iOS 16: How To Use Live Text in Video On iPhone

iOS 16: How To Use Live Text in Video On iPhone

The final launch of Apple’s iOS 16 this autumn is still a few weeks away. However, the iOS 16 public beta is available for download right now. You can start using the latest features in Apple’s upgraded iPhone software if you’re prepared to take a risk on iOS 16 beta software.

The iPhone 8 and later are compatible with iOS 16, although some functions have more demanding hardware specifications. For example, the Live Text in a video on iOS 16 requires at least iPhone XR/XS.

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How To Use Live Text On a Video on iPhone

Live Text is a  fantastic iOS feature that allows you to copy text from pictures into other documents. In iOS 16, Live Text can extract text from videos, expanding its scope of abilities.

This functionality allows users to copy and paste words that a camera recognizes in videos. It is exclusive to Apple and previously only supported screenshots, photos, camera capture, and other media types.

Note- Only iPhones running the A12 chipset or above will be able to use this function.

Here’s How to Use live text in video on iPhone

Use live text in video on iPhone
Image Credit: Apple
  • Go to your “Photos” app and open the desired video.
  • Find the text you wish to extract by scrolling the video to that location.
  • Tap the video’s text and hold it while pausing the video.
live text in video
Image Credit: TomsGuide
  • Live Text will immediately identify text and display the following choices: Copy, choose anything, check it up, translate it, share, search the web, and more.
copy video
Image : TomsGuide
  • To utilize the text as needed, tap on the selected choice.

Final Words on How to Use Live Text in Video on iPhone

Based on the text you have chosen, the place you are in, and the mood, Live Text delivers a tonne of sophisticated capabilities.

Additionally, iOS 16 enhances spoken dictation so that your iPhone can better understand what you’re saying and properly translate it to paper. Apple also made Live Text a better function. It can comprehend the text shown in a movie to simplify copying and pasting. The translation app’s camera feature operates similarly.

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