Best Gaming Review Websites | Find The Best Games In 2024

Best Gaming Review Websites | Find The Best Games In 2024

Gaming review websites are dedicated online platforms that provide you with honest and unbiased reviews, ratings, news, and opinions on the newest and hottest games of all time. These platforms help you discover new games, compare existing games, read exciting facts about the games you love, and help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing those games.

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In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the ultimate gaming review sites of 2024, so that you can find the most suitable games according to your preference and budget.

How Gaming Review Websites Can Help You Find the Best Games In 2024?

Well, there are numerous ways in which Gaming Review Websites can help you find the best games:

  1. These platforms provide a comprehensive overview of the gameplay, graphics & features.
  2. Tells you about the advantages & downsides of the games.
  3. Provides a brief comparison with the games in the same genre and category.
  4. Shares unbiased rating of the game, based on multiple criteria.
  5. Shows screenshots, trailers, and gameplay footage to help you get a brief idea.
  6. Gives you the best deals, discounts, offers, and other sale details available on the game.
  7. Shares latest news, insights, updates, and patches of the game.

By going through all the associated information about the game you will be able to make an informed gaming purchase decision.

There are several game review websites available in the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some of them provide inaccurate/unbiased reviews, and outdated news and do not share hidden costs. That’s why we’ve compiled a generous list of the top 5 websites to read game reviews that are worth trying in 2024. So, without further ado, let’s dive into exploring the best one!

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The Best Website To Read Gaming Reviews In 2024: IGN

IGN is probably one of the leading and most popular game review websites that has been a go-to choice for millions of gamers worldwide. It has a team of over 200 experts, editors, and journalists who cover the latest and best games. You can find comprehensive and reliable reviews, ratings, news facts, and opinions on the latest and greatest games available on the Internet. You can even check the price, compatibility, and system requirements of the games in one place. It covers a wide range of games, genres, and categories, including Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Racing, Fighting, Puzzle, Horror, Indie, VR, AR, etc.

IGN offers a free plan that allows you to access all the content and features of the website, with a few ads and limitations. The paid subscription starts at $4.99 per month and offers more features, such as No ads, exclusive content, discounts, giveaways, beta access, premium newsletters, and more.

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Other Gaming Review Websites To Keep You Updated In 2024

Well, IGN is not the only gaming review website that you should check out in 2024. There are other platforms as well that can help you find the best games in 2024 and get all the necessary information under one roof. So, let’s check them out!

1. GameSpot

GameSpot is one of the oldest and most reliable gaming review platforms that has been in the industry since 1996. GameSpot is ideal for finding the best games in 2024 because it covers a wide range of games, genres, and categories, including Simulation, Strategy, FPS, RPG, Fighting, Console, Handheld, Streaming, and more. You can trust the reviews, ratings, news, and opinions of GameSpot, as they are based on facts, evidence, and experience. You can also see the credentials and reputation of the reviewers, editors, and journalists that add to the credibility of the platform.


2. Kotaku

We have been using Kotaku for over 2 years and we are very impressed with its reliable reviews and trustworthy ratings. The well-known publication platform focuses on video game journalism, culture, and industry news. The gaming news site often provides commentary on gaming trends, game development, and the broader gaming community. You can find amazing tips, tricks, guides, reports, and opinions on pop culture topics like anime, TV, and movies as well. Additionally, we like the variety and quality of the games, genres, and categories that Kotaku covers. Sign up for their free newsletter to get a daily roundup of the world of gaming.


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 3. Metacritic

Metacritic is a comprehensive online gaming review platform, designed to aggregate news and reviews from various critics. Besides games, you can find insights and critical opinions related to the wide range of entertainment media, including movies, TV shows, and music albums. Metacritic employs a weighted averaging system that adds to the credibility and reputation of each critic. Besides professional reviews, users can also submit their own reviews and scores that provide a more comprehensive view of the game, acknowledging that individual preferences may differ.


4. PC Gamer

The next gaming review & news site on our list is PC Gamer. The platform not only helps users find the best games in 2024 but also gives the best recommendations and advice on how to optimize your PC gaming experience. It’s a popular resource for computer gamers looking for the latest news and insights into the world of gaming. PC Gamer also offers Podcasts that are one of the best ways to enjoy and learn more about gaming. It covers different formats and themes, such as PC Gamer Show, Chat Log, and UK Podcast where the editors and guests discuss the latest and best games, news, trends, and topics in PC gaming.

 PC Gamer

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We believe that gaming review websites are the best way to discover, compare, learn, and decide on the games you want to play. Having conducted thorough research and usage assessments, we’ve shared our personal experiences with each of the gaming news sites mentioned above, presenting our top 5 handpicked suggestions. Of course, you can also try different gaming review websites and see which one suits you best. If you have any other recommendations that should be added to this list, then feel free to drop them in the comments below!

We hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something new. Thank you for reading and happy gaming!


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