7 Best Game Launcher For Gaming PC To Boost Performance & Enjoyment

Organize your games collection and maximize your gaming experience with the seven best game launchers.

7 Best Game Launcher For Gaming PC To Boost Performance & Enjoyment

In the old days, games used to clutter our home screens. But, thanks to the advvent of game launchers, this problem has been resolved. Game Launcher tools empower users to effortlessly download, install, update and even repair corrupted games. In this article, we’ve

compiled a selection of the free game launchers for Windows 11/10 PCs.

Is there a game launcher included with Windows?

Well, Windows doesn’t come with a built-in game launcher, there are ample free game launchers for a gaming PC.

This article lists the best game launchers for Windows PC that you won’t miss having a pre installed launcher. Moreover, they are lightweight and won’t take up much space, making them well worth trying.

7 Best Game Launcher For Gaming PC:

Below is a well-curated list of the best game launchers for Windows PCs.

1. Steam:


Steam is the best game launcher for gaming enthusiasts looking to manage their game collections efficiently. Chances are this well-established launcher has likely alreasy secured a space in your gaming arsenal. As an exceptionalgame launcher, Steam offers ample features like monitoring game updates, achievement tracking, capturing screenshots, and more.

One of the best features of Steam is the capability to repair corrupted games. To do this, you can easily navigate to your Library, right-click on the game requiring attention. Further, click on the Properties and then navigate to Local Files tab, and initiate the verification process for game file integrity.

Key Features:

  1. Steam chat for social interaction.
  2. Provides game Hubs for comprehensive game-related content.
  3. Provide live gameplay streaming.
  4. Provides early access to games.
  5. Provides content in a categorized manner.

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2. GOG Galaxy:

GOG Galaxy

This is one of the pioneering game launchers for PC, providing a convenient,  all-in-one destination for accessing the games available through the GOG store. All you need to do is open the GOG Galaxy Launcher, input the game title into the search bar, and voilà! Your game is ready for download, installation, and enjoyment.

It features a dedicated “game mode” feature that optimizes your system resources and blocks distractions while you play games. It even improves your overall game performance and FPS. The game launcher alos provides a “Discovery” feature that lets you find new games and deals from various sources and platforms.

Key Features:

  1. Monitors every activity like playtime, game collection, etc.
  2. Provides easy customization like filtering, sorting, etc.
  3. Let gamers chat across various gaming platforms.
  4. Provides undo functionality if it triggers issues.
  5. Facilitates the integration of community platforms.

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3. LunchBox:


LunchBox embarked on its journey, serving as a frontend for the DOSBox emulator. Over time,  developers incorporated many additional features, elevating it to one of the most advanced gaming launchers available for Windows PCs. Lunch Box efficiently manages a variety of PC games that can be acquired online.

However, it has its share of positives and negatives. On one hand, LaunchBox offers remarkable configurability, providing an extensive range of options for those who enjoy tweaking settings to suit their preferences. Conversely, it lacks automation techniques as compared to  other PC game launchers.

Key Features:

  1. Provides easy access to games downloaded in the past.
  2. Provides excellent retro game emulation.
  3. Provides easy import of all your games.
  4. Offers how-to video tutorials to enhance your gaming experience.

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4. Playnite:


Playnite is yet another addition to our list of best game launchers for PC. It conducts comprehensive scans of your system for games, provides a diverse set of features, and boasts a user-friendly interface.

This leads to a more polished application that simplifies consolidating and organizing your game collection.It is an open-source project, with a large community of contributors, which means it’s constantly improving. Additionally, Playnite seamlessly works with a variety of emulators, making it a proficient solution for satisfying your retro gaming desires.

Key Features:

  1. Provides easy import of all your games.
  2. Supports emulation capabilities.
  3. Provides easy customization of themes.
  4. Enhances functionality through the addition of plugins and script extensions.
  5. Monitors every activity like playtime, game collection, etc.

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5. Razor Cortex:

Razor Cortex

It is a versatile game launcher that also acts as a system performance enhancer and  cleaner. Its extraordinary features include the support for games from various platforms and stores, including Steam, Origin, Epic Games, GOG an more. This means, you can launch your games from the software or add them manually.

It even features a “Game Booster” that automatically detects and closes unecessary background processes and services when you launch a game. This frees up a significant amount of RAM and CPU power for hassle-free gaming experience. Besides this, it also has a “Game Recorder” that lets users capture and share their favorite gameplay moments.

Key Features:

  1. Provides easy customization like filtering, sorting, etc.
  2. Effectively provides you with current offers and deals running on games.
  3. Acts as a system performance enhancer.
  4. Offers an extensive library of installed games.

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6. Radeon Software:

Radeon Software

This game launcher for Windows PCs is designed for people using AMD graphics cards. It is a platform for adjusting universal graphics settings, perform driver update checks, game optimization, and performance monitoring.

Besides enhancing gaming performance, it also serves as a game launcher, automatically presenting a list of all the games installed on your PC. You have the convenience of launching each game directly from Radeon Software, while enjoying the ability to customize AMD display settings for each game individually.

Key Features:

  1. Especially made for users who use AMD cards.
  2. Provide customization for AMD display settings.
  3. Provides convenient launching of games from the software.

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7. Ubisoft Connect:

Ubisoft Connect

Now, let’s delve into Ubisoft Connect. This free game launcher is one of the finest, uniting all Ubisoft games and rewards into a singular service. Furthermore, it enjoys significant popularity for offering regular deals on a range of Ubisoft franchises and providing the following features:

It also features a “unified friends list” that shows your friends’ online gaming status and activities they are doing across the platform. You can check their achievements, screenshots and stats. It even provides the ability to customize your game library with filters, tags, categories, ratings and other parameters as per gamer’s preferences.

Key Features:

  1. A user-friendly interface for convenient store and library access.
  2. Effortless connection and interaction with friends.

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Organize Your Video Game Library:

These are the best PC game launchers available for immediate download, and the best part? They are available for free.

Although these launchers are excellent for managing your current games, you should also maintain a record of your complete video game collection, including those classic physical cartridges and discs! In that case, consider exploring services like Completionator and GG to catalog your entire collection effectively.

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