How To Perform A Clean Boot On Windows 11

How To Perform A Clean Boot On Windows 11

As soon as Windows 11 was launched, users across the world upgraded their computers to Windows 11. In the initial phase, some bugs were removed subsequently. However, some users were still facing issues because they loaded their computers with so many unnecessary programs and other files that it made it difficult for computers to process them and as a result, they experienced unexpected crashes and the unnecessary slowdown of the computer.

Also, the cases have been noticed where the computer slows down and if users try to run a program once then the program won’t launch next time, or if launched then it automatically ends.

All these issues are common for all the users using Windows 11. The best way to solve this problem is to either return to Windows 10 or perform a clean boot. While the former seems to be easy because all users are habitual or working on Windows 10 the latter will empower users to continue on Windows 11 with fewer issues.

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What is a Clean Boot?

Clean boot is a troubleshooting process that enables windows to start with the minimum requirements of the drivers and set of programs. By performing a clean boot, you can easily find out the program which was creating trouble and you can remove the program for better performance.

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How to Clean Boot Windows 11?

To start the process of clean boot in Windows 11 follow the below-mentioned process:-

  • Navigate to the Start Menu search bar and type “msconfig”.
  • From the results, select System Configuration
  • In System Configuration, select the Services tab
  • After clicking on the Services tab in the left bottom check Hide all Microsoft services and then click on Disable all and click OK
Clean boot
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  • Now open Task Manager from the Start tab
  • Under Startup disable each app under the Startup which is with the enabled Status and disable them one by one.
Windows boot
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  • Now again go back to the Startup tab in System Configuration and select OK.
  • Restart computer

After the computer restarts, you will find that it is working fine after performing a clean boot on the computer. As a result of the clean boot, you will be able to figure out which apps were hampering the performance of the computer. You can remove those apps and again you can enable the rest of the applications which you might need.

To enable the applications again follow the process:-

  • Navigate to the Start Menu search bar and type “msconfig”.
  • From the results select System Configuration
  • In System Configuration select the Services tab
  • From here select all the services placed on the top half of the Service tab and enable them by clicking on Enable button.
  • Click on OK and again Restart the computer.
  • Repeat the whole process until you figure out the app that is causing the issue.

After the disturbing app is removed, you will find that the computer is working in a normal way.

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Windows 11 has some minor issues which can be ratified by performing a clean boot. Clean boot is the quickest and simplest process of starting Windows 11 with the minimum required drivers and programs.

It is to be kept in notice that Clean boot does not mean running Windows in safe mode but it is not the same. Performing clean boot helps in recognizing the disturbing programs which cause issues with computers and then removing them.

If you are facing any issues, then perform a clean boot on Windows 11 and let us know your experience after performing a clean boot in the comment section below.

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