How To Edit & Remove Photo EXIF Data in Mac

How To Edit & Remove Photo EXIF Data in Mac

Irrespective of the location & time, we do click a lot of pictures that fill up our gallery so quickly. Now apart from those evidently visible data (in pictures), there is other info in pictures as well that’s quite personal. The info includes data from camera model to aperture, flash, location, date, & others, called EXIF data (Exchangeable Image File Format) or photos metadata.

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If you meet any professional photographers, they will tell you the importance of the photo EXIF data, however few times, things can go haywire as well. Since EXIF data holds info including the picture location, date, & time, this info is on the edge of getting revealed. So while posting pictures online, you need to be a bit proactive either by editing or removing photo EXIF data & for that, you’d need a photos EXIF editor or photo metadata editor.

Start Editing & Removing Photo EXIF Data With Photos EXIF Editor

Talking about posting pictures online & editing or removing the EXIF data is one of the factors you must know about EXIF. Because wherein many social media platforms completely remove the image EXIF metadata, some of them don’t & it can be of major concern. So instead of relying on these platforms, take the matter in your hands & start editing or removing EXIF with image EXIF editors.

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Now the big question is, which EXIF editor we must use to remove EXIF metadata from pictures. Since we are talking about removing photo EXIF data on Mac, the list must be shorter than before. And after our thorough & detailed research, we have narrowed it down to the below image EXIF editor:

Edit Image EXIF on Mac With Photo EXIF Editor from Systweak

Yeah!! Photos EXIF Editor from Systweak is undoubtedly one of the best image metadata editors you can get your hands on. Photos EXIF Editor is literally one of those tools that’s been designed to edit the EXIF metadata of multiple pictures in one go. Just a simple click & all these pictures will have the successful image metadata editing, thanks to the image EXIF editor tool.

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An effective & rich-featured image EXIF editor, Photos EXIF Editor simplifies the whole process of editing this personal info within no time. All you need to do is, follow a few steps & the whole personal info will either be edited or removed according to your preference. So without further ado, let’s start using this image EXIF editor & edit or remove EXIF from photos in Mac using below steps:

Click Here to Download Photos Exif Editor

1. Visit the official website of Systweak to download the Photos EXIF Editor on your Mac & launch the same after successful installation.

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2. Navigate yourself to the App’s homepage & tap on any of the options in between Add Photos/Folders OR Import Photos Library. (Please know that you can import the photos from your Mac’s image library to use the image EXIF editor).

3. As soon as you add the to-be-EXIF-edited-photo, whole EXIF details will get displayed in front of you with different tags. Tap on the EXIF data tab & you will have every original image metadata, from the location to date & time in front of you.

4. Here you can start editing those details according to your preference as well as remove the details altogether from the image. Since we are talking about removing as well as editing EXIF data, you can do both with the same image EXIF editor depending on your interest. Simple!!

EXIF Metadata Editing in Photos EXIF Editor

After adding those images or folders altogether, you will see the EXIF data of the particular image in front of you. Here, you will see a section called Choose Editing Options.

In front of this section, there will be a drop-down list which will have three options just as below:

1. Only modify fields that I edit and keep others as it is.

2. Modify fields that I edit and clear others.

3. Clean Metadata info.

photo metadata editor

Here, before making any changes to the EXIF metadata, you need to choose the appropriate option among 3 methods. So according to your preference, you can go ahead with any of the options & start editing the EXIF metadata without any hassle.

Restore The Edited EXIF Data From Photos on Mac

Please know that in order to successfully edit the EXIF metadata, you need to type in all the details (new ones) & tap on Start Process. Within a few seconds, your EXIF data on the photos on Mac will be edited successfully in the easiest way possible.

Now that you have edited those EXIF data, the edited details can be restored as well. Please know that the Photos EXIF Editor from Systweak automatically creates a backup (single time used). All you need to do is tap on the Restore EXIF Info button & all the original EXIF data will be restored without any hassle.

Wrapping Up

Since the EXIF metadata on the captured photos holds quite personal information, it needs to be used with utmost care. So before posting them on different social media platforms or sharing with other users, edit the EXIF metadata with the image EXIF editor tools. Here we are using the most powerful Photos EXIF Editor from Systweak that will help edit the EXIF metadata without any hassle.

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