3 Ways to Convert Web to PDF on iPhone and Android

3 Ways to Convert Web to PDF on iPhone and Android

Let’s face it that we all have had difficulties while trying to convert files to pdf. Be it word to pdf, excel to pdf, text to pdf, web to pdf and etc. Since our concentration point is converting web pages to pdf, let’s go through the basic process we follow.

We save the page as a bookmark; however, the limitation of this feature is that we can only access it if we have an internet connection. But what if you need to access the page when you are offline?

Well, to help you out with this issue, here are the top 3 Web to PDF converters, for Android as well as iPhone.

We are categorizing the apps into two sections.

1st one belongs to Android compatible apps and the latter one is for iOS compatible apps.

1. Android Apps

A. Convert web to PDF


C. Web to PDF Converter – Html to PDF Converter

2. iPhone Apps

A. Web to PDF Converter & Reader


C. Red: Web to PDF Converter

Now let’s go through these solutions one by one to understand them better:

1. Android

A. Convert web to PDF

The simple and convenient application, “Convert web to PDF” has been used by a lot of users and almost every one of them is quite happy with the way this app functions. This app can convert any website to PDF for offline reading, so you won’t have to go online every single time to read something.

Click Here to Install

How it works:

1. Open the App and on the homepage, you will find a text field stating “Input URL here to convert

Android Convert web to PDF homepage

2. Paste the URL of the page you want to convert in the blank field

3. Click on convert and let the process get completed.

4. Once it’s over, your file has been converted and you are all set to use your pdf file.

One catchy point with this app is that after conversion, it will give you three options (Open / Share / Continue) which are self-explanatory and quite useful to us. So without a doubt, one of the most easy-to-access apps I have ever used.

Android Convert web to PDF


Like Convert web to PDF, UrlToPDF is also the same when you land on the homepage of the app. It also asks you to put the URL of the page you want to convert in PDF format in the blank field.

Android UrlToPDF homepage

The app has many configurations to choose from which include the options to define PDF parameters such as background, table of contents, grayscale, quality, images, orientation and media print.

Android UrlToPDF configurations

You get an ample amount of options related to Header and Footer of the page also. Plus, you can also send the converted pdf file to email which as well is great. All of these amazing features, you can find in settings which is the burger icon in the bottom right of the homepage of the app.

Click Here to Install

C. Web to PDF Converter – Html to PDF Converter

Since we are enlisting the top three pdf converter apps for Android, “Web to PDF Converter – Html to PDF Converter” is also one of the best web/HTML to PDF Converter apps we have ever come across. This app also serves the base solution we are looking for (web to pdf conversion) with high quality so that we can read offline articles, blogs, or webpages without any hassle.

As in the above screenshot, the app gives you options of getting the link of the webpage (the one you want to convert into pdf) from many places such as, “load from bookmarks, paste from clipboard, share links from the browser, or as simple as just type and click Go.”

Android Web to PDF converter Html to PDF Converter

Click Here to Install

How this works:

  • As other converters work, you need to put in the web address and click on the “right-facing arrow”

Android Web to PDF converter_Html to PDF Converter Homepage

  • Your file has been converted and now you have options (bottom right side of the app) to download as well as share the page.

Android Web to PDF converter Html to PDF Converter Conversion

So this is how you can get your webpages converted into PDF files and share them from the same platform as well.

P.S. – All of these pdf converter apps are free of cost to use so let’s explore them to the fullest.

2. iPhone

A. Web to PDF Converter & Reader

With 4.7 out of 5 stars, Web to PDF Converter & Reader application tops the list when we talk about the tools to convert web pages into pdf format. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad and it’s been successfully executing the core purpose it was built for.

Visit Here

How this tool works:

Open the homepage of the application and visit the webpage you want to convert to pdf.

Click on PDF option (bottom right corner) where you have the option to rename the PDF file and other options to keep clickable links on PDF (optional).

iOS Web to PDF Converter & Reader webpage

Tap on the “Create PDF” (top right corner) option and your converted PDF has successfully been created.

iOS Web to PDF Converter & Reader Create PDF

You can click on the “Files” option (bottom middle corner) and access your PDF files. It’s quite simple and easy to access the app and get the best results.

iOS Web to PDF Converter & Reader access files


With 4 out of 5 stars, WEB To PDF is the second most used converter when it comes to webpages to pdf files conversion. This app also gives you the option to annotate the converted PDF files so that you can express yourself much more via those.

This tool protects your device using the built-in VPN client. Unlike other tools, WEB To PDF lets you organize your converted documents better. It also gives the option to share the documents with your family or business partners to save your precious time. So overall, it’s a quite useful and easy-to-access app.

How it works:

Download the app and land on the homepage which looks like the below image:

iOS WEB To PDF homepage

  • Click on the burger menu (top left) and select “Web”
  • Visit the website you want to convert a PDF document of and tap on the 3rd last (pdf sign) option from right to left order (extreme bottom of the app)

iOS WEB To PDF pdf sign

  • You can rename the document and once you click “OK”, your document is ready to use.
  • You can view all the converted PDFs in burger menu when you click on PDF’s option


If you click “Protect” from the burger menu and sign in with “KeepSolid ID”, your free version of 7 days will start. So if you want to use a secure VPN, go for it or else keep using the free version of the app.

The app is free since now and offers 2 auto-renewal subscriptions as below:

  • 7 days – $1.99
  • Monthly – $4.99
  • Yearly – $24.99

C. Red: Web to PDF Converter

The list is getting better and better as the Red: Web to PDF Converter makes it more interesting. The app is also compatible with iPhone and iPad as well as requires iOS 11.0 or later which I believe everyone is beyond.

The tagline of the app is “Red is the quickest and easiest way to save your favorite web content to PDFs to view anywhere, anytime!” which itself is quite powerful to tell about the same.

Click Here to Visit

How the app works:

On the homepage, you fill in the blank with the URL of the webpage you want to convert

iOS_RED homepage

Once the page gets loaded, click on “Convert to PDF” (top middle).

iOS_RED convert to PDF

Tap on “Preview” (top middle) to view the pages and then tap on “Share or Export as PDF” and your document is ready to get converted into PDF format.

iOS_RED webpage

Click on “Convert to PDF” and the next step is, you will be assigning the specific folder to save the output converted file.

iOS_RED PDF destination folder

Like other apps, Red also converts the web pages into pdf. You can export and save PDFs to your Dropbox or to your Documents and share them via email as well.

Apart from the above apps (we need to download from the App Store), iOS has an in-built feature that lets you convert your web pages into PDF. Let’s go through them as well:

For iOS12 users, the process is as below:

1. Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the webpage which you want to save as PDF.

2. Now, click on the Share button and in the Activities sheet, select “Create PDF”.

3. Your PDF file has been created so now tap on “Done”.

4. Now, click on the Save File to and provide the location by following the “save the web page as PDF”.

For iOS13 and iPadOS users, the process is as below:

A few of the initial steps are similar, however, as users identified, this process is much simpler than doing the same on iOS12.

Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the web page of your choice.

Now let the page get loaded completely, or else you won’t be able to save full page as PDF later on.

Now capture a screenshot of the page by pressing and holding the Home and Sleep button at once on your iPhone/iPad in Safari.

Based on your previous steps, you will find a preview of the screenshot on the bottom left corner.

Click on the screenshot and then tap on the Full-Page option that’s available on the right top corner.

Now, tap on Done and then select Save PDF to Files

If you don’t have/find the exact folder, create one and then tap on Save. And that’s it.

To learn more about converting various files into other formats, do explore this section and enjoy the world of knowledge.

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