7 Best Apple Freeform Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

Do you want to take your creativity to the next level with a digital canvas that’s more advanced than Freeform? If so, you’re in luck!

7 Best  Apple Freeform Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

Apple Freeform is a digital whiteboard app that has been an ideal choice for creating extraordinary  drawings, sketches, illustrations and more. Its provides seamless iCloud synchronization feature that helps facilitate collaborative project work with others. Although the app has been a favorite for huge user base, the only drawback it holds is its incompatibility with older iOS and iPadOS versions.

This limitation leaves numerous users unable to access the app, which is quite disheartening. In this article, we have listed some top-notch alternatives for Freeform on iPhone and iPad, ensuring there’s no room for disappointment.

What Is Freeform?

Freeform is an Apple’s innovative digital whiteboard application that allows you to use either your finger or the Apple Pencil (on iPad) to craft diverse sketches.  Furthermore, it also offers various features like affix text, images, PDFs, hyperlinks, handwritten notes, and various other elements to your creations.

Now, let’s get an insight of the alternatives to Freeform for iPhone and iPad.

7 Best Apple Freeform Alternatives For iPhone And iPad:

1. MindNote:


Apple’s Freeform is an excellent tool for brainstorming, and a similar utility that suffice the requirements is MindNode. It let users generate fresh ideas, visually represent intricate concepts, group information, and structure their thoughts.

MindNote gives the ease to incorporate Nodes to elaborate the central topic. What sets this tool apart is that you’ll never encounter the constraint of running out of space on your digital canvas, which is a common occurrence when working with traditional pen and paper mind mapping. Furthermore, the app allows users to rearrange various sections of your map through simple drag-and-drop actions.


  • Intuitive designs.
  • Provides easy synchronization between iPhone, iPad and Macbook.
  • Focus Mode to undivided attention.


  • Collaboration feature is absent.
  • Lacks advanced templates.

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2. Drawing Pad:

Drawing Pad

Another Apple FreeForm alternative is Drawing Pad. It is a versatile tool that comprises a set of tools to create extensive sketches and drawing. Whether your creative impulses lean toward playful doodles, intricate drawings, precise sketches, or enhancing your coloring skills through coloring books, Drawing Pad will do everything for you..

It also provides amazing brushstrokes effects that result in beautifully crafts photos and sketches. With all these exceptional features, I confidently endorse Drawing Pad as one of the foremost rivals to Apple Freeform for iOS and iPadOS.


  • Provides brushstroke effects.
  • Provides easy access to a wide variety of frames, stickers, stamps etc.
  • Provides coloring books.


  • Available with in-app purchases.
  • Experiences usage issues in the free version.

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3. Milanote:


Another fantastic alternative to Apple Freeform is Milanote and is loved by people who look for a top notch note-taking solution. It offers amazing features for effortlessly crafting a digital scrapbook. Within this platform, you can seamlessly incorporate images, colors, videos, audio files, arrow diagrams, emojis, and links, all with previews  of the linked pages.

Additionally, Milanote facilitates collaborative work, allowing you and your team to comment on various sections of your collaborative board and make simultaneous edits.


  • Offers variety of templates.
  • Support multiple platforms like iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Provides easy access.


  • The pricing is quite high.

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4. Procreate:


For those seeking the ultimate alternative to the Apple Freeform app across all aspects, Procreate is the standout choice. With it, one can simple work on ultra-high definition canvases, reaching dimensions of up to 16K by 8K on modern iPad Pros making it a favorite alternate of Apple FreeForm for professionals.

It has an extensive library of professionally-crafted brushes, enabling you to design, draw, and sketch with enhanced precision.


  • Offers extensive library of brushes.
  • Offers easy mix and match functionality.
  • Offers an impressive range of 25-layer blend modes.


  • Can be difficult for novice users.
  • Does not offer a free version.
  • It is compatible only with iPad.

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5. Freehand:


This is another Apple Freeform alternative and provides an online whiteboard with an infinite canvas. It is designed to facilitate collaboration and creativity for individuals from various fields such as designers, engineers, project managers, and even HR professionals.

It acts as a central platform for cross-functional collaboration and comprehensive product development as well. With this amazing tool, you can easily conduct design kickoffs, transition projects to your engineering team, onboard new team members, and much more, all in real-time and asynchronously, enhancing efficiency and teamwork.


  • Provides easy presenter mode.
  • Provides adaptive templates for creating extensive diagrams.


  • Lack intutiveness.

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6. Sketchbook:


Sketchbook is another Apple Freeform equivalent for iPad and iPhone that offers a remarkable collection of professional-grade brush types, which includes airbrushes, smear tools, and highly useful pencil markers.

It offers flexibility to the users to tailor these tools according to their preferences. Whether it’s crafting your own custom brushes, selecting colors directly from reference images, or extracting color palettes from photos, Sketchbook offers an ideal environment for nurturing creativity. Consequently, you can produce exceptional artwork.


  • Provides streamlined interface.
  • Allows users to tailor the tools as per convenience.
  • Extensive collection of bruising tools


  • Comes with in-house purchases.

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7. Craft:


Craft is designed for designing visually captivating documents and proves to be a good alternative to Apple Freeform. Within it, you can seamlessly incorporate various elements such as photos, videos, text, handwritten notes, audio files, and diverse file formats. If you require input from others on your document, Craft simplifies the process, making it effortless for collaborators to access your file, comprehend your concept, and contribute to it.

It includes an AI Assistant, capable of tasks like translating text, proposing titles, simplifying complex concepts into understandable language, aiding in writing, and more.


  • Includes AI tools.
  • Provides seamless interaction of elements.
  • Provides ease of access.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web versions.


  • Can be difficult for beginners to understand.

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2023’s Best Apple Freeform Alternatives for iOS Devices to Take Your Creativity to the Next Level!

And there you have it! Hopefully, you’ve discovered the perfect app to enable your drawing, sketching, and idea jotting endeavors. By the way, which among these apps has secured a place on your device? I personally love using MindNote. We’d love to hear about your favorite choices in the comments section below.

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