Best Fixes to Resolve: Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error On Windows 10

Here’s Your Troubleshooting Guide To Fix “Thread Stuck In Device Driver” Issue!

Best Fixes to Resolve: Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error On Windows 10

BSOD errors on Windows can occur due to various reasons & can undoubtedly reduce a PC’s lifespan if proper measures are not taken. Whenever ‘Thread Stuck In Device Driver’ stop code appears, it indicates that something is wrong with your video card or its respective drivers. Hence you need to take specific effective measures to fix the error code on your Windows 10 PC.

To get rid of this error caused by a driver file caught in an endless loop, we recommend you to install the latest Video Card Drivers.

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How To Fix Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error On Windows 10?

As the stop code itself indicates that it’s a device driver issue rather than a hardware problem, all you need to do is replace your current incompatible, damaged, outdated & missing video card drivers with the latest and most compatible versions. However, you can manually update Windows 10 drivers using an in-built tool – Device Manager. But if that sounds complicated & time-consuming, update your video card drivers using Smart Driver Care.

It’s a professional driver updater utility, compatible with almost all Windows versions, and ensures that your system has the right & latest versions.

STEP 1- Install & launch Smart Driver Care.

STEP 2- Click on the Start Scan Now button from the Home Screen to scan your entire device for faulty drivers.

STEP 3- Smart Driver Care thoroughly scans your PC to locate all the missing, outdated, corrupted, and faulty drivers at once place.

STEP 4- Once the list of all the faulty drivers appears on your screen, you can either locate video card drivers & click on the Update button. Alternatively, you can click on the Update All button to replace all the drivers with its latest versions.

Smart driver care

Hopefully, once your Windows PC runs the newest & compatible video card driver, you might not encounter the Thread Stuck In Device Driver error on Windows 10.

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FIXED: Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error On Windows 10

If updating video card drivers didn’t help you get out of this BSOD error’s vicious loop, you could try the following workarounds.

Top 4 Solutions Workarounds To Fix Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error
Run SFC Tool Using this command-line tool, you can scan your entire system for corrupt Windows files & repair them instantly.
Perform Windows Update Sometimes pending Windows Update causes a problem concerning drivers. Therefore, you must update your Windows OS.
Disable Hardware Acceleration Though the feature is dedicatedly used to enhance overall performance, there are times when it can be responsible for causing several BSOD errors. Hence try disabling it to see if it works well to resolve your issue.
Upgrade The Power Supply If the Power supply is low quality, then eventually inadequate power would be supplied to all the computer’s components. In such cases, you may experience the Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error on Windows 10!

METHOD 1- Run SFC Tool

Follow the instructions to run SFC Tool on your Windows 10 PC.

STEP 1- Open the CMD window and run as administrator.

STEP 2- Execute the command line: SFC/ scannow & hit the Enter button.

STEP 3- Let the scanning process gets completed successfully.

run as administrator

One of these built-in PC utility locates all the damaged, corrupted & faulty Windows system files. It will automatically repair them as well. The entire process could take a few minutes. So, stay patient and complete the SFC scan thoroughly.

METHOD 2- Perform Windows Update

Follow the instructions below to complete the Windows Update successfully.

STEP 1- Go to the PC Settings & navigate to the Update & Security module.

STEP 2- From the next window, click on the option ‘Check for updates’. The option can be found on the left panel. Once it shows all the available updates, you need to click on the Download & Install Updates button.

STEP 3- Get the latest Windows version to make sure your system is running up-to-date.

Windows update

Make sure you restart your Windows system to implement the changes successfully.

METHOD 3- Disable Hardware Acceleration

Read the step by step process carefully to disable Hardware acceleration functionality.

STEP 1- Launch the Registry Editor. (Open Run window > type regedit > click OK).  

STEP 2- Follow the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Avalon.Graphics.

STEP 3- Now find the entry DisableHWAcceleration. Right-click somewhere on the blank area to create a new entry. You need to select the option DWORD (32-bit) value from the context menu and name it as DisableHWAcceleration.

Resolve Thread Stuck

STEP 4- Simply double-click on the new entry and set their value as 1. This will successfully Hardware Acceleration. 

STEP 5- Click the OK button!

Hopefully, this helps you resolve the BSOD error ‘Thread Stuck In Device Driver’ on your Windows 10 PC.

METHOD 4- Upgrade The Power Supply

Learn how to upgrade your PC’s Power Supply step by step.

Have no time to read the entire article? Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to fix “Thread Stuck In Device Driver Windows 10 BSOD Error”.

Did this article help you to fix the Blue Screen Error on Windows 10? If yes, do share your experience in the comments section below!

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