Best Photo Exif Editor Tools For Mac To Look For In 2024

Photos and videos have been an insignificant part of our lives nowadays. Photos Exif Editor lets you edit and remove EXIF data on Mac.

Best Photo Exif Editor Tools For Mac To Look For In 2024

In the sphere where we are surrounded by social media, life on the internet and posting our pictures and short videos all around, the Exif editor is needed the most. Wondering, what Exif editor could do for you? Well, if you are concerned about your privacy, you need to know what Photos Exif Editor is and its role in securing your picture’s metadata.

What Is EXIF Data?

Every picture we have has its own distinct EXIF data that can be edited lately depending on the requirements. Generally speaking, Exif data is the stored metadata in images that is used for many motives, for instance, you can determine which camera was used to click that particular picture, at what time and where. Also note that the pictures you update on social media takes up the location directly from the image Exif data. A photo’s metadata can contain the following information:

  • The model name of the device.
  • Date, the photo was taken.
  • Time the photo was taken.
  • Flash was on or off.
  • Lens type.
  • Pixel resolution.
  • ISO ranking.
  • Aperture, shutter speed.
  • Focal length.
  • Location coordinates.

Note: The details may vary from device to device and are saved in standard EXIF format. Always ensure that you do not open your pictures’ original data to anyone and here’s when the need to find, edit, or completely remove the Exif data arises.

Which Is The Best Photo Exif Editor For Mac? (2024)

List of Contents

  • 1. Photos Exif Editor
  • 2. AnalogExif
  • 3. EXIFPurge
  • 4. Image Exif Editor
  • 5. Exif Editor
  • 6. EXIF Studio
  • 7. MetaImage
Short in Time?

Download Photos Exif Editor on Mac to edit exif data of photos with ease. Whether you want to change your picture’s copyright information, or you want to remove the location details for enhanced privacy, an exif editor is all you need. It lets you edit EXIF information of thousands of photos on your Mac in no time at all.

 What Photos Exif Editor Does?

  • Reads & writes EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP metadata and more.
  • Supports many common image formats including RAW format.
  • Allows you to delete metadata individually or multiple photos.
  • Sets photo modification/original date-time from EXIF information.

How It Works?

1. Drag and drop a batch of photos to the Photo Exif Editor.

2. Edit metadata of selected images.

3. Processed changes and output saved.

4. Restore metadata to original in current session.

5. Create Presets & speed up your work.

6. View metadata info.

7. Custom Date-Time & GPS editor.

8. Clean Metadata information.

Enjoy an intuitive way to edit EXIF & IPTC metadata for thousands of photos!

1. Photos Exif Editor

Photos Exif Editor

Click Here to Download Photos Exif Editor

Photos Exif Editor is the best Exif editor for Mac. It is a fast and simple way to modify or remove EXIF, IPTC, XMP metadata for multiple images at once. Having this tool installed, relieves you from various privacy concerns. It further helps you to easily add images, folder or drag & drop images to edit. In a nutshell, this amazing Exif editor is worth a try!

Photos Exif Editor: Features

  • Manually enter GPS coordinates for all the images.
  • Photos Exif editor is used for writing and reading EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata.
  • Supports all image formats like JPEG, TIFF and RAW.
  • Available on Windows 10/8/7/XP and Mac.

2. AnalogExif


Get It Here

AnalogExif is a reliable and free metadata editor that is designed for scanned films and DSC-captured digital images. It has the ability to modify XMP and EXIF metadata tags from TIFF & JPEG files formats. AnalogExif lets you edit or remove image metadata on both Windows PC and Mac. Additionally, it gets all the work done with ease.

AnalogExif: Features

  • Get a customizable set of the supported metadata tags.
  • AnalogExif allows you to perform batch operations.
  • Provides custom XMP schema for film camera properties such as number, exposure film name and many more.
  • Available on Mac OS, Windows 10/8/7 and XP.

3. EXIFPurge

EXIFPurge - Exif Editor for Mac

Get it here

While considering the best working Exif editors for Mac, EXIFPurge is a portable app for Mac that helps you remove EXIF metadata from multiple images at once. Just a click of a button and you are sorted. You can edit camera, location and other technical information from a batch of photos using this useful Exif editor for Mac.

EXIFPurge: Features

  • EXIFPurge is a portable Exif editor for Mac allowing you to use USB pendrive as well.
  • Best suited for batch editing.
  • You can edit or remove Exif data from a photo or bunch of pictures as per your requirement like time, date and location.
  • EXIF Purge is a product from Uconomix Technologies, creators of uMark – a photo watermark software.

