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Top 5 Translation Apps For iOS And Android Users
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Top 5 Translation Apps For iOS And Android Users

There are almost 8000+ different languages around the world. People from different worlds face communication issues while traveling from one country to another country or region. With advanced technology, we have filled the communication gap after inventing translator apps that help people to understand and translate languages easily. By using these translator apps, people can easily understand the languages from different world within a second.

free translation apps for Android and iOS
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We have listed some translation apps which help users(Android and iOS) to understand different languages while traveling to different countries or regions. Please be warned that not all translator apps are equal. However, the below apps are top search apps that users would love to download and use it in their smartphones.

Best Translation Apps For iOS And Android

1. Google Translate

Google translate app

Google translate is one of the best and most downloaded applications by users on their smartphones. It’s very popular among all the language services. By text-to-text support, it can translate more than 100+ languages and users will get 50+ translate languages even if there is no internet connection on your phone. The best part of this app, users can use their smartphone camera to avail of 30 language translation support in conversation mode.


  • Can translate between 103 languages by typing
  • Works offline and translates 60 languages
  • Support 37 languages while taking pictures of texts from the camera
  • Draw characters, instead of writing in 93 languages
  • Performs better translations across apps.

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2. iTranslate

translator apps for Android

One of the leading free apps for iOS and Android users. The major aim of the app is to help travelers, business professionals, students, medical staff and employees to read, write and speak all major languages around the world. This app supports more than 100 languages via text or voice command method respectively. Users have the option to select audio support of male or female voice, based on discretion. If a user wants to access camera translation, verb conjugation guide, conversation translation, offline mode features, and website translation, they have to upgrade the premium version of iTranslate app.


  • It’s free and required in-app purchases to unlock the premium features of this app.
  • Dictionary and phrasebook mode
  • Offline mode is available
  • Supports all text translations over 100 plus languages and speech translations over 40 languages.

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3. Microsoft Translator

Translator apps for iPhone

Microsoft Translator is the most versatile app in the market and most likely app for users. It’s a free app available on the App Store and Google Play Store which is capable of doing voice, text, image translations and conversation. This app is capable of performing both offline and online transactions in more than 60+ languages, just like Google Translate app. Some of the other utilities of this app are, users can improve their pronunciation by listening to its audio prompt, can utilize in-built phrasebook, and can learn foreign languages without putting extra effort.


  • Supports all text translations in 65 languages and speech translation in 20 languages
  • It allows translation sharing between apps
  • Supports camera and image translation
  • It enables multi-person translated conversations

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4. SayHi Translate

free translation apps for Android and iOS.

Typing is not necessary if you have downloaded the “SayHi” translate app on your smartphone. It’s like a “Voice translator” for everyone. Users can get voice prompt with different languages including some local languages. Users also have the option to select a male and female voice prompt. This app also offers user to speed up and slow down the translated speech rate for easier emulation.


  • Capable of camera translation for some Asian characters
  • Capable of copying and sharing translated texts through SMS, Emails and Social media
  • Supports Text and speech translations in 90+ languages

5. Naver Papago Translate

translator apps for Android

“Naver Papago Translate” is a free translation app for travelers who go abroad for study or business trip. This app only supports 13 languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German and Italian). It is capable of performing voice and text translation, image translation and conversation translation. There are three modes in which this app can be operated: Offline, Conversation, and automatic currency conversion.


  • “Papago Kids” feature for understanding and learning basic foreign languages
  • Comes with phrasebook and dictionary
  • Capable of doing image translations easily
  • Supports speech and text translations in 13 languages

Translator apps help users to learn and understand different types of languages around the world. We have listed the best 5 free translation apps that most users won’t hesitate to download. Although the most popular choice is certainly “Google Translate” but, we recommended users to try the above apps and share their views in the comments sections.

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