How To Repost A Story on Instagram

How To Repost A Story on Instagram

Instagram as we all know is the most used Social Media platform used and one of the most used features used is Instagram Stories. Other features that are loved are Instagram Music and Instagram Live Stream are a few.

A new way to attract and engage more followers and users nowadays is to repost Instagram Stories. This not only adds a volume to your content also is beneficial for brands to promote their business as they easily repost Instagram Stories directly to their individual account as Instagram feeds.

To our surprise , Instagram has officially offered some means using which you can easily learn how to repost someone’s story on Instagram stories. So without further delay let’s see how to repost an Instagram story.

How to Repost an Instagram Story

At first it seems surprising to know that you can share a story on Instagram that was created by some other account. While this is the only official way of sharing Instagram stories, it is the simplest too.

Let’s see how to share someone’s story on Instagram:

  • On your smartphone, launch the Instagram app.
  • Look for the story you wish to share.
  • Once on the story, click on the icon shaped like a Airplane on the story.

Click on the icon shaped like airplane

  • Post this, tap on the option that says Add post to your story.

Add Post to your story

  • As soon as you tap on it, the post is added to your Instagram from where you can edit it and add text, music etc.
  • Finally click on Your Stories to repost a story on Instagram.

Click on Your Stories to Repost a story on Instagram

The above-mentioned steps can easily let you repost Instagram stories of others, however, it shall follow some prerequisites.

  • The Instagram account should be public.
  • Story Sharing on the Instagram account must be enabled and
  • You should be tagged in the Instagram Story.

Instagram sends you a direct message whenever you are tagged in an Instagram story. You will be able to see a link whenever the others person account is public and allows sharing of content they post. This can easily let you repost a story on Instagram by clicking on Add This to Your Story option as described above.

Learn To Repost an Instagram Story If You’re Not Tagged

There are ample apps available in the market using which you can repost Instagram posts of others. There is no app that lets you repost Instagram stories.

In such cases you can take advantage of the the inbuilt features that let you record screen or make use of third party apps that record screens or even you can take a screenshot of the Instagram post.

How to Repost a Video or Photo Post on Instagram

While Instagram allows you to repost some posts, there is no official way to repost pictures and videos directly on Instagram. Thankfully, there are a handful apps that can do the work for you.

For Android, Repost for Instagram is a well-known app when it comes to knowing how to repost someone else’s story on Instagram. iOS has Regramer app to fulfil the same purpose of sharing Instagram stories.

These are free of cost third-party apps, and you do not need to use your Instagram login details to login to these apps. The following steps are for iOS platform, However, the steps for Android are more or less similar.

Let’s follow the steps to know how to share someone else’s Instagram story.

1. Launch Regarmmer application on your iOS device.

2. You will be asked to grant permission so that the app can access photos on your iOS, click OK to do so.

3. Similarly, you will be asked to grant permission to access notification, this is optional, and you can click on Allow or Don’t Allow as per ease.

4. Skip the Welcome screen.

Launch Regrammer application

5. Now open Instagram on your iOS device and then look for a post that you wish to repost.

6. Click on the three-dot icon on the extreme right side of the post and then click on the Copy Link option from the popup menu.

7. Once you have copied the link to the clipboard, launch the Regrammer app. By now the link must have automatically been present in the search field of the Regrammer app.

8. Post this tap on Preview.

9. Ignore the add that shows and click on the blue colored Share icon.

10. Now click on Repost on Instagram. Following this Regrammer app will ask you to switch to the Instagram app. Click on Open to do so.

Regrammer App will Ask You to Switch Instagram App

11. Now click on Feed followed by tapping on Next.

12. Post this you can edit the photos as you would normally do while posting and feed.

13. Finally click on Next.

14. You can now add the descriptions, tag people, add location etc.

15. Lastly click on Share

You never know whose story or post you would like and wish to repost it on Instagram. Since, Instagram not only helps you connect to people it also is an amazing platform to promote your business. In such cases, you might often want to repost an Instagram story of a famous personality or a person you follow. Read the complete article to know how to repost someone else’s Instagram story.

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