Predictions From The Smartphone Cameras

Do Multiple Cameras on Smartphones Guarantee A Good Picture Quality?

Predictions From The Smartphone Cameras

First, let’s agree on one thing that we all love to click pictures from our mobile phone cameras. Even the ones who don’t like to get their pictures clicked, get a nag to click photos.  The story doesn’t end here, once we click pictures, we edit them and then post on social media. Smartphone enthusiasts often click photos to compare the picture quality of two smartphones.or sometimes we compare the quality of photos with other phone cameras.

Due to the cutthroat competition in the market, every phone manufacturing company is trying to win the race of providing the best and increase its user base.

Given the newer trends, the companies add multiple cameras on the phone to perform a single task.

Smartphone Cameras in 2020
Image source: The Smartphone Photographer

We all get happy whenever we see a new yet-to-be-launched phone with multiple cameras and get excited to see the output. The only purpose they serve is to give you a clearer picture of all the required-lucrative-features. These advanced and continuous improvement features in the cameras make us switch our phones so quickly, we don’t even realize.

Why There Is a Need for Multiple Cameras?

Since every one of us is obsessed with taking pictures and selfies, all we want is a good quality camera. But when we differentiate between phone camera and DSLR, the satisfaction level goes down, and all we could think about is, Why this phone isn’t able to take pictures like DSLR?”

And the reason my friend is, In DSLR, they use optical zoom lenses, however, in mobile phones, digital zoom lenses are being used. So, to meet the requirements nearby the quality of DSLR, companies are trying to add more cameras on the phones.

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Optical Zoom & Digital Zoom

In simple words, Optical zoom uses magnifying lenses to get a much closer-up view of a scene, whereas Digital zoom depends on software to get a nearly-similar effect.

So in nearly all the situations, optical zooming is far superior to digital zoom.

Optical Zoom & Digital Zoom
Source: youtube

The above picture shows the difference between digital and optical zoom and the difference is using magnifying lenses that makes a huge impact.

Prediction from Phone Cameras in 2024

Today, camera quality on a phone plays a vital role while we go and look for our next phone. All of us already have seen the best camera phones in the market last year and that gives us a hint of how this year will look like.

A few of the major players are Google Pixel 4, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and the Apple iPhone 11 who just changed the way we click pictures.

War Continues

To compete in the market and win the race, Huawei P20 Pro came up with a 40MP camera, however, 48MP and 64MP cameras became quite normal. After a few days, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 came up with a 108MP camera and that too at an affordable cost. Now the technology that made all of these things possible is quad-CFA, quad-Bayer, or “pixel-binning” camera sensors.

If we see the current and past patterns that made all of these things possible, soon we are going to experience a new breakthrough in the mobile phone camera category. If I go with the latest tech news and announcements made in CES, Samsung is all set to bring 108MP main camera with a resolution that’s never been seen before. The Galaxy S11 Plus’s 108MP camera will offer nine-in-one pixel binning, which is an improvement over four-in-one pixel binning used by everyone else in the industry.

The events held by Samsung, Apple, Google, and Qualcomm (last year) focused on smartphone camera innovation, however, Qualcomm’s event was majorly based on what it was going to offer its users in the next year.



These above expectations set by Qualcomm and other continuous advanced improvements in camera qualities have made me conclude that the tech giants are going to offer great deals with camera qualities. As we all know, Apple doesn’t miss an opportunity to try new things, expect big things from the company’s iPhones this year, as well.

What Do you Think?

Let us know if you think the companies are only trying to race with each other without even considering what the users need? Or this is what you’re looking for? Is it worth spending so much money on a camera because phones launch one after the other with new resolution cameras? Your shared thoughts will be highly appreciated in this subject.

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