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How to Enable Screen Recording on Chromebook
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How to Enable Screen Recording on Chromebook

Many of us have heard about Chromebook but not all of us are quite familiar with the whole concept. What do you mean by Chromebook or how it works or why Chromebook is required or why chose the name, Chromebook? All of us have so many questions and therefore, there are so many answers & we need to choose one that simplifies the meaning of Chromebook.

Screen recording

In simple words, Chromebook is nothing but a device that runs on the Chrome operating system. Yeah!! Sounds confusing. How come an internet browser becomes an operating system altogether? Your questions & doubts are valid but so does the existence of the Chromebook. A laptop that constantly runs Google Chrome’s OS, Chromebook has been designed with the future perception in mind.

Why Is There a Need of Chromebook?

Till the time you don’t know the problem, the understanding of the invention will be invisible to you. We all are totally reliant on the internet nowadays and since all of us work online, the place of work can be changed easily. The traditional working culture of staying in office for work has been a topic of the past and not everyone believes in saving their documents now as well. Yeah!! They can just complete their work and send an email or simply change the status of the task as completed. Simple!!

Enable Screen recording

So if you are one of those people who work online and don’t save your work files as well, Chromebook is the perfect choice for you. And since you are working on the Google Chrome OS, your default browser would be Chrome which is one of the most popular browsers available today. While you’d be using the Chromebook for the first time, you’d know it’s much secure, faster, & simply designed for users.

How to Enable Screen Recording on a Chromebook

Now that we have established Chromebook is a futuristic approach towards working culture and is quite secure to use, let’s talk about one of the best features it brings to the table. Screen recording on Chromebook!! Yeah, it’s possible. Using a few commands on your Chromebook, you can easily access the screen recording feature  as mentioned below:

1. Navigate yourself to the chrome://flags URL on your Chrome browser (on Chromebook) or directly access the screen recorder flag page (chrome://flags/#screen-capture)

Please note that in order to enable screen recording feature on Chromebook, you need to enable the flag via visiting the above URL address.

2. Once you successfully land onto the above URL address, look for “Screen capture test”.

3. As soon as you find the same, please select the Enable option from the drop-down menu.

4. After choosing in the Enable option from the list, go to the bottom of the page and press Restart (bottom right side of the screen).

5. Now you need to navigate yourself to the Quick Settings menu where you will find a new option “Screen capture”. This will be a confirmation that screen capture feature has successfully been enabled on your Chromebook.

How to Use Screen Recording on a Chromebook

Now that you have successfully enabled screen recording on your Chromebook, you can easily turn on screen recording with the help of a few clicks. We will start the screen recording process from launching the Quick Settings menu.

1. Post launching the Quick Settings menu, you need to tap on the Screen capture option from the list of options.

2. As soon as you click on it, a new bar will appear on the screen (mid bottom of the screen).

3. Thanks to the easy user interface, you can see the Video icon on the bottom bar so tap on the Video icon to go ahead with screen recording.

4. At the same time, you must choose the video mode as well (out of 3 options on the right side of the video icon), Full screen, partial, or the current active window.

5. After choosing the appropriate video screen mode, tap onto the Record button and Chromebook will start recording your screen. Voila!!

Feedback After Using Screen Recording on Chromebook

Following the above steps you will be able to successfully turn on screen recording & use it in the easiest ways possible. Though it’s an amazingly helpful feature one can easily access, it’s always necessary to have feedback about the same. After enabling screen recording feature & recording a few videos, feedback is as below:

1. We didn’t find any glitch or video stuttering while recording as well as playing the video.

2. The video quality was also pretty good that we weren’t expecting, to be true.

3. Once the video has been recorded, the outcome file was in WEBM format and the video size wasn’t heavy enough as well. So kudos on that!!

4. Not that it’s related but Chromebook also gives you a combination of keys that helps you take screenshots of the current screen as well (Ctrl + Shift + Overview).

5. What the Screen Recording feature lacks is the Microphone support while recording the video. Having this support would have helped people who wish to create tutorials with this in-built feature on Chromebook.

Are There Any Other Ways to Enable Screen Recording on Chromebook?

It’s always better to access the in-built features before making your way to other ways or 3rd party applications. However, those sources provide more customization than the in-built tools along with extra features. So your answer to the question is YES!! There are other sources that can help you turn on screen recording on the Chromebook. This sources are more like the Google Chrome extensions that can help you out screen recording on Chromebook:

Above four google extensions are all set to let you turn on screen recording on Chromebook and go ahead with recording videos hassle free. Obviously, there would be more because Google itself is quite vast but we only listed those that provide effective and to-the-point results.

Wrapping Up

Irrespective of the field you are working in, all of us try to keep a track of our workflow or work process. From online tutorials to letting people know how to cross stages in high quality games, everything can be recorded. Sometimes you do it via third party applications and other times, via using the in-built features. Thanks to the technology transformation, your Chromebook has in-built screen recording capabilities that can be accessed & implemented easily.

Now the evident questions like how to turn on screen recording on Chromebook or enable screen recording on Chromebook are being answered above.

So without further ado, explore all the above ways to screen recording as it’s one of the most important and helpful features on your Chromebook.

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