10 Best Windows File Copy Utility Software: Transfer Files Using Fastest File Copy Tools

Here Are The Fastest File Copy Utilities. Some Good Alternatives To Windows Default Copy Tool (2021)

10 Best Windows File Copy Utility Software: Transfer Files Using Fastest File Copy Tools

While using Windows 10, copying and pasting files is the most common task performed by both professionals and individuals. But sometimes it becomes tedious. Hence, here we list the Windows native copy and paste program that you can download on Windows 10 system. Whether you are copying or moving small data or large chunks of data there is a File Copy Utility Software for it.

These third-party file copying and moving software available in the market helps in copying at a fast file transfer speed. Plus, they provide other functionalities too.

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Top 3 Recommended Table:

EaseUS disk Copy

EaseUS Disk Copy

  • Offers One-click OS migration.
  • Helps in resizing partition when copying disks.
  • Creates WinPE bootable disk.



  • Shows detected errors & fixes them recopying problematic files.
  • Preserve date timestamps.
  • Effective shell integration.

Fast Copy


  • Freeware program has an incredibly basic display.
  • NSA File Wiping Utility to securely delete files.
  • Strong command line support.

Short On Time? Choose The Most Reliable & Fastest File Copy Utility Software For Windows!


Top 10 Best Windows 10 File Copy Utility Software (2021)

Comparing Top 10 Best File Copy Utility Programs (2021)

Choose the most suitable software for copying at the fastest file transfer speeds plus other perks.

Windows 10 File Copy Utility Tools



Current Version



EaseUS Disk Copy

  • Safe and professional disk clone utility.
  • Upgrade disk to a larger one without reinstalling OS.
  • Make a complete backup of the source disk.



Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista



  • Quick & efficient way to copy file(s) from one location to another.
  • Keeps the original time and date of files when copying.
  • Verify files after they have been copied to ensure they are not identical. 



Windows 10, 8, 7, 2008. 2012, 2016



  • NSA File Wiping Utility to securely delete files.
  • Strong command line support.
  • Uses multi-threads to Read, Write, Verify, Overlapped I/O, to bring out the best speed.



Windows 10, 8, 7, 2008, 2003, 2002 


Copy Handler

  • Fastest file copy utility program for Windows 10.
  • Most customizable application, as per users’ needs. 
  • Detailed info. related to the entire copy/move operations.



Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista



  • We can pause and resume a task at any given moment. 
  • You can apply a speed limit if you wish, from the Options tab.
  • We can change the order of the files to be copied.


Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista



  • Increase in speed over the standard Windows Explorer copy function.
  • Pause and Resume the copy process.
  • Can copy your source set of files to multiple destinations. 

Free/$19.98 Per Year


Windows 10, 8, 7


File Fisher

  • Easy-to-use & straightforward interface.
  • Gives full control over moving files with Pause, Resume & Cancel features.
  • Standalone executable makes it great with removable media.



Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista



  • Copies large files among different networks.
  • Works well in copying all NTFS attributes.
  • Skip copying those files that are already present in the destination.



Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10



  • Win32 shell extension that lets you copy, move, and delete files.
  • Supports Right-click menu integration.
  • Displays the upcoming operation so that you can allow or deny it.



Windows 10, 8, 7, 2008, 2003, 2002 



  • Graphical copy manager provides more comfort & control.
  • Can queue several transfers, resume a copy that has failed, limit the speed.
  • Fully operational with Windows, Linux & Mac OS.



Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000


Here are our top 10 picks for the fastest file copy utility program you can use on your Windows 10 & other popular versions.

1. EaseUS Disk Copy

EaseUS Disk Copy - Best Windows File Copy Utility SOftware

This is one of the best file copy utility software that makes an identical copy of data in 3 simple steps. Using EaseUS Disk Copy is a straightforward process. Simply select a source disk > connect the target disk > and click to clone. You are all set. 

EaseUS Disk Copy provides sector by sector partition clone irrespective of the operating system, file systems, etc. This means you will never lose your original data while cloning. Moreover, using this Windows file copy utility software you can upgrade your hard drive, copy anything from the old drive including deleted, inaccessible and lost data. The company offers two versions for Home & Business users. Both are worth trying file copy utility tool, depending on your needs & requirements.


Offers One-click OS migration.

Helps in resizing partition when copying disks.

Creates WinPE bootable disk.

Effective free trial version available.


Pop-up ads.

Reasons To Buy EaseUS Disk Copy:

  • Helps in easy migration of data, applications & entire OS to another hard drive without any data loss.
  • Supports restoring data from corrupted hard drives in a few minutes.
  • Helps in smoothly replacing HDD with an SSD.

2. Teracopy 

Teracopy- Windows File Copy Utility Software

Get It Here

Teracopy is one of the fastest tools to copy files from one location to another. This copy utility tool is free to use and can resume broken file transfer in no time. In case the file is non-transferable, it will be skipped automatically.  This helps to continue copy operation without termination.

