Get All Guns Blazing And Block Ads On Android

Get All Guns Blazing And Block Ads On Android

Android devices have become such an intrinsic part of our lives. Be it surfing the web, watching videos, playing games or using an ocean of apps spanned across so many categories, using an Android device is an experience in itself. But, something that sometimes completely ruins this experience is when you are bombarded with apps every now and then. They arise out of nowhere on videos we watch, the websites we visit or even apps that we use. Let’s fight this out and look at ways you can block ads in Android.

Here’s why you would want to learn how to stop pop up ads on Android
● They hamper the overall functionality of an app/ game● Impair your video viewing experience

● Decrease the readability of a website

● Apps that have loads of ads get really bad reviews especially if they are inappropriate and out of context

How To Remove Ads From A Phone?

An ad that pops up once in a while would not bother you much, but if ads keep popping up one after the other, then that’s a problem and here are things you can do to stop ads from popping up on your Android –

1. Install Private Browser

block ads in android

Ads can prove to be very intrusive when browsing the internet. Some of these ads could even prove to be rogue and eventually steal your private data by trapping you into clicking them. If you mistakenly have, worry not! Here are some of the best Android anti-malware apps for Android.

But, keeping that aside wouldn’t you want to stay away from such ads? How about we tell you that there is a browser that has an inbuilt ad-blocker which stops such intrusive ads in their tracks. Private Browser Care is one such app which blocks ads the moment it finds them on a website.

Others Features:

  • It’s just 4 MB in size
  • Surf privately without having your browser cookies, cache or browsing history saved
  • No extensions or ad-ons to slow down browsing speed
  • Keeps trackers away that try to steal your data
  • Different browsing modes

Download Private Browser Care

2. Block pop up pages and ads in Chrome

Block pop up pages

Chrome is one the most preferred, popular and robust browsers for Android and not for any other reason, it has functions in place and thereby knows how to block ads on Android. As a Chrome user here’s how you can block ads while browsing websites on Chrome.

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots at the topmost right corner and click on Settings
  3. Scroll down and tap on Site Settings
  4. Tap on Pop-ups and redirects and toggle the switch to the right
  5. Now, tap on Ads and again toggle the switch to the right

3. Turn Off Data And Personalization In Google

Turn Off Data

This step might not exactly block ads on Android but it would reduce their count.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on Accounts and backup
  3. Tap on Accounts and tap on your Google account
  4. Under Data & Personalization tab, scroll down and go to Ad personalization and tap on it
  5. Toggle the switch against Ad personalisation to left

4. Use Ad Blocker Apps

If you go back to point # 1, you already have your first app that can block ads while you are browsing the internet which is Private Browser Care. However, there are other individual apps which are solely intended to block ads on your Android device. Plus, they offer a host of other features as well. Let’s have a look at few such apps –

1. Blokada –

Use Ad Blocker Apps

  • It is open source and free
  • No rooting required
  • Blocks ads everywhere – video, apps, games and browsers
  • Saves battery and mobile data
  • Blokada is also capable of removing malware from Android

Download Blokada

2. Adguard

  • Blocks ads from browsers, games, apps and all other websites
  • Blocks online trackers that try to steal your data
  • Apps management tool helps you filter what you like and what you don’t

Download Adguard

3. Adlock

  • No rooting required
  • Remove ads, popups and other disturbances from websites, videos and apps
  • It blocks ads and any phishing attempts on your Android device
  • Saves battery and data

Download AdLock

4. Block This

Block this

  • It is free and open source
  • Removes ads from apps, video and browser
  • It even helps you get rid of cookies and malware
  • Increase battery life and save data
  • Faster browsing

Download Block This


Now, with all the above workarounds, you know what to do when you are swarmed with intrusive and invasive ads. Do, let us know which of these methods you would recommend in the comments section below. For more such content keep reading Tweak Library.

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