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Here Are The Best Camscanner Alternative Apps in 2022
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Here Are The Best Camscanner Alternative Apps in 2022

Camscanner is undoubtedly one of the best scanner tools for scanning documents & sharing them across all the platforms. We all have been using Camscanner for quite a long time & it has never dissatisfied us. Features this tool offers its users are quite unique & useful, however, things can get sore & ruin your experience for unknown reasons.

Yeah!! Those reasons can be as simple as sudden glitching, privacy issues or as shocking as banning from certain countries like India for an uncertain time period. This decision has made people look for top Camscanner alternative apps so that the workflow doesn’t get broken. & that is why we are writing here about the best Camscanner alternative apps you use can opt for in 2022:

Here’s Top Alternative Apps to Camscanner in 2022

1. Adobe Scan

Whenever we start looking for an app/software alternative, the very first thing we check for is the brand to check the reliability for the security. And I believe that Adobe doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to reliability & effectiveness. The giant & popular American software company has released quite popular apps for quite a long time & Adobe Scan is one of them.

Best Camscanner Alternative Apps

From your PDF files to all types of documents, Adobe Scan helps you turn your device into a powerful portable PDF scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR). The powerful Camscanner alternative is a perfect combination of features including cleanup, reuse, scanning, & enhancing the scanned docs. This mobile doc scanner can turn any of your receipt or doc into a PDF that you can reuse anywhere.

Download this powerful Camscanner alternative app, Adobe Scan on your Android & iOS platforms right away & start scanning.

2. Microsoft Office Lens

Another famous conglomerate that needs no introduction when it comes to the security aspect of software or apps. As long as I can remember, I haven’t ever thought about using any other tool than Microsoft Office because of the convenience it brings to the table. Same way, Microsoft Office Lens helps you convert the images to editable Word and PowerPoint files. Additionally, whatever documents you have scanned, it enhances the whole experience for you.

Microsoft Office Lens

From scanning all your precious documents to converting those into different doc types (word, pdf, or powerpoint), Microsoft Office Lens exceeds the expectations. Also, the same tool auto saves your scanned documents onto your Onedrive account so you can use them later on without worrying too much about losing them.

Access another effective & reliable Camscanner alternative app, Microsoft Office Lens on your Android & iOS platform.

3. ScanPro

Just as the name suggests, ScanPro is another addition to the list of best Camscanner alternative apps that provides the same features with additional benefits. Compatible with both the mobile operating systems (Android & iOS), ScanPro lets you alter the scanned documents with the help of ultimate filters & cropping.


From scanning your documents & QR codes in just one tap to sending them across via email or sharing links, ScanPro is amazingly helpful. Gradually, the app has compressed your desktop scanning app into a teeny tiny mobile app that offers more than you can ask for. With the combination of perfect tools & tech features, download & start scanning your precious document scanner alternative on Android & iOS device.

4. Notebloc

Like all the above Camscanner alternative apps, Notebloc is a bit new but effective application when it comes to scanning your documents. From creating the scanned doc files quickly & those too high-quality ones to uploading them on cloud storage devices, Notebloc helps you in & out.


One of the best features of Notebloc is categorizing your scanned documents in a proper way & let you edit them at the same time. & editing means you can do alterations from adding or deleting to cropping or rotating them easier than ever.

So don’t think too  much & download this FREE & PREMIUM version Camscanner alternative app on your Android as well as iOS platform.

5. PhotoScan by Google Photos

How is this possible that we are talking about offering users perks & you don’t find Google in the list? One of the most popular & reputed companies in the world is bringing something valuable for you & that is PhotoScan by Google Photos. A high resolution & glare free scanner high rated app on the App Store, PhotoScan keeps your scanned photos & documents safe with Google Photos.

PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan automatically starts cropping the scanned docs based on edge detection as well as rotates the same smartly. Additionally, PhotoScan from Google Photos lets you scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone’s camera.

Download one of the most reliable & powerful Camscanner alternative apps, PhotoScan on your Android & iOS devices right away.

Wrapping Up

Camscanner has been one of the most useful & must-have apps in our cellphones (irrespective of the mobile operating systems). Some unknown & indefinite reasons have made users ditch Camscanner & look for other ways to scan their precious documents, without compromising the quality of the service.

& this is where we have enlisted the best Camscanner alternative apps you must explore in 2022.

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