Good News: Now We Can Donate to Charity Through TikTok Donation Stickers

Good News: Now We Can Donate to Charity Through TikTok Donation Stickers

Recently, TikTok launched a new feature in the TikTok app as Donation Stickers. Through Donation Stickers, we can make easy donations to charity without leaving the TikTok app. The motive of the donation stickers in the TikTok app is to help the charities to survive the crisis. 

Although there are various methods to donate funds, now you can also donate funds through the TikTok app in the phase of the global crisis. Through this blog, I am going to share how to help charities survive the Coronavirus crisis. Let’s get started. 

Note: Indian Government has released a regulatory guideline to block Tik Tok and 58 other Chinese applications that won’t run on any Indian server to prevent from security threats. It may be disheartening for millions of Tik Tok users however the decision has been taken foreseeing the national security.

Help Charities Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus has affected most of the population from every country around the globe. Apart from deaths, we have observed that livelihoods, businesses, and individuals are going down due to the global impact on the economy. Basically, low paid employees and people who had businesses are on the verge of death due to hunger and poverty. 

Help Charities Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

Meanwhile, we have observed various groups coming out of the zone to serve the people of the nation. Therefore, in the same manner, TikTok added the donation sticker to serve the people for a great cause.  TikTok is one of the highly downloaded applications worldwide. 

Till the time we all recover from the loss and economy, charities and donations are the only supports to keep going together with the world. Since the lockdown data shows that people have started using more TikTok than before. Therefore, TikTok has taken this great initiative to come ahead together and donate whatever we can to do the needful. 

If you’re not a TikTok user and still wish to use TikTok to help the charities to survive the Coronavirus crisis, click on the below-mentioned links to download: 

For iOS Users: TikTok

For Android Users: TikTok

How to Use TikTok Donation Stickers to help

Donation stickers launched by TikTok can be embedded directly in live streams and videos. Whenever the viewer will tap on the sticker, it will direct them to a new popped window which instructs them on how to donate to charities without leaving TikTok application. 

In order to add a donation sticker to TikTok, you have to tap on the COVID-19 donation sticker on the editing page of your video. After this, you can select the organization wherein you want to support and place the donation sticker on your video. Further, you can add a caption with hashtags and tap on “Post”.

How to Use TikTok Donation Stickers

As of now, TikTok has partnered with the charity organization that is supporting communities affected by the global pandemic of coronavirus. TikTok partnered with famous charity organizations like The James Beard Foundation, the CDC Foundation, MusiCares, the No Kid Fund, the National PTA, Meals on Wheels, and The Actors Fund. 

Tiltify is managing all the donations. Tiltify is a charity fundraising platform processing donations and transactions safely and securely through the platform. Additionally, after 27th May 2020, TikTok will be matching all the transactions made through Donation stickers.

TikTok Donation Stickers: Everything you need to know

Undoubtedly, TikTok has taken an initiative in the need of the hour. Like, the donations will be helping a lot of people through the famous platform.  Let’s just hope that this initiative serves people as TikTok serves people in boredom. 

TikTok Donation Stickers

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I hope this blog was informative and helpful to use TikTok Donation Stickers. Follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms. Comment down and let us know about your favorite Donation Sticker on TikTok. 

Thanks for reading. 

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