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Gmail Not Syncing? Here’s How To Fix
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Gmail Not Syncing? Here’s How To Fix

When we talk about working and functionality of Gmail all seems to be all flawless. But there are many issues that users keep on facing while using Gmail. One such issue that we are going to discuss in this article is about Gmail not syncing automatically. And if you are facing this issue then you will cannot perform basic activities like receiving an email, sending an email, reading an email. But this problem can be easily fixed by following the simple steps given below.

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Ways to Fix Gmail Not Syncing:

Make Sure You Have An Active Internet Connection

You need an active internet connection for Gmail to sync. If your internet connection is not constant you will see an error, saying Gmail waiting for Sync. So, make sure that either you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data in On. You can try opening any other app like YouTube or Spotify to check whether the Internet connection is working properly. You can also try switching to mobile data if Wi-Fi signals are weak.

Make Sure Airplane Mode is Turned Off

Turning On Airplane mode disables all cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. So if Airplane mode is enabled then also you will not receive any new emails on Gmail.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

However, if you are connected to Wi-Fi then you can continue using the Internet even on Airplane mode.

Restart Your Device

Many issues related to network connectivity, software glitches just need a device restart to resolve. This has worked for millions of users, and therefore there is no harm in giving it a try. Long press the power button, and from the available options tap on Restart. After the device restarts, open the Gmail app to check if Gmail is now syncing new emails properly.

Update Gmail App

It is always recommended to update any of the apps installed on your device to the latest version. As it not only introduces new features but also comes with latest fixes. So, if you are facing any problem with Gmail not syncing on your Android device, visit Play Store and update the app to the latest version. In case you are already using the latest version of the app and still facing the problem then head on to the next step.

Manually Sync Emails in Gmail

By default Gmail automatically syncs new emails. But if you are facing a syncing issue in Gmail then you can manually try syncing the emails. Open Gmail app and swipe down, this will sync all the new emails.

Check Automatic Syncing is Enabled

In this fast paced world manually syncing emails doesn’t make any sense. Manually syncing of emails on Gmail can also lead to delay in responding to an important email. So manual syncing can be fine with a secondary email account but not with a primary one. Although, automatic syncing in Gmail is enabled by default, however if it is turned off then follow the steps below to enable it.

1. Tap on the Gmail app icon to launch it.

2. Now tap on the menu icon (3 parallel lines) located in the top left corner. Swipe on the menu options and tap on Settings.

Tap on Gmail app setting

3. If multiple accounts are added then tap on the account with which you are facing syncing issues.

4. Now on the next screen swipe down and check mark the option Sync Gmail under Data usage.

Sync Gmail

Hopefully, once Sync Gmail setting is enabled it will resolve the syncing issue on Gmail.

Enable Automatic Sync Data from Device Settings

You might have explored it or not but there is an option hidden in device settings that let all the apps sync data automatically. To enable this setting follow the steps below:

1. Open device settings by tapping on the Settings (gear) icon.

2. Now tap on the Accounts.

Tap on Accounts Setting

3. On the Accounts screen scroll to the bottom and Toggle on the setting automatically sync data.

Automatically Sync Data

Clear Your Device Storage

If your device is running out of storage space then Gmail will stop syncing. This is because all email that you receive in your inbox are saved in your device storage. So try freeing some space on your device to check whether it helps in Gmail syncing the emails as usual. You can try the following methods to clear storage on your Android device.

  • Uninstall all the unneeded apps.
  • Backup your Photos to Google Photos.
  • Move less frequently used files to computer or on Cloud.
  • Remove all duplicate files that are unnecessarily occupying space on your device.

Check Your Gmail Password

Have you recently changed your Gmail password but forgot to update it on the Gmail app on our device? If yes, then remember syncing will not work on Gmail until you update the password. Open the Gmail app on your device and enter the password when it prompts you to. After entering the updated password you will see that emails start syncing on Gmail.

Clear Cache And App Data on Gmail App

Although cache helps in loading the app fast, a lot of accumulated cached data sometimes gets corrupted and stops Gmail from syncing. But you can easily clear cache and app data in Gmail by following the steps below:

1. Open your Device Settings and tap on Apps & notifications.

2. Now tap on Gmail app.

3. In the App info screen tap on Storage & cache.

Gmail - Storage and Cache

4. Now on the next screen first tap on CLEAR CACHE to remove cached data and then tap on CLEAR STORAGE to remove app data.

Clear Storage and Cache in Gmail

Note: Note that clearing the app data will not delete any of your emails, however you may be required to sign in again.

So guys, these were all the troubleshooting steps that you can follow when Gmail is not syncing. Please do mention in the comment box below which of the above steps helped you in fixing the issue. Also do follow us on our social media platform to never miss any of our latest posts.

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