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Best GPU Benchmark Software for Windows 10
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Best GPU Benchmark Software for Windows 10

Gaming has always been an entertaining part of our lives & moreover, the perfect stress buster. However, sometimes we cannot play the favorite games on our devices for internal installation reasons such as Graphic card performance. & if you have got the perfect graphic card on your system, the gaming will be much better for you. But how will you measure the graphic card performance?

GPU Benchmark Software

Initially it was hell of a task to know about the graphic card performance & gradually, Benchmarking came into existence & everything became effortless. Now you can easily know the time to update your graphic card for a smooth gaming experience. & we all know that if you’re using the best graphic card benchmark software, it auto pushes the card & you get a better idea if this card can handle large or high end games or not. So let’s check out the best Graphics Processing Unit benchmark for your games without any glitching:

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Best GPU Benchmark Software For Windows 10

1. Heaven UNIGINE

Stability, powerful, & capability to push to the maximum limits, are few of the major features you must expect from the best GPU benchmark. & that is why we have listed Heaven UNIGINE on the top of the mountain as it’s been considered one of the best tools for gamers. So in case you are ready to try, let’s start with Heaven UNIGINE. Because it’s highly unlikely that you will need any other benchmark software after that.


Key Features:

  1. Powerful & intensive benchmark that hammers graphic cards to the limits.
  2. GPU temperature and clock monitoring
  3. You can also check the Graphic Card Cooler effectiveness
  4. Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, & MacOS.

Download Heaven UNIGINE Now

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2. GFXBench:

Since we are talking about the best Graphic card benchmark software, the next addition must be as powerful & advanced as Heaven UNIGINE is. GFXBench is one of those tools that gives you the liberty to compare the performance of your graphic card to the others. The graphic card benchmark supports all the industry-standard and vendor-specific APIs including OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, Metal, DirectX/Direct3D and DX12.


Primary Key Features:

  1. Showcasing the latest graphics technologies on your device
  2. Complete graphics performance analysis with multiple tests
  3. You can compare other graphic card’s performance with your card to determine the better one.

Download GFXBench Now

3. 3DMark – Basic Edition

Another addition to the list of best GPU benchmark software is 3DMark that has everything you need from a benchmark. From mobile phones (Android or iOS) to your desktop PC, you can use 3DMark benchmark that’s specifically been designed for your device. With more tests coming soon, we’ve given 3DMark a new interface that’s faster, more flexible and easier to use. What’s more, you can now get faster downloads and save storage space by choosing to install only the tests you need.

3DMark - Basic Edition

Key Features:

  1. Detailed charting of CPU & GPU temperature; Clock monitoring as well
  2. Customization to explore your PC’s performance limits by changing the settings
  3. Auto suggestion for the best benchmark after analyzing your PC/device

Download 3DMark Now

4. FurMark

You talk about best GPU benchmark software & the first thing that comes to your mind is, will this benchmark be able to handle the stress & load of high-end gaming? & should I tell you that FurMark has been considered one of the most proven GPU benchmark software you can opt for. Also called as GPU Burner, FurMark does monitor the GPU’s performance to keep the stress under control.


Key Features:

  1. GPU Stress Testing & keep monitoring it
  2. Burn-in test mode to maintain the perfect balance
  3. Running modes – Fullscreen as well as Windowed

Download FurMark Now

5. UserBenchmark

Every single one of them claims to be the most UserBenchmark but barely any of them can make good on their claim. UserBenchamrk has been used for quite a long time from speed testing your PC to evaluating the GPU speed & comparing the same with other different graphic cards. An absolute FREE to use GPU benchmark software is fully compatible with Windows operating system.


Key Features:

  1. Easy user interface & doesn’t annoy you with constant ads
  2. Checks real-time graphic card performance & compares with other cards
  3. An absolutely FREE to use GPU benchmark software

Download UserBenchmark Now

6. Superposition

Another addition to the list is a powerful product from the Heaven benchmark developers, Superposition. Absolutely FREE to use, this latest & advanced GPU benchmark software comes with top notch visuals, thanks to UNIGINE 2 Engine. Additionally, Superposition helps monitor the GPU performance & does take care of the clock monitoring as well.


Key Features:

  1. Unique SSRTGI (Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination) dynamic lighting technology
  2. VR experience (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive)
  3. Loop stress-test to check hardware stability

Download Superposition Now

7. Catzilla

If you have a tool that can tell you beforehand about whether the high-end game will play on your device or not, it would be much helpful. Catzilla does the same as it simply compares the specific game requirements with the system hardware capabilities & gives out the result. Additionally, apart from analyzing the graphic card performance, Catzilla helps you with suggestions as well.


Key Features:

  1. Compares the requirements beforehand to tell if the game will play on your device or not.
  2. Displaying GPU performance results both numerically & graphically.
  3. Advanced & continuous improvements & updates to make the tool more & more helpful for users.

Wrapping Up

Games have been an integral part of our lives & how smooth one game can play will be depending on your device’s hardware capabilities & games requirements. There are high-end games that require some GPU benchmark that can push the capabilities of the device & you can have a seamless gaming experience. That is why we have mentioned above the best GPU benchmark software for your Windows 10 PC. So explore them fully, thoroughly, & completely & choose the one you think is the best option for you.

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