Moreover, users can skip file copy of unnecessary files to reduce copy time. Teracopy shows detected errors during the copy operation, allowing the user to recopy files that aren’t copied. To prevent unwanted copying of files, Teracopy confirms drag and drop operation. You can also view the history to know about recently used folders and directory. Teracopy also shows folders that are opened.


Supported algorithms: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 & More.

Shows detected errors & fix the issue by recopying only the problematic files.

Preserve date timestamps.


Not a great file copy utility for novice users.

Reasons To Buy Teracopy:

  • In case of any errors, Teracopy simply skips the problematic file, not terminating the entire transfer. 
  • With TeraCopy the process of copying and pasting becomes controlled, easy to perform, and secure.
  • Effective shell integration, so you don’t need to use File Explorer for basic copying and pasting functions.

3. FastCopy

FastCopy - Windows File Copy Utility

Get It Here

FastCopy is another free to use and open source file copy software. It is a portable utility that can transfer files and folders at high speed. This Windows file copy utility is available for both 32- and 64-bit versions and is highly compatible with popular Windows OS.

FastCopy, a fast file transfer software comes with a nice interface that makes copying files and directory easy. This software is faster than the native Windows copy utility software. Also, using it is very simple, by selecting the source directory and destination directory from the main window you can easily use Fastcopy software to transfer files on Windows 10 system. 


Copies files extremely fast.

Effective shell integration.

Runs without installation.

Strong command line support.


Interface is very basic & not intuitive at all.

The Command-line option seems pretty exhaustive.

Reasons To Buy FastCopy:

  • Provide support for NSA File Wiping Utility so that confidential files can be securely deleted.
  • Light on system resources doesn’t affect performance and memory.
  • It can be run with a UI wrapper or from the command line. 

4. Copy Handler

Copy Handler - Windows File Copy Utility

Get It Here

Copy Handler, fourth on our list of best file copy utility software for Windows 10 is free to use. It is an open-source, feature-rich file copy utility tool that runs faster & smoother than the default native Windows copying tool. It contains various additional features like pause, resume, restart, and cancel.

Copy Handler is capable of resuming interrupted copy operation with auto-shutdown function when the task is finished. Users get to see details of the currently running task such as filename, priority, files processed, sized, buffer size, current and average speed, the time elapsed, estimated time left, status, average and current speed.


Free & open-source Windows 10 file copy utility.

Portable version available.

Have full control over the Copy/Move process at the fastest speeds.

Fully configurable – over 60 configuration options.


Poor customer support.

Reasons To Buy Copy Handler:

  • You can use it on your hard drive partition, other storage media (external hard drives, CD/DVD units, flash drives, etc.). 
  • Have full control over the Copy/Move process at the fastest speeds. Use Pause, Resume, Cancel and Restart buttons.
  • A wide array of options, such as task queuing, file filters, shutdown after finishing copy process, alter buffer size & more.

5. UltraCopier

UltraCopier - Windows File Copy Utility Software

Get It here

UltraCopier is another open-source, best file copy utility software for Windows 10 & other versions. It has resume functionality, this means you can restart the file transfer from disconnected drives without any hassles. It also gives you detailed information about the error while copying the files.

Using UltraCopier multiple copies and paste operations can be performed on Windows 10 systems. It creates a queue for easy reviewing of the tasks that need to be completed one by one. Copy and paste operations can be reordered, paused and resumed at any time on the Windows 10 system.


Easily search through the copy list.

Support for cross-platforms.

Have great control over file copy utility programs – Start/Resume easily.


Limited functionalities.

Reasons To Buy UltraCopier:

  • Features useful options such as speed limitation & searching through the copy list. 
  • Available in multiple languages and has a dedicated portable version.
  • Changing skin and adding plugins is supported too.

6. ExtremeCopy

ExtremeCopy - Windows File Copy Utility software


ExtremeCopy is another fast file transfer software that will make copying and pasting operations very easy. You can directly select ExtremeCopy as it will be integrated into the Windows itself. The fastest file copy utility allows you to copy and paste files without opening the program. Extreme copy provides different options like what action to perform, what errors occur, or if there are files with the same name. 

ExtremeCopy is available in pro and standard versions. With the latter version you can enjoy functionalities such as: faster speeds, better control over the tools, multilingual support, seamlessly gets integrated into Windows & verification of data is done after the copying process. Extreme Copy’s Standard version is free for non-commercial use. 


Saves lots of time when backing up huge files to another hard drive.

Calculates & displays remaining time.

Multilingual Windows 10 file copy utility program.


Many grammar and syntax mistakes.

Reasons To Buy ExtremeCopy:

  • Copying speed increases up to 20% to 120% in comparison to the default Windows copying function.
  • Auto optimizes speed and resources based on the target physical machine.
  • Its Free version doesn’t sacrifice any of the program’s speed.

7. File Fisher

File Fisher - File Copy Utility Software

Get It Here

Here comes another worth-trying free Windows file copy utility software, which is portable in nature. Means you don’t need to install the file copy utility tool to use and run the product. It comes with an attractive user interface and allows users to transfer files of particular file format from a bunch of files with different formats.

