How to Combine Videos on iPhone or iPad

How to Combine Videos on iPhone or iPad

Earlier merging videos on iPhone or iPad was a big task as we had to download plenty of apps to perform the merging for our media files. But, iOS 12 and iOS 13 come with various inbuilt advanced tools in the Photos app to edit the videos or combine videos on iPhone.

From the inbuilt features of Photos, we can crop, trip and can add basic editing to the videos by even combining them. I think one can normally edit the video but how to combine videos on the iPhone is still a confusing task. Through this blog, I am going to tell you how to combine videos on iPhone or iPad. As sometimes, you wish to combine multiple videos to make it like a short movie, you surely need guidance.

How to combine videos

How to combine videos on iPad or iPhone using iMovie app

The one of best app to edit or combine videos on iPhone is iMovie. The app is quite similar with macOS has all the editing features. Hence, you can edit various videos with the app at ease. If you have iMovie installed, you can easily merge videos on iPhone.

Below-mentioned are the steps to combines videos on iPhone or iPhone using iMovie:

  1. Tap on iMovie icon and open the app in your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on (+) icon available in the window.
  3. Tap on “Movie” from the popup menu.
  4. Select the videos and photos you wish to combine in a video from the photos app.
  5. Tap on “Create Movie” available at the bottom.
  6. After this, you will view a video timeline with the combined video in a linear form.
  7. Additionally, you can add effects among the footages.
  8. Tap on the transition icon to change the transition effects.
  9. Select the transition from the menu.
  10. You can also add the background music, to add background music tap on (+) icon.
  11. Tap on “Audio” and select music file from the music library.
  12. After completing the editing, tap on “done” available at the top left side.
  13. Tap on share button.
  14. Save the video and choose the render quality as per your preferences.

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Merge Videos on iPhone with the use Clips

One of the least noticed but very useful app from iOS is Clips App. The app is specifically designed for video editing. Additionally, iPhone X or above model users can easily edit videos with various effects.

The app is quite easy and you do not have to be techie to combine videos on iPhone through Clips app. Follow the below-mentioned steps to merge videos on iPhone with the use of Clips app.

  1. Open the Clips in your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Tap on library available on the app screen.
  3. Select the video clips from camera roll.
  4. Tap and hold button to play and add more videos in the clip.
  5. When you will release your finger, the combining of videos will stop.
  6. You can add the frames from clips.
  7. After that, select the other video you wish to combine and repeat the same steps again and merge to the existing video.
  8. Add background music from the library.
  9. Tap on the share icon after combining the video on iPhone.
  10. Select save video and enjoy combining videos on iPhone or iPad using the Clips app.

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Make a video with the use of live images

The photos app has various inbuilt interesting features that are still undiscovered by many. Mainly, all the updated features of photos app are available in iOS 13 or above models. Actually, there is no direct tool to combine videos on iPhone but there is a workaround that can combine or merge videos on iPhone or iPad with the use of photos app.

use of live images

Follow the below-mentioned steps to combine videos on iPhone through the Photos app:

  1. Open camera app tap on circular icon in order to enable live images on your iPhone.
  2. Capture the live photos and save them to combine them into a video.
  3. Go to the photos app and tap on select. Select all the photos you wish to combine.
  4. Tap on the share button and save them as a video from the share options.

From these ways, we can combine videos on iPhone or iPad. I hope you like this blog. For more such content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

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