4. Image Exif Editor

Image Exif Editor for mac

Get It Here

Image Exif Editor is designed with a motive to present as many details as possible. It gives every minute details about when and how a photo was taken. This tool presents all details in a very crisp format and amazing Exif metadata editing capabilities. It is the most powerful editor for Mac that comes handy with an easy to use interface and supports all image formats.

Image Exif Editor: Features

  • It allows you Undo or Redo batch editing.
  • Image Exif Editor supports batch image editing.
  • It gives you many visible pre-set values to get detailed info about the image.
  • The tool supports enhanced improved GPS geolocation, which allows you to search for a place & change the destination just by dragging the pin.

5. Exif Editor

Exif Editor for mac

Get It Here

Exif Editor is another amazing choice to edit images data. It directly lets you edit images in Photos. You can view and edit Exif data with minimum efforts and in real-time. Download this best EXIF data editor on Windows & Mac today!

Exif Editor: Features

  • A tool that is best used for editing and viewing your camera settings.
  • Allows you to add information about scanned analog images.
  • A good option to edit or remove the camera, software info, and author.
  • Exif Editor also lets you modify the crucial information such as location and date.

6. EXIF Studio

EXIF Studio

Get It Here

Here comes another fantastic Photo EXIF Editor app for Mac that allows users to view, read, rename and edit several images in just a few clicks. With EXIF Studio, you can edit GPS location and get various options for saving the final output image. You can even create presets while modifying metadata to use it in the future for batch metadata editing & save your precious time and efforts.

EXIF Studio: Features

  • Allows editing EXIF, IPTC, XMB, and GPS data.
  • Supports batch metadata editing.
  • Save settings that you may reuse later.
  • Easily rename the edited photos in one go.

7. MetaImage


Get It Here

Before we wrap up our list of best photos EXIF editor apps for Mac, let me introduce you to another tool that works like magic to read, write and edit EXIF Information from various image file formats. Meet MetaImage, a state-of-the-art utility with a highly ergonomic dashboard and numerous options to edit XMP and EXIF meta tags.

MetaImage: Features

  • Supports editing GPS metadata & entering new GPS coordinates.
  • Save presets for reuse and save time for batch metadata editing.
  • There’s also a Photo Extension tool that lets you completely inspect any image & get all the technical information you may need.
  • Compatible with more than hundreds of image file formats & metadata tags.

Frequently Asked Questions | More Related To Photo Exif Editor Software For Mac (2024)


How do I edit photo metadata on Mac?

Using a professional Photo EXIF Editor tool for Mac, you can easily alter metadata tags of any image, including its name, date, size, GPS coordinates, and more. If you ask for our recommendation, we suggest using Photos EXIF Photos Editor by Systweak Software. The application securely reads & writes EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP metadata, and more. Comes with the support for almost all common image formats, including RAW format, and allows you to delete metadata individually or multiple photos.



How do I change EXIF data on Mac?

Using Photo EXIF Editor apps for Mac is a straightforward and effortless task; all you need to do is:

  • Run any professional Photo EXIF Editor software for the Mac of your choice.
  • Add photo(s) for which you wish to read, write, or edit metadata.
  • Tinker with multiple options to add or edit Name, Date, Size, Device Information, GPS coordinates, and more.
  • Save your final image in the desired file format!



How do I remove EXIF data from photos on Mac?

Removing EXIF data is as effortless as adding or editing the information. For demonstration purposes, we are using EXIFPurge to remove metadata from photos.

  • Launch EXIFPurge, one of the best photo EXIF editor tools for Mac.
  • Drag and drop images into the window or click Select Images to find and add the photos of your choice.
  • Now choose the location where you want to save your images and click on Purge Exif Info.
  • Verify the metadata you want to be removed, and a dialog box will appear on your screen. You can hit the OK button and proceed!



Can you edit EXIF data?

Yes! EXIF data can be easily manipulated using the best photo EXIF editor app for Mac. Using professional tools, you can also fake the date of capture, location, and other essential information.


Wrapping Up:

That’s it folks! These were some of the topnotch Exif editors for Mac. Out of this list of multiple Exif editors, Photos Exif Editor being my favourite. I would recommend using it even for a novice as it has an easy-to-use interface and it lets you edit data of thousands of images altogether.

Have you ever used an Exif Editor? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

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