The Windows file copy utility is compatible with almost all latest versions and offers flexible settings and parameters to copy any file on your computer without putting much effort. The file copy tool is suitable for novice and advanced users, all thanks to its instinctive dashboard. 


Effective drag & drop functionality.

Compression support.

Highly customizable file utility program.


Experienced a few bugs while using the product.

Reasons To Buy File Fisher:

  • Portable File Fisher version available. This means you don’t need to install the Windows 10 file copy utility program to use it.
  • File Fisher can integrate with the right-click context menu. 
  • Effective filters to transfer just certain types of files.

8. RoboCopy

RoboCopy - File Copy Utility

Get It Here

Unlike other best Windows file copy utilities, RoboCopy is a command-line tool that makes copying and transferring files from one server to another without any hassles. The tool works brilliantly well, no matter if you are facing any network interruptions.

The robust file copy utility software for Windows is portable and available in almost all versions. By executing the commands, you can even skip copying files that are already stored on the destination folder or even drives. The tool copies paths with over 259 characters; up to 32,000 characters theoretical limit without any flaws.


Portable version of this Windows 10 file copy utility is available.

Helpful in transferring files from one server to another.

Can effortlessly copy large files among different networks.


No option to pause, stop or resume the file transfer

Reasons To Buy RoboCopy:

  • This File Copy Utility Program works incredibly well on the latest & oldest Windows OS versions.
  • /MT a feature that enables Robocopy to copy files in multithreaded mode.
  • RoboCopy command can copy files even after the network interruption.

9. PerigeeCopy

PerigeeCopy - File Copy Utility

Get It Here

Packed with several useful functionalities, PerigeeCopy is an amazing alternative to the default Windows file copy utility. On the main copy dialog, you get loads of information, but unfortunately you won’t find options to pause, queue or skip the operations. Hence, you don’t get enough control over this fastest file copy utility.

PerigeeCopy comes with an interactive UI and needs just a few minutes to copy data from one computer to another. Additionally, the latest version of this Windows file copy utility offers features to overwrite, Archive bit and more.


Simply Skip problematic files from copying.

Drag & drop functionality to copy or paste files effortlessly.

Good customer support.


Lack of advanced features.

Reasons To Buy PerigeeCopy:

  • Provides hassle-free experience. Copy or cut files & folders to the clipboard normally, using Explorer. Right-click the destination folder & select “PerigeePaste”
  • Ensures better security. For all operations, displays a confirmation dialog listing the operation about to be performed and the files involved. 
  • Provides several features such as Overwrite, Archive Bit, etc. which makes it one of the best & fastest Windows 10 file copy utility

10. MiniCopier

MiniCopier - File Copy Utility

Get It Here

Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux, MiniCopier is one of the best Windows file copy utility software available for free of cost and requires a minimal 20 MB of space on your hard drive. With this Windows app you can add multiple files and folders to the basket and queue it for further transfers at high speed.

It even offers a dedicated drag & drop option that allows you to begin the process automatically. Though the interface is quite basic but it offers options to Pause, Resume the process as and when required.  Moreover, you can skip the transfers as well to have better control over the functions. With MiniCopier you can keep a track of folders which get failed due to any circumstances.


Super-fast utility to copy & transfer files.

Efficient drag & drop functionality.

Has the standard buttons as well such as Pause and Start. 


Very basic user interface.


Reasons To Buy MiniCopier:

  • You can add new transfers to the queue, while the previous file transfer is in process.
  • Option to limit the speed of copying and file transferring.
  • Set a default behavior for the target file if it already exists.

Wrapping Up: Best Windows File Copy Utility Software (2020)

Whatever the reason is, you can always trust and use third-party software for copying and moving files on your Windows 10, Windows 8 & Windows 7 PC. There are lots of file copy utility software available in the market, so you have plenty of options to choose from. However, this list is our personal favorite & have been tested, so you can rely on them for best experience!

Frequently Asked Questions: File Copying On Windows 10, 8, 7

Q1. Which Is The Best Software For Copying Files?

Well, all the options listed above are handpicked and have been tested to offer the best experience. But if you ask for Tweak Library’s recommendation, we suggest you to choose none other than EaseUS Disk Copy. It features all the necessary functionalities that are required to make the entire copying & transferring process fastest & smoothest.

Q2. Why Is Windows Copy So Slow?

If you are constantly feeling that file copying & transferring speeds is getting slower day by day, then maybe the culprits are faulty device drivers. Chances can be there are some issues with the USB drives you are using on your computer. Hence, we suggest using the Best Driver Updater Tools to ensure all the Windows drivers are up-to-date.

Q3. How Can I Make Drag & Drop Not Copy?

Well, we press & hold the CTRL key while we drag and drop to copy files. But if you want to move files, you can simply hold the Shift key while dragging & dropping files to move the files from one place to another.

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