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How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story
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How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story

Instagram stories is one of the most trending features of Instagram and is quite popular among the new-gen businesses and youth. The stories on Instagram are engaging, fun-filled, and even quick to watch. Do you know what the best part of using IG stories is? Instagram has made this feature so efficient, compatible and with a quick loading speed over all smartphones and web.

You can make your Instagram stories interactive and engaging by using beautiful solid-color backgrounds or photo backgrounds. If you are using Instagram stories as a base to connect with your respective audiences, you need to be crisp and clear about communicating what’s on your mind. For this, you can tweak stories with basic texts or you can change the background color on the Instagram story with a photo or text.

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Make sure you give your Instagram story a beautiful design by either adding a solid background color or something like that. In this article, we will tell you how to change the background color on Instagram stories and also you will learn more about using a pattern or image as a background of your story.

How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story?

You can change the background color on your Instagram story using three easy ways. Here’s how:

  • Change the background color in create mode.
  • Use the color picker tool to change Instagram story background color.
  • Uploading an image or pattern as background.

Part 1: Change The Background Color To A Solid Color

Do you wish to change the background color of Instagram stories to a solid color? If yes, try these steps:

Step 1: Open Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Go to Stories and enter the ‘Create mode’.

Step 3: Now, create a new text story by tapping the ‘Aa’ button.

Step 4: Then, type the text message you want to add to your story.

Step 5: Once finished writing text, choose the background color using the Circle option at the top of your screen.

choose the background color on Instagram

Step 6: Pick the color of your choice and when done, tap on Your Story to publish your Instagram story.

Note: In the Create mode, you have limited background options to choose from.

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Part 2: Use Color Picker Tool To Change The Background Color Of Instagram Story

While you create any Instagram story you have a choice to change the background color using the color picker. Follow the steps below to use this method

  • Open Instagram and create a story, edit it with some image, text and stickers.
  • You will then see a drawing tool at the top of the screen. This will open a pile of colors at the bottom of the screen along with a color-selector tool.
  • Choose the color of your choice or click on the color-picker tool to copy a color from your screen. If you are using an image in your story, the color picker will let you pick color from the image itself.

Use Color Picker Tool To Change The Background Color Of Instagram Story

  • Now, long press anywhere outside the image to change the background.
  • If you need to change the entire background color with no image you need to pick any color of your choice and long press.
  • Click anywhere on the background and tap on Your Story to publish.

Part 3: Change The Background As An Image Or A Pattern

You can use Pinterest as a platform to search for some amazing Instagram backgrounds. Save them to your device and use them later on Instagram stories. Even you can use already saved images on your device to create an Instagram story. Follow the steps below to add images as background:

Step 1: Open Instagram stories and click on the square icon to open your device images.

Step 2: Choose an image or pattern to be used as a background of your Instagram story.

Step 3: Now add any text or stickers or GIFs over the image and tap on ‘Your Story’ to publish.

That’s all folks! Try all these three ways to change the background color on Instagram story or Instagram story background. Isn’t it a great way to showcase the artist in you. You can play with colors, images and different patterns to change the story background on your Instagram app.

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How Much Do You Love Instagram Apps?

Well, we have already listed the best hacks to change the IG story background color and image/pattern. It is your time to let us know how often you use Instagram and Instagram stories. Also tell us your overall experience while using Instagram for more niche and targeted followers. Till then, keep using Instagram to grow followers and enjoy playing with IG stories and its background colors.

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