Check Out The Different Ways You Can Delete Apps on iOS 13

Check Out The Different Ways You Can Delete Apps on iOS 13

Gradually, Apple had come to the terms that some of the controls must be given to the users as well. The avid iPhone users are quite aware about the issues they had to face with iPhones in the start. However, after every new iOS version, the controls have been loosen up & now you can make changes like editing the home screen itself.

Delete apps on iOS 13

For example, in case you would want to delete any of the apps on your AndroidOS smartphone, it would be as easy as holding it first & then dragging on the top of the screen (middle side). Once you are there, you will get the notification to remove the app from desktop or uninstall it from your device. The case isn’t the same with the iOS platform so let’s find out the ways to delete apps from an iPhone.

How to Delete Apps on an iPhone (iOS 13)

There have been many questions around how we can delete apps on iOS 13 though the process cannot differ much. Be it your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, the whole process of deleting an app from the particular device is the same. However, there have been some changes compared to the previous processes we used to delete the apps. & since the changes had been experienced in the iOS 13, let’s start deleting unnecessary apps from iPhone:

We will be following the below steps to delete apps from iOS 13 device:

  1. On your iOS device home screen, go to the app you want to delete from your iPhone

how to delete apps ios 13

  1. Here you are required to click & then hold onto the same app that we selected above.
  2. You need to hold on to the app until you see an auto pop-up with various menu options.
  3. Please know that you don’t need to put off your finger/thumb from the app until the apps on the screen start wiggling (the auto pop up menu will also vanish).
  4. Now you will see an X button displaying on the screen on all the applicable apps.

how to delete apps in ios 13

  1. Now click on the X button of that specific app you want to delete from your iOS device.
  2. Once you click on the X button, the next prompt will be a confirmation message if you want to delete the app or cancel the given command. Maker up your mind & then press the appropriate command accordingly.
  3. After selecting the ‘Delete’ command, the app will be deleted from the iPhone.
  4. Use the exact same procedure to delete or remove the apps you want to from your iPhone & once you are done, tap on Done (this will stop the wiggling-app-thing on the home screen).

Please note you can also use the Home gesture to stop the apps from wiggling & the apps-deletion-process. & the above process will be exactly the same for devices that run on iOS 13 or later.

Wrapping Up

Deleting apps is anyways a hectic thing for many users who aren’t quite friendly with cell phones. & since we are talking about the iPhone, users are a bit conscious of making changes to the device. Here we have mentioned the most simplest way to delete or remove the unnecessary or unwanted apps from your iOS device. All you need to do is to follow the process & not put off the holding-apps-situation from the home screen.

Make yourself sure about the apps you want to delete because if you delete any of the apps mistakenly, the whole process of downloading & installation will become hectic for you.

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