How To Convert PDF to Word for Android

A list of apps that include free PDF converters in Android.

How To Convert PDF to Word for Android

One of the most popular formats for document files is PDF which can be used to submit reports, create resume and portfolios, and deliver projects. It is most commonly used by students and business professionals across the globe. The only limitation of a PDF document is the fact that these documents are not editable. Although PDF editors do exist, they are rather overpriced. The best solution is to convert a PDF file to a word document and make changes and reconvert it back to PDF format. Thankfully, this no so easy task has not become easier with certain apps that can assist you to convert PDF to Word online File on your Android device.

Best PDF to Word Converter Apps for Android in 2023

Fast PDF to Word Convert

Fast PDF to Word

Fast PDF to Word converter is one of the best PDF to Word converter app which does the required task within a matter of minutes. Conversion of a PDF file does take time and resources and for this very reason, the app converts your files by first uploading it to their cloud server and then downloading the converted file. This saves the battery resources of the device and the conversion takes place at incredible speeds on the server.

It supports converting PDF files into different formats such as OneNote, Samsung Notes and others like text and image files. It also supports export PDF files to Word, Excel and even ePUB formats. It can also carry out the reverse process i.e. convert other file extensions to PDF including multiple images. Apart from its primary task of converting PDF to Word it also lets the user compress and edit the PDF files and by far is one of the best free PDF converters for Android.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.

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PDF Converter

PDF Converter

Another one on the list of best apps for PDF to doc converters is PDF Converter by Cometdocs which can convert a PDF file into multiple formats and vice versa on your Android mobile. This PDF2Word app helps the users to make professional documents like cover letters, portfolios, manage reports and invoices and is beneficial for students to complete their projects and notes.

PDF Converter possesses other special features other than changing PDF to Word like a powerful PDF scanner, convert Scanned documents into various formats, support Cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Even supports conversion to AutoCAD files which is a rarity in these types of convert PDF to Docx apps. The user can opt for PDF output quality options like high, medium and low.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.

PDF Conversion Suite

PDF Conversion Suite

PDF Conversion Suite, as the name suggests is a multiple format conversion app which is why I have included it in the list of online PDF to Word Converters. The time required to convert a PDF to a Word Doc is almost instant and the result is quite efficient. Due to multiple format support, there are a lot of options one can choose from and it is necessary to choose a suitable action of PDF to DOC conversion and press on the start button. The Software employs third-party apps such as G-Drive, One Drive and others to fulfill the requirement.

The multiple formats that the PDF Conversion Suite include Emails, PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, images, XML, Webpages, open office documents and most importantly it exports PDF to Word and can save the resultant file directly to cloud services like Google Drive or your documents folder in Android device.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.

PDF to Word – Convert Scanned PDF files

PDF to Word

PDF to Word is a PDF to Word converter available for free download and use. It can change PDF to Word documents with high precision accuracy. It is 100% secure and anonymous and does not capture your personal information like email. It has inculcated the latest OCR technology which lets the user extract data from a scanned PDF and convert it into an editable file. There is no limit on PDF 2 Word conversions and even larger files can be converted within considerable time. As it is a free PDF converter, it does provide few ads to support its cause.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.

Word to PDF Converter

Word to PDF

This software is unique with one special feature than many apps do not offer and that is to edit PDF in Word. With an impressive speed to change PDF to Word, it does not compromise in the quality and allows scanned and complex PDF files to be converted into Word documents. It also allows the user to export PDF to Word and save it to Cloud storage services and even lets you retrieve PDFs from OneDrive, Google Drive Box and Dropbox. With such cutting-edge technology to convert PDF to Docx, this app is truly one of the best PDF to Word converters.

The above list contained apps that convert PDF to word as their primary task and support other functions as well. There are, however, other app or suites which support all Office documents related tasks and are not entirely free of cost. However, for business professionals and students in colleges, time is of the essence and these apps save your time with the simple fact that they are easy to use and are all-in-one bundled suites of multiple software.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.

Best Apps that Convert PDF to Word in Android

WPS Office – Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet


One of the best PDF to Word converter which is capable of providing stiff competition to Microsoft’s Office Suite is WPS Office. It can do all the tasks that can be done with an Office suite and boasts to be one of the fastest PDF to word converter in Android mobile phones. It allows the users to edit PDFs in Word and convert PDF to Docx and Doc as well. The app is available on all major platforms like iOS, Android and PC’s Windows and macOS. The easy to use interface is also one of the reasons for over a billion downloads from the Google Play Store. With multi-lingual support of 51 languages, WPS Office has can perform all the tasks including converting a PDF file to Word document.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.


Office Suite

If you are looking for a complete office solution app under 100 MB, then search no further as OfficeSuite is the one you have searching for. It is a free PDF converter that is easily available on Google Play Store, though there also is a premium version which supports more features. It allows you to edit PDFs in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and supports all the new and old formats of Office documents. It allows the users to easily change the PDF to Word files with a few seconds and vice versa. The main website also features many awards it has won from Google, Lifehacker, PCMag and Infoworld. It is always convenient to be able to view, create and edit all types of documents with the help of one app and this makes is truly one of the best PDF to Doc converter.

To install this software on your Android device, Click Here.

That concludes the list of PDF 2 Word apps on Android. Before you install any app there is a decision to make that whether you can pay for the app or you want a PDF to Word converter with the free download feature. Remember, all the free online PDF converters will do the job and export PDF to Word for your convenience, but if you are looking for premium features like Edit PDF in Word, then you will have to opt for the premium software which would be paid. The most important point to be considered is that converting or changing a PDF to Word is now an easy task that can be accomplished within minutes and that too on your Android device, Anytime, Anywhere.

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