Here Are The Best PDF Editor Apps For Android And iPhone

Here Are The Best PDF Editor Apps For Android And iPhone

Well, a lot of us have this misconception that a pdf file cannot be edited and due to this, we go through all the hassle of converting it into doc file and make the necessary changes. Then we save doc file and reconvert in pdf and send back with the amendments. Thank god, it doesn’t happen with Windows and Mac as we have “Best PDF Editors for Windows and Mac.”  If you like you can give them a go. 

Coming back to point, here are the best PDF apps that you can use on Android and iPhone. Certainly, these apps will make your life easier. We have divided the apps into two categories as below:

A. Apps compatible with Android + iOS

  1. PDFelement – Free PDF Editor (Android + iOS)
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android + iOS)
  3. Xodo (Android + iOS)
  4. Foxit (Android + iOS)
  5. OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor (Android + iOS)

B. Apps compatible with Android or iOS

  1. GoodReader (iOS)
  2. Write on PDF (Android)

Let’s go through each one of them to understand the features and perks they offer:

Best PDF Editor Apps For Android And iPhone:

A. Apps compatible with Android + iOS

1. PDFelement – Free PDF Editor

PDFelement is one of the best free PDF editor software when we talk about amending PDF documents. An app that is completely compatible with iOS as well as Android. It lets you read, annotate, and even edit the text in pdf documents. In order to avail of these features, what you need to do is, just register for a free account and there it is.

PDFelement - Free PDF Editor

As per the screenshot above, you can edit a pdf file, convert it into the file type you want, and you can also put comments in the pdf so that you and your team can work together faster. Below is the screenshot which gives you the details of the features depending on your mobile operating system.

The best free PDF editor for iPhone and Android, PDFelement does come with a fee tag for Mac and Windows

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe, I think the only app we refer whenever we have pdf file in our cell phone and it says, “cannot open the file.” Since we have experienced and as the name suggests, Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most used and trusted free pdf editor software. The app is also the trusted one to use from the security point of view. 


Adobe is compatible with all the devices and you can use this app on Android as well as iOS for the purpose of viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs. You also have the features of capturing any paper document and transform it into a high-quality PDF. 

This app is free to read, highlight text, and basic annotation, and fill out forms. In order to edit pdf, please go through the plans available on the basis of the work you do on pdf.

3. Xodo

One of the most powerful, fast, and online PDF editors I have ever come across. So many features with so many products and the center of all of it are how to make users’ lives better by giving them the power to use pdf the way they want to. You want to edit, merge, highlight, link, annotate anything in the pdf, Xodo is the solution you are looking for. From an Android phone to an iPhone and from web apps to work as a chrome extension, Xodo is everywhere. 


You can use Xodo’s full range of tools to markup documents your way. You have the option to choose from a selection of sizes, colors, transparencies, and more. While talking about the perks of the app, let’s discuss the subscription fee for using the app, which is absolutely free on every platform. Alike PDFelement, Xodo has also been enlisted as the best free PDF editor for Android as well as iPhone.

4. Foxit

One of the finest online pdf editor software, Foxit works perfectly on the web, windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Foxit comes with a feature of 12 languages to meet the demand of worldwide customers and you get full control of your content. Foxit has also rolled out ConnectedPDF, a new technology for creating, sharing, and tracking PDF documents.


A provider of PDF solutions, Foxit is a big magic box where you will definitely find anything and everything related to pdf. Be it split, merge, edit, annotate, highlight, fill the pdf. You can download the Foxit app for Android and iOS here. 

5. OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite is an app rolled out by MobiSystems and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. This app lets you view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, as well as perform advanced PDF operations.


The application is very popular as it is available in more than 60 languages all over the world and has been used in more than 195 countries. The premium feature of the app comes with more advanced features such as password-protected files, 50GB of storage on MobiSystems Drive, and too many to count. If we go through the reviews left by users, this is an app you shouldn’t miss if you are thinking about getting one of the best free pdf editors for Android as well as iPhone.

B. Apps compatible with Android or iOS

1. GoodReader

An app that is dedicated to only iOS users. GoodReader came into existence in 2009 and with every upgrade, they added one or the other feature to make it stable in the list of top apps for pdf editing in iOS. This application is more than a PDF editor for iOS devices as you can edit your pdf as well as manage your other files.


The App lets you work on different formats like MS Office, TXT, HTML, etc. and you get different options also i.e. rename files, zip/unzip files, unRAR files, and folders. This App also allows text-to-speech features to read your pdf and txt files for fast work as well. So overall, it’s a bang on for frequent pdf users. The amazing app comes with a subscription fee of $5.99 for iOS devices only. The Pro version of the same tree comes with a bit higher price.

2. Write on PDF

Write on PDF is an application developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., so the credibility to use the app increases. The latest update on the app held 6 days ago so it’s as fresh as you want it with more amazing features. Write on PDF is surely one of the best pdf editors tools for android which is faster as well as accurate.

Write on pdf

This app is dedicated to Android devices only and the reviews of the app are super positive which gives a boost to go ahead, download the app, and start using it. The app includes more functions such as bookmark the files to easily navigate them later, view in horizontal and vertical ways, sync with Dropbox, and etc. 

Wrapping Up

These are all the 7 (5+2) best-selected PDF editing applications for your mobile operating systems i.e. iOS and Android. You can choose the best ones according to your need to read and edit your PDF files. Next time, pick one of these and tweak texts, add a new image, highlight favorite things, build your own PDF forms, and whatnot. You can also go through the different tools that can be used to convert PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, and PDF to Excel.

We Are Listening

What do you think about these apps like PDF Reader and Editor? If you are using any other app which is also quite useful and handy like these, do share in the comments and we will add that to make the experience better for our readers.

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