How to Create an Apple ID Recovery Key: iOS 14

How to Create an Apple ID Recovery Key: iOS 14

No matter how much we criticize Apple for not really innovating their products in the past few years, the security segment is undoubtedly top notch. The company doesn’t give second thoughts on the privacy & security part while users can be lenient a few times. From download apps from the App Store to sharing media files with your friends or colleagues, you have been covered.

Create an Apple ID Recovery Key

I believe this is one of the main reasons why users are so inclined towards the Apple devices though the company’s market share is way lesser than Android OS. With every new iOS version or minute updates, Apple makes sure that users’ security isn’t being compromised. & that’s what we would be talking about here that will include a solution related to your Apple ID login & issue you may face.

Ways to Create an Apple ID Recovery Key

Apple has always been the ultimate security solution brand you can opt for & even if you are in critical situations, the security layers will help you out. Here we would be talking about the solution for creating the Apple ID recovery key that can be considered as another security layer for your account.

Recovery Key is being used by the user under situations where he/she cannot access his/her Apple account. The reason for being unable to access the account can be forgetting the password & now trying to reset it.

So apart from using the trusted phone number or email address, users can take help of the Recovery Key & reset the account password easily. Now the question is, what is the Recovery Key & how to create one?

The Recovery key is a 14-character Key that will be used to regain access to your account if you ever lose access to your trusted devices or SMS-capable phone number, or forget your password. Meaning, those trusted devices (phone number or email address) must be handy, however, in case things go haywire; you can use the Recovery Key option to reset the password.

Please note as long as you are not locked out of the Apple ID, you can create the new key to keep a backup when having issues with your login issue.

So in order to create an Apple ID Recovery Key, you should follow the below mentioned steps & the ID will be created in no time.

Additionally, these steps will be seen in iOS 14 beta version so in case you aren’t using iOS 14 Beta, you may not find below steps while creating the recovery key.

  1. Let’s start with visiting page in order to manage your Apple ID
  2. You need to login to your Apple account by putting in the correct login ID credentials.
  3. Here the next step would be to verify the trusted device identity that can be any device or the SMS enabled phone number
  4. Now you need to look for the option Security (left side of the screen) & tap on it.
  5. The last option you need to select would be ‘replace recover key” & that’s it.
  6. Once you have replaced the recover key, this will be your one of the ways to reset the account password in case you need it.
  7. Go through the setup process & you have got yourself a new key that needs to be securely properly. Don’t put it in a place where it can get compromised easily like your wallet or bag.
  8. The whole process will prompt you to reenter the recovery key so it can be proven that you have the key. Obviously, you need to put it in manually & then you are all set with your new Apple ID recovery key.

Remember, once you have created a new Recovery key, the old one would stop working then & there only. So it’s suggested that you keep checking that you have got the correct recovery key when you have the account access. Because if you are locked out, nothing can’t be done.

Wrapping Up

Apple ID recovery key is quite an important aspect when it comes to resetting your account for unknown reasons. This is when you need to create an Apple ID recovery key that can be used as long as you are logged in to your account (on another device).

Don’t forget to go through the above process to be precise about how to create the recovery key for your Apple account.

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