using while running iOS 15.

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Lesser Know Camera App and Other Features Offered by iOS 15

  • Enhanced Panoramas

iOS 15 reduces the amount of geometric distortion in wide panorama shots. The new update will not experience deeper bends, curves, and elongations. To enjoy this feature, you need iPhone 12 Pro or a higher model running iOS 15. The best thing about these improved panoramas is that you don’t have to worry about moving objects when clicking panorama. No longer will they ruin the shot.
Enhanced Panoramas

  • ProRes Video Recording

Another feature that users with iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max model can enjoy is ProRes Video Recording. This feature allows users to capture pics like a professional photographer. With ProRes features, you get less compression and more details while recording a video. Such videos are used post-processing and editing to make professional reels and shots.

To shoot ProRes video head to phone Settings > Camera > Formats > switch to Apple ProRes. You will now use the ProRes control while using the Camera App in Video mode.

phone Settings

Note – A one-minute of 10-bit HDR ProRes is approximately 1.7 GB for HD resolution and roughly 6 GB for 4K.

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  • Record video when still in a Photo

When you are still in photo mode and want to record a video, use QuickTake, another great feature offered by iOS 15. Almost everyone can use the feature; all can use it from iPhone Xs to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Record video

To use the feature tap and hold the shutter button in Photo mode > to zoom, slide finger to the left. For zoom out, do the reverse action. To look QuickTake, swipe the shutter up or to the left.

  • Scan Text and QR code using the Camera app

The camera app in iOS 15 is improved a lot. Unlike the old iOS 11, the new interface comes with an updated UI and allows scanning QR Codes to scan QR codes via camera.

Scan Text

Also, you can scan the live text, which means instead of typing, you just need to point the camera app at the document or signboard or book with words and numbers and then tap on the live text to extract it.

  • Cinematic Mode

The Cinematic mode is a new shooting option available in all iPhone 13 models. With the help of this new mode, iPhone 13 users can add incredible depth-of-field effects to the footage without making the object blurry. Users can record in 1080p at 30 fps with iPhone 13 model but can edit the footage in any older iPhone.

Cinematic Mode

  • NightMode

Since iPhone 11, Night mode has never been available on all cameras. However, the iPhone 13 and Pro Max Night mode launch can now be used in all iPhone 13 models. The mode support a telephoto lens which helps reduce noise as it takes advantage of the image sensor and 3x zooms.


All these features introduced in the latest update have improved the camera of the iPhone and made it work like a professional camera. Users now are using smartphones everywhere to click pictures and shoot videos. The enhanced features in the update have provided professional quality features in your hand if you are an iPhone user.

Please use all these features and let us know about your experience of putting these effects into real-world images and videos.

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